a week of cozy outfits in college 🌧☕️

a week of cozy outfits in college 🌧☕️

i threw on a coat over a casual hoodie and jeans outfit to make myself look more put together. i wore a mock-neck shirt under my hoodie to keep me warm another coat outfit option but with a mock-neck sweater and comfy mom jeans one of my go-to outfits: denim jacket, hoodie, leggings a variation of the last outfit but with a less bulky flannel, black hoodie, beanie, and boots for power! a turtleneck sweater and black culottes for optimal comfort i wore a thermal shirt and leggings under everything for extra warmth another go-to outfit of mine: sweatshirt, jeans, big scarf low top converse for that ankle action you can also tuck in part of your sweatshirt for a less bulky look

100 thoughts on “a week of cozy outfits in college 🌧☕️

  1. I am new here so can i know where r u from? And u r korean or chinese? Bleh curiosity exploding in me…

  2. Ok so I found your channel a few days ago and have been watching a whole lot of your videos (love them all btw) but the more I watch the more I get freaked out cause apart from age and race we're almost exactly the same???? Name, curly hair, Scorpio born on the 15th of Nov, same art style kinda, listen to the same kpop groups with the same bias, same kinda personality and more random shit. I'm shook…. <3

  3. what i saw:
    a jin then a joonie then a jungkook then a yoongi (skip 5th) and the last outfit was a definite tae2 with that burberry-esque scarf <3 hahaha

  4. i don’t think anyone has said this yet, but you look like Mingi from ATEEZ.. but as a girl. you’re so beautiful 💜

  5. First of all honestly gurl you honestly could be a model and second why is this video screaming army at me 😊

  6. WoW I loved all pf them, but my favourite was the number 5😍😍
    By the way, your Channel is my favourite one in all YouTube

  7. ok u are my new style icon wtf
    ur so cool but in the nice non intimidating way thanks for making us smile

  8. I just love how she has her little mat so she can show her shoes, while not getting her real carpet dirty with outside shoes

  9. I LOOOOOVEEEEEEEE your lookbooks, super simple looks with essentials that most of us already have. + super modest looks for people like me who don’t want to show much skin but still want to look well put together, keep on with the great work! Had to subscribe after watching only two videos <3

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