Back To School: Types Of Students

(pen clicking) – Hey, can you stop, I can’t hear. – Oh true, sorry. – Thanks. (pen clicking) – No seriously, I really
can’t concentrate with that. – Okay, relax man. (pen clicking) Dude! (pen clicking) (groaning) (dramatic music) – Parenthesis of one minus F to the I. (bell ringing) – Uh, excuse me sir can you please repeat that one more time. – We will look first at cor, corporation, no, coap. – It’s cooperation! – Are you sure? Like. – I’m pretty sure, I’m pretty
sure, I mean it does spell. – Corporate profits and another forty’s, argh! Yow what that says? – Billion. – Billion. (slow romantic music) – You guys are so nasty, get a room. (slow romantic music) – Wake up, wake up. – Oh, uh, yeah, the
answer is 85.74, right? – We’re in English class. – English?
– Yeah. – No!
– Wake up. – No, stop.
– Wake up. – No, no.
– Wake up. – Oh, yeah, yeah I’m
awake, I’m awake yeah. (moaning) (mischievous music) – Excuse me, Armin. – Um Sir, it’s not what
it looks like, she. – No, I don’t wanna hear it, go to the principal’s office. (groaning) – Can’t believe I’m
sitting next to a cheater. – What!
– Gosh! (pen slamming on the floor) (slapping thud) – Yo, can I borrow your pen? – Yep.
– Thank you. (moaning) Here. – No thanks. – Alright. – Yo, can I borrow some paper please? – Sure. – Thank you. Cool.
– Nah, no thanks. – You sure?
– Nah, I don’t want that. – Okay. – Alright class, who here knows
the answer to question four? – Oh, oh, oh! I have the answer, Sir over here. Hello, back here. Are you blind? I’m over here, have the answer. Hello. – The Cos two delta over Sin 34 squared. Excuse me, no drinks in class. Plus or minus the square
root of B squared, (clicking sound) minus four AC over two
A, for Cos two delta. – Yo, you want some? Take it, it’s good. Here, take some. Alright. (“Fur Elise” by Beethoven) – Hey, can I borrow your notes? – Uh, yeah. – Um, never mind. – Baby! – Baby, what are you doing here? – I brought you coffee. – Oh, did you skip class to get me this? – Yes. – Baby I love you so much. – I love you too. – I know it’s only been a week
but I can do this forever. – Forever. – Walk me to my next class? – Let’s go. I love you.
– (girl) I love you. (“I wanna know” by Sickick) ♪ I wanna know ♪ ♪ Would you wanna wake up next to me ♪ ♪ If every night was an ecstasy ♪

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