100 thoughts on “6 Problems with our School System

  1. Me: Tells awesome life lessons to parents
    Parents: Did school teach you? That's good!
    Me: Uh.. No… Anime taught me that

  2. I learned how to read and calculate before i started 1st grade….
    more than 90% of time in school is a waste and has nothing to do with what i actually need to learn for my future profession…..

  3. or schools could consider unblocking websites like Filmora screen recording and maybe discord and games that you can install if not just screen recorders in general it makes no sence the internet should not be resticted for students especally when learning but it gives the school less power this is the exact motive of a dictatorship they dont give people unlimited acuess to the internet because it can cause dought and maybe a revoltuion its the same with the past people were not given the freedom of speech because it was deemed not nessary because dictatorships hate to loose power so they do eveything in their power to stop the spread of freedom for the the population

  4. “Memorization is not authentic learning because it is gone the day after”
    Probably the most true thing I’ve heard all week

  5. Here in the Netherlands we have around a average of 2-3 tests per week, we have to learn at least 3+ hours to get a good grade and thats not counting the homework we have.

  6. Also even though they are required by law to some teachers still don't care about bullying. They just tell you not to and leave it at that.

  7. The high school aren't that bad in Queensland Australia well apart from grade 7 to 10 It's shit but in grade 11 and 12 you get to do certificates like Justice, engineering, etc. They also do a school tafe where you go to tafe on a school day and do a separate certificate so you do get a boost in starting out in life. But most of this stuff in this video is true here and here has really fucking dumb rules.

  8. Some schools now allow chromebooks but they block practically everything in it making it almost no better than lecturing

  9. life is terrible if you are a man because everyone thinks men can do everything by them selfs but we can't.
    we are lectured and told to ''man up'' if we show any of our emotions.
    I am a man and i am proud of it. a girl punched me in the face so i punched her back. i know my mom was mad at me but i don't hesitate to defend my self or my honer.
    everyday I see the guy that is always nice to women and is the biggest bully ever i mean like one time i tripped on my own shoe laces and he laughed at me until he made me cry. when the teacher walked in he sat down and acted like he didn't do anything i explained what happend to the teacher but he was just wondering why i was crying on the ground.
    Girls think that men are strong, they like P.E and they are dumb but actually most of the girls in my math class are actually doing worse than most of the boys and the only people who like P.E are the girls because while we are doing push ups their having fun playing basket ball and sitting down but whenever i do that the coach makes me work out harder
    I just wanted to say that we live in an unequal world where boys have to do all of the work while girls sit back and relax.
    If i got threee wishes they would be:
    1:no bullies
    3: $60 so i can buy overwatch
    all jokes aside, i hate this world and by reading this I hope you understand too

  10. I'm still a student studying all subject. But main concern was what job do I get? Or what do I good at? Because you learn every thing and every passion made me confuse and didn't know what to do if I was an adult. I don't think if some one agree with me or not? Because I'm just a dumb kid.

  11. Teacher: you don't go to school for teachers you don't go to school for your parents you go to school for yourself
    Me: well without us you would be unemployed

  12. But we have to learn som stuff, for exemple: how to write a brief or if you want to be a astronaut then you have to learn so much…
    (But maybe it is in the Nederands better then in Amirka beacaus i live in the Nederlands)

  13. Honestly this is so sad I’m going to school getting great grades yet I have no idea what to do in life . Anyone else? :/

  14. I’m probably smarter than half of the adults in my school, once I had a substitute that didn’t even know how to multiply double digits.

  15. The janitors at my school don’t even do their jobs, they just yell at the students all day and then make US pick up trash. And I’m almost 100% sure that one of them is on drugs.

  16. Kids: Bully each other
    School: ”Just kids being kids”.
    Kid: has hoodie on

  17. My school is so sexist. The boys don’t even have a dress code but they have millions of rules for girls. This is MY body and since I’m still a minor, my parents are in charge of what I wear. And they are perfectly okay with me putting on my hood or wearing shorts.

  18. Kid: doesn’t listen to the teacher, won’t shut up, yells out in class
    The whole rest of the class: does exactly what they are supposed to do
    Teacher: You are ALL in HUGE trouble!
    Me: But they were they only one that was misbehaving! None of the rest of is did anything!
    Teacher: dOn’T dIsReSpEcT mE! iM aN aDuLt!
    Me in my head: I don’t care how old you are…

  19. My parents tell me that they trust me more than my teachers and if a teacher is being unfair, and just because someone is older than me, doesn’t mean they can treat me however they want.

  20. I feel as only the first few years in elementary are usefull, teaching you very good skills like basic math, how to read and wright, and just simple logic. But as school goes on, it just gets more and more unreasonable to why we must learn the things the teachers teach us

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  24. Why do students cheat on a test? Because the grade is more important (for the students) than the actual learning success…

  25. I dont relate to some parts of the video because in our school we have teachers that care for students. If we dont like the subject they tell us" we cant do anything about it, just pass, so focus on the subject that you need", if we are confused we are able to ask them questions and teachers are fine with talking in class as long as related to the subject but we are comlpletely free in our break times. Our teachers not only teaches us a subject but also life lessons.
    We also have clubs which focuses on students' interests.

  26. How bullying works:
    Bully: I have knife, haha I will hurt you
    You: upper cuts them
    Teacher: Detention… Both of you
    You: wait wa –
    Teacher: You should have told a teacher/talked them out of it!

  27. Me: is already 13 years old, knows basic of my language, is kinda good at english and excellent at math
    Me: I want to be an independed game developer, sadly, computer class suck, computers are old and we are still learning paint-
    School system: Well, water belongs in hydrosphere!

  28. I go to a public high school in Canada and I'm gonna be 100% honest with everyone, my school does not sound like any of this.
    1. Industrial age values do not exist for the most part. In every course (subject), students are handed down with knowledge throughout the semester, and must use all the knowledge we acquired to accomplish a final project that is chosen completely by the individual. This final project counts for a massive portion of our mark (which makes sense because it reflects how the student can use the information that they were given to complete a desired task). Also I must mention that these projects can also be in groups of 2 or 3 students, and a portion of the mark is on the creativity of the students use of ideas.
    2. Lack of control is not a thing in my school. Students are aloud to pick their courses/subjects that will best suit their career choice, but there are mandatory courses that students do not have the option to remove. These mandatory courses are actually very useful, like in grade 10 you have to take a civics class (learn about Canadian laws, rights, how the government works, etc) and a careers course which helps students choose what career choices suit them best.
    In grade 9 and (sometimes) grade 10, students are pushed to do their homework and we learn the importance of practicing and independent learning, which proves useful in grades 11 and 12, where the teachers don't care if the student does their homework or not because they know how to manage their time (and we don't get that much homework, like we get a healthy amount).
    3. Inauthentic learning is kind of a problem in the Ontario school system, but in elective classes (courses that the student chooses to study, like construction or design technologies) students are rewarded for thinking through problems and using their brains to get things done. Nothing is done through memorization (in elective classes) and all done using cognitive thinking.
    4. Ontario students have room for passion and interests. As mentioned before, we can choose most of our classes (grade 9 only has 2 elective classes though), which lets students try different things, and they can always switch out of a course (in exchange for another course) but are aloud only up to a maximum number of switches (so students don't keep switching around). Also students that usually have difficulties learning things in a theoretical fashion can choose applied courses, which are essentially for students that only learn hands-on. This paragraph also follows for number 5
    6. Lecturing is a thing but students are aloud to ask questions at any time. But some teachers are a real pain in the ass. They have a really heavy reputation, and most students know who's strict.

    Even with the adequate education system I have, my school still has those dickwads that do nothing but complain and want their asses kissed by every teacher, and blame the system even though they have zero self control and self organization.

  29. Hate school cause all of the reasons and plus what's the point of a bell if every teacher sias the bell doesnts dismiss you I do

  30. I used to love reading in elementary school. I was social, bright, and i had an extensive vocabulary. I read a chapter book almost every week. But now, in high school, I can hardly stand it. I don't even have time to read books on my own, and picking your own books isn't encouraged. You're forced to read a few chapters of some book every night, which has made me hate reading.

  31. Please, correct me if I am wrong, but shouldn't you (Americans) be focusing in bringing education to every citizen instead of be complaining about these pointless things? For example, in my country (Brazil), not every child has access to good quality education, it wouldn't change this sad reality, so, these social problems must be solved first. Also, maybe this unsatisfaction comes from an American reality, which people don't fell well when following orders and from this technological reality. Anyway, sorry for any misspellings and I'm looking forward to read the answers.

  32. I have learned more useful things for my current life and future life as a Aircraft Engeneer/Pilot from my friends and the internet. Only 5-6 things schools teach I could see that are useful. I also spend several hours every night learning my passions, but I am limited by hours of homework.

  33. Even when I explain all of this, with even more than six and in even better detail, my dad thinks my life dosent matter, and only school matters in life.

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  35. I agree with the loss of freedom but that doesn't mean the education system is trash and btw everyone should at least know 10th grade of education well in order to be a smart citizen

  36. My school,when doing an assignment that requires research, doestn allow us to use internet,specifically Wikipedia.

    They say that internet is not a good source of learning and that most facts all false.

    For their knowledge I've learnt:
    -the whole ww1 and ww2 history by a yt video and scored an A in history

    -am almost as fluent in English as I am in my main leaungage

    -learned about lot of diseases and laws in my country that could potentially harm me or others

    And most importantly:I have bigger freedom of speech

    So, school is practically holding us back from what we could've learned if we are allowed to browse the internet.

  37. school taught me :
    1. there's no rectitude
    2. to hate people
    3. how to get anxiety
    4. that I'm useless (despite I had good marks and natural talents)
    Happily I didn't go to university and educational system didn't bury my life. I started my business, that's all I wanted whole my life.
    School doesn't teach kids how to achieve happiness and be useful in this life, it teaches us how to be comfortable for someone (hello to government and corporations)

  38. school actually doesnt care about the deaf (well, my school doesnt)
    they only tell them to listen and sometimes even tell them to look at their lips
    they need to follow the sisplay too
    my school gave me asiistant teacher and she isnt supportive
    she basically tells me that i should write faster then i get told off for making it scruffy.

  39. Our fascist education system needs to be completely reformed by force.

    It currently only exists to spread far right wing pro war propaganda and profits off of test scores

    The reason the education system does these things that are listed in the video is because they want full control over your future and to make a profit.

  40. In honesty, videogames and social media made me learn more than school. It's the reason why I wanted to be a musician. Fun fact about me, I'm actually self-taught learning English by watching TV.

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