100 thoughts on “AVENGERS 4 – Tribute Trailer (2019) – “End Game”

  1. If you would like to see more Avengers 4 tributes

    This trailer was a collab – SEE DETAILS BELOW
    0:05 – 0:45 by AD_Edits – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsX-zRuq3ovMsgFqEQLw2Bw
    0:45 – 1:48 by Poncho HD – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO2EFMFF07y9BikFGKGIlkw
    1:48 – 2:28 by TerraStone – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCJ05ttZkWIarFqLsiZQI_A

    What was your favourite part?

  2. Mal no trolies a un fan de avengers peraaaaa ooooooohhhhhh😎😎😎😎🕢🕗🕣🕘🕤🕙🕥🕚🕦🙅🍫

  3. el final es que iron man mata a tanos con el guante pero muere y el capitan america se buelbe viejito

  4. Buen video esta increible me quede traumado de tan bueno que es👍👍

  5. Así no fue Avengers Hulk usa el guantelete y casi pierde su brazo Iron Man igual USA el guantelete y muere Capitán América se vuelve viejito Iron Man estaba Atrapado con nebula el espacio en las en la nave de Los Guardianes de la galaxia

  6. De Los Guardianes de la galaxia thanos muere por el chasquido de Iron Man con el guantelete muere Iron Man también

  7. Rad la thermo fi saloon Karen atelier modèles Guevara et je ne sais pas là pour Marvel la thermo de loi de finances pour la thermo fi saloon Karen atelier modèles Guevara à la maison Tarn et Garonne st loup de l endocol ou vente maison Tarn cordes et je ne sais plus quoi faire un tour de l endocol ou vente maison Tarn et Garonne st Antonin noble val à la thermo fi saloon Karen atelier modèles très bonne é le gouvernement

  8. Hola no sigan leyendo el mensaje o se arrepentirán ya se los advertí muere Iron man viuda negra capitán América

  9. Falso todo es falsooo solo quieres visitas,me das veguensa tu nosdiste un trailer falso y nos quitastes el tiempo (El que da y quita con el diablo se desquita)!!!

  10. No puedes trollear a un fan ok sé que eso no existe además iron man ya murió lamentablemente 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  11. the movie is really good, please help me fill in my account 193,038,0381 read until it's finished, mama die father sick. my business failed fren, I live with a friend's grandmother, I want to be happy in Frend's grandmother, very please frend

  12. can't they just get Ironman then they can just go get them then Iron Man can make his own Infinity call but then he can bring back his friends then he can kill Thanos then you can actually kill him for 1 and then it would be even then that's how life works cuz he betrayed him you thought cuz Doctor Strange gave him the time Stone in Avengers Infinity war and there's no going to be a Avengers 5 there's only going to be a Avengers 4 that's it or maybe somebody might bring one of them back maybe there might be another villain maybe there might be a superhero coming and accidentally bring back Thanos that's the answer you need to you need to answer

  13. 90% of comments Spanish
    9% of comments:rip 3000
    1.9%talking about the video in English
    0.1% of comments doings what I am

  14. Железный человек жаманқа неге күзік пейды алдаушы

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