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  1. Let me know any advice you'd add to this! ~or~ hit me with your other pressing college-related questions. Happy Saturday! I'll be at my university's homecoming tailgate today so #hookemhorns and see ya there, Black Longhorns m/

  2. I've already gone to undergrad and grad school, but I couldn't stop watching because yo melanin is POPPING.

  3. β€œIn college you are paying for access.” THIS HERE. A DEGREE AIN’T ISH IN ITSELF. Innanet coursins, my people, a degree ain’t gone get you what you want, its the networking that you got by getting the degree. KNOW THIS WITH EVERYTHING IN YOU.

  4. QOTD: I was exhausted on a molecular level. Chile I'm at work and almost spit out the water I was swallowing when you said that.

  5. You provided great advice!! If your reading this please take heed. I'm 10 years too late and did everything Evelyn advised not to do. Even not partying smh.

  6. *"roll u to someone, respectfully" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ i love you, thank you internet cousin, God bless. "I felt my DNA sigh" im dead πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚

  7. Thank you for everyone who shared their thoughts in this section! I'm about getting into college and It wouldn't be an easy if no one had had shared their experiences! Wish me luck and looking forward to experiencing social and academic life

  8. also ALSO, also…. grants. UNDERGRADUATES get HELLA GRANTS. The Pell is pretty easy to get as an undergraduate, and if you're needing financial aid to cover costs the Pell is almost a given. GOOGLE SEARCH for grants; some places ask for an essay or small projects for grants of a couple thousand dollars. Search for those grants, because any money you can find that isn't a loan is better than 99.999% of student loans.

  9. GREAT info! One of my parents sent me your link! This was awesome! I will pass it on. Awesome job Evelyn!

  10. 1. If you're a first generation student then your family probably won't understand what you're doing in college or why it's significant most of the time. Don't be hurt by this, but rather find a support network of people who can give you advice about college when your parents can't.

    2. Most people don't graduate in 4 years. You're not less smart or capable just because your graduation date was pushed back. Use the time to do some growing and make the most of it.

    I didn't realize how much I need an internet cousin until I discovered this channel!! Scuse me while I go binge watch all your videos

  11. Also please actually read your school's guidelines, especially if you are doing something academically unique, or you're a fellow first gen. College is a contract where you have to pay a bunch of money but also do certain things to earn a degree. Finding out as a senior that you won't be able to graduate on time would be devastating but it happens all the time to students. Make sure you know not only what classes you need to take to graduate, but also any internship requirements and specific program requirements. Do you have to write a senior thesis?

    I earned two BAs with a minor and a concentration in four years and NO ONE knew what I needed to do to graduate other than me. My college didn't have a joint degree program and it was my adviser's first year being an advisor. I knew my college's guidelines better than some of the program directors. By the time I was a senior I was able to articulate all of relevant guidelines essentially by heart, and sometimes I had to. I built this academic monster because I wanted to get into law school but knew I couldn't afford a masters or to pay for an extra year of college (or any college that hadn't offered me a sizable scholarship). It was hard but I'm a 2L in law school with a 75% tuition scholarship – so I think it works.

  12. Lady!?

    How come no more videos on the funemployment!?

    I’m thinking of one so would be good to hear some more details and lessons learned.

  13. HEY! Evelyn, I am hopefully going to college next year and I NEED HELP! So, I love to dance (assuming if I have a little extra time) I would love to form some type of dance crew in college, also I have a dance routine in mind….but im afraid to bring it up. Should I just go for it?

  14. If I had known a college diploma wasn't a guarantee of a successful future…I mean I truly believed if you worked hard you would prosper and unfortunately that's not automatically true. But I don't think I would've been able to finish college if I knew the hardships that awaited me after. So what's worse: incorrectly believing you're building a life worth living and then being disappointed or knowing the uphill battle continues endlessly and living with that bleak reality?

  15. Despite having been involved in groups, student government, and VP of BSU I’m still the raggedy fox. There’s a story behind that though, but yea I screwed myself

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