100 thoughts on “BATMAN V SUPERMAN FIGHT [PART 1]

  1. I feel sad for Batman…It would have taken a week for him to set all the guns and stuff for superman And he just came smashing it all….???



  3. Why Bruce wayne still want to be a hero even though he doesn't have superhuman power.. He can easily get killed.. I respect his intelligent to defeat his enemy.. He just have strategies like ninja to fight with the enemy…i wish he got an ability like the vampire that make his body more stronger…

  4. For non comic and animated followers, this scene is 80% similar to a 60 year old Batman fighting Superman who comes to stop the Bat under The president's orders in The Dark Knight Returns Part 2. Including Batsy's armour & suit as well, which is almost exactly the same. Except the animated one was 10x better because the suit was much more technical and Batman actually uses his smart toys as well. Clark gets his ass handed over there and barely does anything to Bruce. And remember, it's an old Batman who came outta retirement. DC animated universe is the best, no competition at all

  5. Superman =you don’t understand
    Batman = I do
    *batman throws bullet *
    *superman squishes it * (but little do he know it had cryptonite )
    Batman=this is fear you’re not brave men are brave
    (Sooooooooo superman is girl against cryptonite) ?

  6. Why didn't Sup just hold Bruce up in the air and tell him everything about Luthor and his mom and be done with it? He wasted time throwing Bats around for no reason whatsoever. It looks cool but makes very little sense.

  7. 1:04 It's like all of a sudden he remembers he's bulletproof…0:47 and when he could've explained what's happening to Bruce, he pushes him away like an idiot…this shit gets funnier every time.

  8. I love the way that superman pushes batman like he was a child or like when you push your little brother when you were kids.

  9. Superman : If I wanted it , You would be dead already ..

    Batman : If the writers wanted it, you would already be dead at the very beginning.

  10. Why didn't Supes explain to Batman, after he shrugged off his initial BS, what he knew Lex's plans were? Could've save us a lot of time…

    Oh, right, we have a movie to make… I forgot lol.

  11. Snyder would be one of, if not Hollywood's very best, cinematographers. The visuals in his films (when you can see them that is) are absolutely stunning. He is not, however, a good storyteller by any means. A lot of that blame can he handed to the writers obviously, but the director has the final say.

  12. Why would anyone like batman over superman in this movie? I mean, batman here is like that little spoiled brat that tries to hit an adult eventhough he has no chance of winning knowing that the adult is more mature and wont harm him, and right after he attacks by surprise as if he was a mastermind ignoring that he couldve been defeated already. Pathetic.

  13. OMG ! ! ! ! Who Made This ! ! A duck or swan , shhhh…. It AweSomeSense A-OK ! hehe , And I Ain't ratbutttrump with blonde wigg GODZILLA ROAR ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Shhh…that OK sign , Shhhh…..remnants of dinoROARS ! ! ! ! ! ! 3 million year old alligators ! ! ROAR ! ! ! ! Shhh….. No chirp ….. even more LOL don't chirp …… Shhh…. Secret : MAYBE FART ! ! ! ! ! ! OMG YES ! ! Shhh….LOL ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  14. DC映画好きだけど、バットマンシリーズは夜が多いから、ごちゃごちゃしてて見づらい時があるよね

  15. It’s ashamed what they did to Batman and Superman in this movie I waited so long for this and it’s terrible

  16. Zack butchered Justice League's source material in his live action take but this wasn't the worst movie. It was good, shouldn't have been named Batman v Superman though.

  17. People actually debating who would win Batman vs Black panther

    In an actual fight
    One slap by most super villains or hero’s(with SuperStrength) and Batman’s done out ere

  18. Bro Batman only did wear that suit cuz Superman is obviously gunna destroy Batman, batman cheated he used kryptonite

  19. If that was Superman(Regime Version of Injustice), then Superman will violently kill Batman., the Superman in this movie is too soft..

  20. This is the exact reason DC failed. What else does superman do besides a fistfight? Plus lowering Superman down to Batmans level just ruined his character. As soon as i heard this movie was coming out i knew he'd just use kryptonite and then they would just get into a fistfight.

  21. You are not brave, men are brave

    He’s using an armor suit against Superman that inhaled cryptonite and is now as weak as a normal human

  22. Could atleast have got some lasers really clumsy fight and seems like superman wasn't even trying to fight that's why batman could survive the fight

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