A Day in the Life: Duke/UNC Robertson Scholars

A Day in the Life: Duke/UNC Robertson Scholars

– My name’s Duncan Parsons and I’m from Auckland, New Zealand. – My name’s Georgia Lala. I’m originally from Auckland, New Zealand. – I study math and economics. – I’m probably majoring in public policy and minoring in Arabic. I’m a freshman. – And I’m a sophomore. I’m studying here at Duke University.
– At Duke University. (upbeat music) – I’m an early riser. So I wake up around 5:30 in the morning, and I’ll do a couple of hours work, and then go to the gym, and then usually I’ll have classes from about twelve til five in the day. And after that is usually clubs and extracurricular activities. I’ll get dinner with some friends. And the extracurricular activities usually go til nine or ten at night. And then it’s, after
that there’s studying, and then you repeat. (upbeat music) – My day will typically start here on central campus where I live. And I’ll get up and usually go for a run around east campus, have a shower. I’ll maybe cook some eggs
or that type of thing. Then head across the west, and I’ll walk through
the gardens to do that. So I’ll show you that in a minute. (upbeat music) – [Interviewer] And so
you’re a Robertson Scholar? – Yep. – Explain what the
Robertson Scholarship is. – Robertson Scholarship basically, it’s a fully ride scholarship to Duke or UNC, University of North
Carolina of Chapel Hill. And basically it means that you’re a student of both schools, although you do have a home institution, so for me that’s Duke. And it was started by Julian Robertson. So he’s a benefactor and he went to UNC, and he had one son that went to Duke and one son that went to UNC. And he realized that the two schools compliment each other extremely well. They share some things like basketball and the fact they’re both great schools. But they’re different in the sense that, for instance, Duke is
a small private school and UNC is a large public school. And so creating the scholarship his hope, amongst other things, was that the students that
come on the scholarship get to see both sides of the coin. And I’ve really found that to be a really incredible experience. (upbeat music) – What are your thoughts on UNC? (laughs) What’s your reaction to UNC? – I’m torn because I’m
a Robertson Scholar, which means that I have half my allegiance is technically at UNC, but– – So they’re your rivals, but then you’re gonna take
courses there next year. – Yeah. (laughs)
– So, difficult, you’re torn. – I’m torn, I’m torn. But, I’m a Duke student at heart. – Duke student at heart?
– Yeah. (upbeat music) – So, where are we
right now? (organ music) So this is the Duke chapel. It’s one of the most iconic
parts of Duke University. There’s frequent services here, we hold memorials here, and then, obviously, people play organs– – Play the organs sometimes.
– Yeah. (laughs) – So first time that I saw Duke chapel I was catching the bus
that goes up Campus Drive, and you can the chapel
rising up in the background as we’re coming in. And I remember freaking
out a bit when I saw it because it’s one of the things that– – Oh my god, right. – Come up on the post cards of Duke and it’s one of the main
iconic pictures of Duke, and seeing it in person was
a really cool experience. – Sort of like a, oh
my god, I’m actually– – Yeah, it was the realization that I was studying in America and that I was studying at Duke. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Cool, well let’s uh… (Instrumental music) – We’re at the tennis
courts at the moment. Duke women’s tennis
are playing Pittsburgh. And this is one part of
the athletics facility, and you can see over there
is the football stadium that was just recently completed, the last part of it. And the athletics is over the back, we’ll check that out in a moment. So yeah, this is just a classic, I guess, weekend at Duke. There’s always some
kind of sport event on. So, it’s Saturday at the moment, so… It’s good viewing, you know, good entertainment, huh? – [Interviewer] Go Dukes. – Now we’re at track and field and Duke are playing I
think men’s and women’s track and field against North
Carolina UNC at the moment. – So, you got in to Harvard and Stanford, but you decided on Duke? Why was that? – There was a number of reasons. One, I’m on a scholarship here, which is a pretty big draw. And another thing I really liked, and it’s grown on me more and more as I’ve spent more time here, is just the dynamic
between sport and academia, and just the culture of the people. (upbeat music) – What’s been your favorite course so far? – Last semester I did
a public policy seminar on 9/11 and it’s aftermath. And it was a seminar with 12 people in it, you took no notes the whole time, it was an hour and a half
of just discussing topics. And it was very interesting to hear from, as an international student, how American’s brought up in
this current political climate view terrorism and view the impacts of things like 9/11. – Favorite class is probably
the one I’m in at the moment. It’s a PPE class, politics,
philosophy, economics. And it’s basically like an
integration of the three fields, and it runs through a lot of
the primary writings about it, so like human law by Hobbes. Like, you’re dealing with things like the arguments for private
property and why it exists, and why we need to state. It’s like game theory
prisoner’s dilemma type stuff. And it’s talking about
the foundational things of our modern society. And I think it’s just
been really interesting to kind of understand that. (upbeat music) – So what advice would you give to a high school student from New Zealand applying to school out here? – Make sure that your years of high school are doing things that you’re enjoying. I mean, you can put
yourself through the paces to do the hard stuff, I
think that’s important, but you really wanna find out things you’re passionate about and you really love doing and just get good at them. And that’ll show that you have
dedication to some causes, that you can really apply yourself. And it basically tells schools over here that you’re someone that they wanna have, and that will do incredible things, and basically that you
deserve the opportunity to have access to all the things that they have at these schools. And if it means that if
you can pursue things that you enjoy doing, and that’s what they’re looking for, you’re gonna have an incredible time being incredibly
successful at high school. And that’s just gonna really run through directly into your university experience, And you’re just continue to love it. – Don’t be afraid of trying for things, like I never thought that I would be able to come
to the states to study. And keep an eye out for the opportunities as they present themselves, so scholarships and
grants that are available, just keep one ear to the
ground and listen for those because they can really open up some amazing opportunities for you if you actively seek them out. (upbeat music) – If you like video and
you wanna learn more about other student’s experiences at schools in the states and other places, be sure to subscribe to the channel.

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  1. Nice Duncan and Georgia! My favourite video so far! Great to see the amazing schools outside of the Ivies

  2. This program is unstable intensity of sound. By all means, please to improve
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  3. I don't care if the school pays me money, I'm taking Harvard + Stanford over Duke. The jobs at those two schools will easily pay 50% more due to the name-school premium.

  4. I just wanted to say that I saw this in November the week before the Robertson Application was due and spent the week rushing to get it in. Lucky to say that I got the scholarship today and can say that it all started from this video! Excited to be a Robertson Scholar.

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