2017 MSC Southeast Foundation Scholarship  Video

2017 MSC Southeast Foundation Scholarship Video

My name is Ashlyn Dahl and I am in the Intro to Health Program with intentions to be in the Radiography program in the fall. I’m Deanna Wolf and I graduated in 2016 from the Sales Management program here at Minnesota State College Southeast. My name is Oscar Vargas Cabadas I’m from Lake City Minnesota and I am very lucky to have gotten two scholarships My name is Charity Hudson I am in the Business Management program and I have the PEO scholarship. I am Julia Philips am in the Guitar Program and I have received the Roger Benedict Scholarship. My name is Zach Wobbe um I am in the Nursing program in my third semester here at Southeast. I’m Tyler I’m in the Medical Lab Technician program at Southeast and received the Rose Tandeski scholarship along with the Xcel Energy scholarship. – music- So, I was born in Las Angeles California my parents are both immigrants from Mexico and education has always been in the back of my head because my parents didn’t have any um they didn’t make it past elementary school because of poverty money umm, you know they don’t any everything that we have here so I always knew I had to go to college. I came here right outta high school and kinda knew this is what I want to do and that’s pretty much it I kinda set my eyes on it and went for it. And my sisters actually a nurse so she talked to me a lot about this and sounded like something I would be interested in um, and I’m glad I came and did it cause I really am enjoying it so far. I am taking mostly business classes based on um how to be a manager pretty much what you have to do to and effectively do it with your team and how to work with them and how to solve problems. I came to Southeast because I heard great things from community members after being here for a few years and and figured it was a good move. In the Intro to Health program I’ve taken Anatomy, I’m taking Physiology Math is really important and English. And I fell in love with the Sales Management program and the instructor is amazing. Terry really wants to build ethical sales people and business leaders and he introduced me to collegiate DECA which was an amazing experience as well. Yeah, I like that it is such a small college you get really good one on one with one on on interaction with teachers um, you get to know every body here. It’s a good challenge that you leave the day going ‘whoa!’. I did that. I’m building a guitar and it just it doesn’t hit you when you first start out when you start like putting things together when you’re slowly assembling it but once you have like the neck glued to the body and you’re looking at it like ‘whoa!’. -laugh- that’s… you built that… – music – If I wouldn’t have received these scholarships I would have had to work a lot more grades might have suffered this semester and last semester they actually have gone up so it’s been real nice. Getting what I did, I was able to focus a lot more on school and working less hours to get more out of my schooling. Getting the scholarship helped me purchase tools materials… and some of the funds also went to my tuition which helped me get the funds to go to this college. It helped tremendously so I didn’t have to put in work hours and I could focus more on school and I used the scholarship money towards books and other college fees. As far as money cause you really have to focus on school and relieve stress of paying other things like I live down here and have to pay for rent and other bills and all that stuff so it just helps and then you don’t have to worry about school so much as or paying for school as much. I’m here for three years and two of those three years I have actually gone to school part time because financially I couldn’t support myself so I had to work three jobs in order to do that and after I got the PEO Scholarship I was able to go here full-time and focus more on my studies an lose one of my jobs. This scholarship has made a huge impact um, on me for one because I’m paying for all my education myself um, I don’t expect my parents to pay for anything because they didn’t have anybody to pay for their things um and it’s definitely been the difference between having gas money and making my car payment and um getting rid of hospital bills so it make all the difference in the world, even the smallest amounts. Because of DECA and because of the sales management program and because of the scholarship I have received I am so confident to start my job as an executive account management Wincraft. I mean I am 18 years old, I was in high school last year and here I am with a big girl job and I feel so ready for it. – music – Thank you so much for this scholarship. Thank you very much for donating to Minnesota State College Southeast I really appreciate it and it has helped me out tremendously. Thank you donors for supporting scholarships Thank you for this scholarship it has helped me greatly in achieving my goals. Thank you for having good hearted people like you contribute to the future directly by helping student take that extra step in their career and learn about being leaders and giving them the opportunity without having to worry about financial obligations. Thank you to everyone who donated to the Southeast College foundation and has a made a huge impact on me and it will continue to make a huge impact on everyone else. Thank you.

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