a somewhat productive week of college!! 📚 uc berkeley

a somewhat productive week of college!! 📚 uc berkeley

it’s a lovely morning oh my god that is so much oil good morning my frens i am going to my classes it’s 11 o’clock right now i’ve been up since 7 i don’t know how i’m late again i have a 10 minute makeup routine so hopefully i’ll get out of here but it’s just for this class i always show up 5 to 10 minutes late and it’s just really awkward because he always sees me come in late i hope he’s not expecting me to come late because that would be sad i just did my morning routine i’m gonna frickin put makeup on now ok bye bye i’m running so late but i put my face on, let’s go AHH there’s so many rocks i’m so frickin late i don’t even know why i’m showing up i tried finding parking in the parking lot because there’s usually parking around 12 but there’s so many cars!! and there were like 5 other cars trying to find parking so i gave up now i’m parking on the street now i’m late, i don’t know why i’m here i only gave myself 15 minutes to walk back to my car from my class because of the parking meter and i just made it i’m so tired well all my classes are done so i’m going home now do i have hat hair? my hair has been in a hat all day so it kinda flattened right here so this is my natural hair after a shower usually when i’m filming it’s always like 2-day hair or even after a day my hair starts to flatten also i have an apple right here ding i did have dinner just now but it wasn’t the healthiest thing in the world so i’m gonna make myself feel better by eating an apple health okay without further ado i’m gonna get my makeup off hello i’m back i took my face off so my nighttime routine will be in another video that’s also basically my skincare routine so as you can see, my face is all clean right now i’m just gonna do some readings and then i’m gonna edit my video but obviously school is a priority i haven’t bitten into an apple in a while i always cut it but at least i don’t have lip tint so i’m not gonna remove anything i should really like study so i need to get ready now but i’m already running kinda late but i’m also really tired and ugh and i’m also really cold i can’t move it’s 8 am my eyes are kinda dry because i showered with contact lenses on that’s how i have to shower or else i can’t see otherwise ok i’m gonna get ready now see you at school guys bye we have made it to the end!! hello my frens it has been a very long week even though it was only four days my last lecture actually got canceled so i got to go home early i got to avoid traffic i came home 3 hours ago i had dinner and then i just rested for a little bit but now here we are i actually have a bunch of stuff i have to do before 11:59 pm i have to participate in a discussion forum and then i have to send a research question to someone and it’s okay you know what, it’ll be okay. i’m just gonna do it for the discussion forum we’re supposed to answer a question for extra credit i don’t really know the answer to the question but it’s ok i’ll bs my way through it so that is all i have for this video thank you for spending this week with me i hope you enjoyed it and i will see you in my next video bring it in for a hug i’m wearing my cozy pajamas thank you for watching this video i will see you guys very soon! 🙂

100 thoughts on “a somewhat productive week of college!! 📚 uc berkeley

  1. :… let's go!
    sees you in the car
    jamming to serendipity

  2. Do you commute? I'm asking bc I commute and it is freaking tiring. For me, it is even worse since my parents won't allow me to drive. They think I'm going to be kidnapped or something. Anyway, if you commute how do you deal with tiredness?

  3. You know someone is a college student when they can fit all the stuff they need in a tote bag
    And high schoolers have to use a backpack breaking their back

  4. Aaah can anyone tell me the name of the song she sang after ‘as if it’s your last’ and before ‘ddu-du ddu-du’ it’s killing me that I’ve forgotten the song

  5. I swear I love how she gives hugs at the end I really feel it i feel its sincerity and i need hugs so I love your hugs☺️🥰

  6. I always watch your videos when I'm studying or having a bad day, your so relaxing and your aesthetic is *Everything* . I get anxious and procrastinate easily (like many people) and have no motivation 90% of the time, but (and I know its kinda dumb lol) your calm, smart, cute ways inspire me to be like that– I've organized my room, made my notes prettier, I'm more motivated to learn and exist in a healthier way. Thankyou Nina XoXo

  7. Love your channel so much! The atmosphere that you giving to us by your videos just makes me feel so good😌 keep going, you are doing great!❤️

  8. Hi, new subbie here. I really liked your headphones, whats the brand of them? Does anyone know? Brand and the model please…

  9. Can someone pleaaaas tell me all the song she played in the way home pleaaaas that's gonna make my life easy so pleas help this broke college student ❤️❤️❤️

  10. Imagine if while Nina was jamming to Serendipity, she got into a car crash as soon as Jimin said "Just let me love you~".

    I'm sorry I'll leave

  11. i love how you are just……like namjoon……
    +i didnt mnow you liked dean,nct and red velvet😅

    ok unrelated but who's your bias in nct? (if u even have a bias😂)

  12. Am i the only one who gets super motivated while watching her video and when it comes to studying I’m demotivated all over again

  13. what was the music in the beginning, it was really calming.

    edit: this took a lot of downloading and research but the song is: From Indigo – justnormal

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