A Boy Who Saved 17 Lives Gets a Big Surprise

A Boy Who Saved 17 Lives Gets a Big Surprise

He’s very warmhearted, he’ll help anyone. He’s a guy that saves people. Really came through for his friends. I wasn’t strong enough to go out there. We’re going to surprise Virgil with a standing ovation
to celebrate his kindness. – [Reporter] The disaster
in Dickinson, Texas started under the cover of darkness. – [Commentator] No one was prepared. You couldn’t see anything. It was bad. You can hear screams. The helicopter was flyin’ over us, but they was goin’ to other areas. We couldn’t get no help. As rain submerged the city, a surprising hero emerged in a disaster. – [Blonde Reporter] What a story this is. This 13-year-old. I can’t believe it myself. I can’t believe it, but he did it. He did it. This was our residence. The water was about this high. Swimmed all the way
here to this apartment, upstairs, 102. Then Virgil phone rung and that’s when his friend
said he needed help. There was water comin’
in through the door. The water started getting higher, so we went outside to go see
if we could see something. We saw V there swimming around. They say they can’t
swim, I have to help ’em. I have a air mattress, and
he said, I’m gonna swim back. I didn’t want nothing to happen to him, like everything under water so I knew it was snakes, alligators. He went behind this building,
where his friend called him and brought them back,
they was all drying off. Virgil was standing up
there and we heard screams and Virgil said, “I
hear someone screaming.” and it was this lady over
here in the wheelchair, so Virgil came down, swam
with the air mattress, burst a window, right
there, got the lady out and then, his mother thought
about a little cute little dog, say she hadn’t seen one of her dogs and so, Virgil put the dog
on the air mattress too. After the last person, they
brought the air mattress back, it burst and that was it. You know, I don’t think a lot of the kids know that it was him. He didn’t go around, bragging to people. We didn’t even know
it, he came into school and continued to be the person that he is. Virgil is a shy person, when I go around telling people the story, he hates it, he don’t even like to
talk about it, he shy. He more or less liked to charge and so, I thought he was
very courageous for that. Everyone here take a knee. Who knows Virgil? Everybody. Who knows what he did recently? In Hurricane Harvey? Yeah. I do. What did he do? He saved like, 17 kids or something like that on an air mattress,
I saw it on the news. You saw on the news? Yes sir. Someone does something like that, we should probably do something
for them, don’t you think? – [All] Yes sir. The plan today is to celebrate him and give him a standing ovation. He has no idea. He did something that not
very many people can do. He went out at two o’clock in the morning, on an air mattress and saved 17 people. He did a good thing to help people. Everybody just started looking at me and I just seeing cameras
all around my face. Feeling pretty good,
everybody clapping for me, feeling pretty good. Virgil has something in him that is great, to do what he did, the courage and to me, that’s all he
needs to make it in this life. We are so proud of you
and your act of kindness, that we told the producers of the movie, Wonder, all about you. The film, Wonder, is
about choosing kindness and that is exactly what you did. It was truly heroic
because at that moment, I don’t even think that he thought that he was sacrificing his
own life to save somebody else. In honor of your active kindness, they wanted us to present you, with a scholarship to help with school and they’re also making a donation to the Harvey Relief efforts in your name. Way to go! Thank you. I can’t believe it, I’m
proud of him for doing that. I look at him as a hero
because he saved me. It didn’t matter who
you are, where you are or where you come from,
you can do great things. You can do great things. Virgil, I’m glad that you
saved me and my family and I wanna let you know that I love you. Alright.

97 thoughts on “A Boy Who Saved 17 Lives Gets a Big Surprise

  1. Adults pay a $1 toll for someone and plaster it all over Facebook yet this kid helped people survive and didn’t brag.

    Adults can learn so much from children , especially something we call ‘humility’ ❤️

  2. Dickinson and Hitchcock?….. nice 👌🏾I like how everyone in the comments is congratulating him and being sweet, then I’m hear commenting Dickinson and Hitchcock

  3. God bless this child. His acts of love and fearless kindness inspire me. Hope he gets a full scholarship to school of his choice. Brilliant young leader!

  4. The people replying to these comments acting like this is nothing, you just can’t be grateful and happy for this kid and all the lives he saved.

  5. Why did I accidentally happen upon this video? This kid did an amazing good!! If it was in the news after Harvey, I definitely missed it. It should be everywhere, in the news, again. So, I will copy and paste this link to anyone that might be interested.

  6. This makes me smile. His parents did SO well raising him.
    I am so happy that there are people out here like him.


    I would be honored to be a friend of such a hero. Keep being great! ❤️

  7. FIRST OF ALL : let me calm down ….. ok anyway
    – The people who disliked this video…. I hope God fixes the hate/sadness in your heart.
    – I hope God blesses this boy because there aren't many kids like him in the current generations. 😇✝️

  8. I live in a place called Vanuatu and we had a very big hurricane, and this man named Pam saved over 35 people from the hurricane. But he died when he saved the last person. 7 people died including Pam, and that's why we call that hurricane ; Cyclone Pam.

  9. The way clapping works..
    First guy: starts clapping Good job man.
    Second guy: starts clapping Great work dude.
    Third guy: start clapping You are the best.
    everyone else after that: stands up 20 seconds later Oh we are clapping now? ok starts clapping

  10. I personally think a standing ovation isn't quite enough. The scholarship and donation is nice. But like, I dunno, something genuine that's just as priceless as 17 lives.

    I understand that others have been impacted by the hurricane as well and don't have much to offer. But I don't really get that genuine appreciation/congratulatory vibe.

  11. God bless his kind heart. Continue doing good in life, and you will be loved not only by men, but also by God, the Virgin Mary and all of Heaven.

    God bless you all!

  12. What a amazing young man there is hope for mankind all we have to do is help others and the world would be a better place

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