Getting started with Unite.vim

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I found Unite.vim as a very very powerful plugin. It has replaced few plugins I have been using before. Installation of the unite.vim does not bring us any mappings and requires some initial configuration.

You may start with adding mappings for most usable features:

nnoremap <C-P>    :Unite -buffer-name=files -start-insert file_rec/async:!<cr>
nnoremap <space>/ :Unite -no-empty -no-resize grep<cr>
nnoremap <space>s :Unite -quick-match buffer<cr>

Now, if you press <C-P> you will have a file search window similar to CtrlP plugin search. With <space>/ asynchronous grep through content in files and with <space>s a search through buffers. And, actually, it is amazing.

You can go further and add few useful mappings in unite window for navigation and window opening:

autocmd FileType unite call s:unite_settings()
function! s:unite_settings()
  imap <buffer> <C-j> <Plug>(unite_select_next_line)
  imap <buffer> <C-k> <Plug>(unite_select_previous_line)

  nmap <silent><buffer><expr> Enter unite#do_action('switch')
  nmap <silent><buffer><expr> <C-t> unite#do_action('tabswitch')
  nmap <silent><buffer><expr> <C-h> unite#do_action('splitswitch')
  nmap <silent><buffer><expr> <C-v> unite#do_action('vsplitswitch')

  imap <silent><buffer><expr> Enter unite#do_action('switch')
  imap <silent><buffer><expr> <C-t> unite#do_action('tabswitch')
  imap <silent><buffer><expr> <C-h> unite#do_action('splitswitch')
  imap <silent><buffer><expr> <C-v> unite#do_action('vsplitswitch')

  map <buffer> <C-p> <Plug>(unite_toggle_auto_preview)

  nnoremap <ESC> :UniteClose<cr>

Now you can navigate through files in Unite window with <C-j> and <C-k> and open files in a new tab, horizontal split window or vertical split window with <C-t>, <C-h> and <C-v> in accordance. Pretty useful.

Also you are able to customize a window position, size, preview settings etc. with profiles:

call unite#custom#profile('default', 'context', {
\   'direction': 'botright',
\   'vertical_preview': 1,
\   'winheight': 15
\ })

It is awesome!

Unite.vim is very powerful. It is able to do a lot of stuff for everyday usage. And with a proper configuration it becomes an indispensable plugin.

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