BALDI’S BASICS: THE MUSICAL [by Random Encounters]

BALDI’S BASICS: THE MUSICAL [by Random Encounters]

*Game Beeps* *Doorbell Rings* A mysterious package arrived at my door, Inside was a game I’d never heard of before, It looked pretty dated but since it was free… I booted up my ancient Hewlett-Packard PC!, I put in the disc. It started to run. Then braced myself for educational fun! Baldi: Welcome to Baldi’s Basics, Baldi: in Education and Learning! All I need is seven notebooks, to break out of this game! Trapped inside of Baldi’s Basics… and Baldi’s pretty unnerving! Baldi: I HEAR EVERY DOOR YOU OPEN! I dared not doubt his claim. Gotta Sweep: SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP! I found the next notebook on the desk before long… Baldi: I GET ANGRIER FOR EVERY PROBLEM YOU GET WRONG! The numbers were jumbled, indiscernibly math… I knew from the smacking I’d incurred Baldi’s wrath! Out in the hall… I heard a loud crack! Baldi was there and he was on the attack! Can’t escape from Baldi’s Basics! I can’t get past “IT’S A BULLY”! Bully: I’m gonna take your CAɴᴅʏ! Now I’m as good as dead! Let me out of Baldi’s Basics! For love of all that is holy! Should’ve lit this game on fire and gone right back to bed! 1st Prize: I am coming, 1st Prize: I see you. What the fudge does this thing do? It closed in fast and cornered me… 1st Prize: I hug people for all eternity! A student named ‘Playtime’ appeared in my way, she pulled out her jump rope and said, Playtime: LET’S PLAY! I tried to escape but Baldi burst through the door… *playtime turns sad* So I began skipping rope as I had never before! Playtime: 1…2… Playtime: Whoops, you messed up! Playtime: 1…2… Playtime: Whoops, you messed up! Playtime: 1…2…3…4..! CUT Playtime: Awwwww! That makes me sad… 🙁 Gotta Sweep :ITS SWEEPING TIME! I ran like the wind and heard the Principal call… As I dashed through the door way, N O R U N N I N G I N T H E H A L L S (you little frick (gamer was here)) His finger was pointed, his expression quite stern. ” Detention for you,” he said. “When will you learn?” The timer ticked down… The smacking drew near… Two seconds more before Baldi be here! Out of time in Baldi’s Basics, and Baldi’s one step behind me! Only missing one more notebook, but “Sweeping Time” appeared! No way out of Baldi’s Basics… and Baldi’s certain to find me! Can’t escape or use the soda… and there ain’t no notebook here! AJ: Where is the seventh notebook?! Gotta Sweep, 1st Prize, and the Beard: [Active combat] 1st Prize: I want to hug all of our Patreon Encounterors, especially my friend Patricia! Nate: Thank you so much for watching. Nate: If you liked this musical, check out some of our extra content on the side. Nate: We make a new musical every month, so don’t forget to subscribe. Nate: If you want to support us on Patreon, there’s a link in the description below, Nate: and if you like this song, you can buy it on iTunes up here! Nate: Baldi salute! Ouuugh!

100 thoughts on “BALDI’S BASICS: THE MUSICAL [by Random Encounters]

  1. 👨🏻‍🏫 This Is Baldi
    He’s freaky 👱‍♀️this is me
    And I’m stuck and baldi’s just around the corner 1 like is one prinible save me

  2. 😡
    ( ) Congratulations you fond all 7 notebooks now all you need to do is GET OUT WHILE YOU STLL CAN !!!!!

    ( p)
    (>📒📙📘📗📕📒📔. 4444454466545$5&*5(&*$$+554454656-655565 = 0 wrong

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  4. 1:05 Интересно, почему 42? У меня есть некоторые предположения на этот счёт)


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    Bro im not doing all this crap i love random encountes

  8. My kid likes this and I heard it say "what the f*** does this thing do".. I know it says fudge but i dont like implied cursing in songs that's clearly targeting children.

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