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  1. 10. I (my major) even pay for intern. Not much. Only 100% from my ordinary tuition fee. Welcome to medical school.
    And it doesn't named as "internship". They (universities) called it "clinical class". While I perceived it as: we work at hospital, try to understand their workflow, try to obey their procedures, report to our superordinates and our lecturer, then make a paper in the end of semester. Sounds like intern, huh?

  2. I am going to uni this year and I am so excited!! Mostly because I am studying what I like and finally leaving my shitlord household

  3. Also, if you need to take an extra year to finish your undergraduate degree, it’s okay. Most students finish in 6 years. There’s honestly no such thing as finishing on time when you are not ready for post grad life with no internships or a high enough gpa.

  4. Re: #13 – I'm 73, comfortably retired for 10 years and I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up. In the interim, I've had an incredibly varied work life that, for the most part, I enjoyed as it was happening. Don't rush it.

  5. 14 and 15 so agreed! so sick and tired when people tell me that uni years are the best years of my life

  6. I quit college and bought a house instead. Been saving money ever since I paid it off. Student loans could ruin you so be careful what you sign.

  7. It's also important to mention to avoid living on loans while you attend college! I attended college for a total seven years and finished with a graduate degree. I learned TONS of good and bad choices. Although I personally did not live on student loans (I had a scholarship), I had several friends that did. They are literally DROWNING in debt because they lived off of loans for four years straight!! They are now over $200,000 in debt! So avoid living on student loans at all costs!! Get a part-time job or get a work-study job so that you can afford to pay for a cheap apartment or to pay your way through college dorm expenses. The more you can pay on your own, the less you will be paying in interest once you graduate. I love to share this information because there are trillions of dollars in student loan debt! It is insane! We need to teach students to make better choices! Thanks for sharing these points Chelsea.

  8. This 3-Minute Guide will tell you everything you need to know about student loans: https://youtu.be/qW5apz5S78U.

  9. Found this now and this is so weird coming from a different culture. I live in Sweden and we have free collage, college loans for 0,16% interest rate (like, dumb to NOT take loans), almost no one uses credit cards, only debit, and so I don't know a single person with credit debt. Of course most of the collage partying advice and not living beyond your resources still applies but the rest is simply weird to me…

  10. If your grades aren't good you will not be considered for lots of entry level jobs. No engineering firm hires engineering grads with all "Cs", Big 4 accounting firms are only hiring people with high GPAs. The more technical the profession, the more important the grades. Some big corps. only hire the top grads from the top schools, such as Microsoft hiring engineers from MIT.

  11. The “C’s get degrees” mantra doesn’t really work if you’re a recent graduate since they do look at grades for that

  12. I nearly went to Grad school to delay real life…three years later…I'm in grad school because I have too. I'm really glad I got experience before grad school. My job is paying 4 my classes aaaaaaand I'm guaranteed a job afterwards!

  13. GPA may not matter for degrees in feminist dance theory, but for STEM, you need at least a 3.0 GPA if you want even your foot in the door. I'm studying so hard to keep my GPA higher than a 3.0 in my GIS program, because it will give me a competitive edge.

  14. 9 is very true. The answer to the question of whether you should go to grad school is almost always No with the exception being career paths that specifically require a graduate degree. As for law school, my grandfather said it best that there are too many lawyers.

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