Australian Scholarships for International Students.

Australian Scholarships for International Students.

Hello, this is Valeriy Leletko. Welcome to
Ask About Admissions screencast. Australia. This country is one of the leaders on
the international education market hundreds of thousands of international
students come annually to Australian colleges and universities. Far not every prospective international
student can pay for education in Australia on its own
and they want to know what financial aid offers this
country to such studnets. Right now we go to explore Australian scholarships for
international students. There are two major groups of scholarships:
scholarships coming from Australian Government and scholarships coming from Australian
educational institutions and other organizations. The scholarships cover various educational sectors. Undergraduate and post graduate study and research vocational education and training and also student exchanges. some scholarships partially cover
expenses related to education but there are more attractive full
scholarships for international students in Australia. Let’s get started searching for
scholarships. Australian Government scholarships for international students.
Australian Government has done just excellent job and created this site
Australia awards dot G O V dot A U that is a convenient entry point to
start your search for Australian Government scholarships for international students. I click “participating countries” and we can see that in general
scholarship programs cover the entire world. You can download printed version
of the page and work with the pdf version of the document off line or scroll down and check out availability
of a particular scholarship for your country. Click on the name of a scholarship at the table header opens a page dedicated to this particular program at the moment i’m making this screencast
this site doesn’t cover two more Australian Government scholarships for
international students. The first one is International
Postgraduate Research Scholarships IPRS information on the scholarship program
regulations provides site Innovation dot G O V
dot A U which is one of the official Australian Government sites. The second program which is not
presented at the Australian Awards site is Australian Postgraduate Awards. APA. Information on this program can also
be found on the site Innovation dot G O V dot A U. A short note. Applications for IPRS and APA should be made directly to
participating universities. this site provides just generic
information about IPRS and APA. Now when you know where to search for the
Australian Government scholarships time to get familiar where to search for Australian universities scholarships for
international students. Again, thanks to care of the Australian Government there is an excellent starting point for this search which is
study in australia dot G O V dot AU. one thing I would like to mention about
this site it’s available in multiple languages. If to scroll down to the bottom we can see language selection section here. At this moment the site is available in twelve different languages. No doubt it gives some additional convenience but the major point of our interest here is
this tiny phrase find a scholarship and I click it. When the page loads we can see a minor
disappointment here that this page is only available in English but it’s still OK because it’s so time saving when at a single place in a few mouse clicks you can create a quiery and get a customized list of scholarships that match your parameters. This page provides an interface and
gives you an opportunity to search in a comprehensive database. The database is kept up to date and
gives you results related to all possible scholarships coming from
Australian universities and other organizations. Now you have all information necessary
to search for scholarships available to international students studying in Australia. We hope this screencast will help you to understand where to find information and apply for Australian
scholarships for international students. If you still have questions ask them in
comments to the screencast. You will definitely get a response. Thanks for
watching and see you next time, this was Valeriy Leletko

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  1. Hi, MrRebelguitaristx,
    Thanks for your question. I put a link to the page with pretty straightforward answer to your question in the video description. In short, every page now has a SEARCH button in a left/right sidebar. If it’s minimized just click it and it opens a search box to type in keywords and search for scholarships etc. Search result page will have a tab “Scholarships” where you may apply additional filters to the search results.
    I hope this helps. Good luck in your endeavor!

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