Amazon Rainforest Fire || [Amazon Forest Fire] || HINDI || Watching Eye

Amazon Rainforest Fire || [Amazon Forest Fire] || HINDI || Watching Eye

Jai Hind, Friends
Friends, are you fond of adventure, do you like walking in the jungle, go hiking, or do you like to spend time with trees, plants are very connected to nature from the forests? So there is a bad news for you. Actually is very bad news. You must have heard the name of the jungle of amazon, it is the largest rainforest in the world, there is no bigger jungle than this on the whole earth. Spread over 55 million square kilometers, this forest gives us 20% oxygen to the whole world and it is not from today. These forests are 55 million years old. It is such a dense forest that even in the day time even some parts of their land Sunlight doesn’t even reach The bad news is that these natural heritage have been on fire for the past 1 month and this fire is not an ordinary forest fire, it is a very fierce fire which has been around for months. And worse than that, the international media is not throwing any light on it, it is not giving it any importance. There are more than 400 tribal tribes in these dense forests which are completely cut off from the outside world. According to a survey, this forest has 30000 species of tree plants and flora, 2500 species of fish, 1500 species of birds and 500 species of mammals i.e. mammals and more than 2.5 million species of insects. This amazon forest is spread across a total of 9 countries in South America. It is 9 countries: Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana. Now that the international media is not discussing much about it, the news is flying from the social media platform that 15% of the Amazon Rainforest has been destroyed due to continuous burning for almost 1 month. according to the scientist, if more than 25% of the jungle of Amazon is destroyed, then it will not survive the rainforest, but the entire water cycle will be changed. So much carbon is emanating from these forests called Lunges of the Earth, that it has reached the capital of Brazil, Sao Paulo, while you can see the distance of Sao Paulo from the jungles of the Amazon on the map. There has been so much smoke, so much black smoke has increased that even in the capital of Brazil, the day looks like the night there, the rain that has rained, the raindrops are pouring black water so much carbon has spread After all this, when there was international pressure on the President of Brazil, he postponed it as an internal matter of Brazil. But friends, let me tell you that it is not just the internal matter of Brazil, these forests affect the climate of the entire world, if they do not, the problem of global warming will increase more rapidly. These forests have been burning since 1 month, do not know how many Tribals animals’ houses have been destroyed, such pictures are coming on social media of burnt animals, which will make your heart tremble. Now let’s talk about how this fire started? The cause of the fire has not been known directly, but such news is spreading on social media that this is the handiwork of the Brazilian government. In Brazil, the Amazon forests are being harvested very fast, for example, many times, instead of slowly cutting down the forest, they directly set the forest on fire so that the forest is easily cleared from a large area. Some private companies want to clean the forests for mining the minerals there, people also set up small fires in the forests so that the forest is removed from the roots and they get a lot of workable land. A report by the World Wide Fund for Nature states that these giant forests of Amazon play an important role in climate change around the world. These forests absorb millions of tons of carbon every year, which is about 90 billion metric tons. Can range from 140 billion metric tons WWF also says that if these forests have an impact on the carbon dioxide adsorption capacity, the world may have to face the dangers of severe global warming. You might not believe it, but the fact is that there is a fire in more than 2500 places in the Amazon jungles. Due to this fire, the northern states of the country are completely affected. Due to the fire in the forest, the smoke that is rising from it is getting dark even during the day. The National Institute of Space Research has reported that according to 2018, this time there has been an 85% increase in the number of fires in the Amazon forests. In the beginning 8 months, there have been 75000 fire incidents in the forests of Brazil, you might not believe your ears but this data has been released by the Brazilian government. You are requested to share this video as much as possible because the international media is not throwing light on this matter, now you people should spread this news across the country. #Prayforamazonia and #prayforamazon these two # are being used well on social media. You can also use them, share this video and plant trees. Thank you

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