BITS Pilani -in English |Ranks | SEATS | Placements | FEES | Scholarships |

BITS Pilani -in English |Ranks | SEATS | Placements | FEES | Scholarships |

hello conquerors welcome to conquer itj
hope you are preparing well today I’m going to be talking about bitch planning
there’s already a video on this which was recorded in Hindi however on a
popular demand from some of our subscribers I’m making this video in
English as well so in this video I’m going to cover the ranks of which belong
in Goa Hyderabad campus I will also talk about the salary packages which are
offered in these campuses I will talk about number of seeds and various
programs and I will talk about the cut-offs fees and there is some inside
information about how to attain scholarships now students are usually
very skeptical before going to bed for a day because they think it’s a private
college but you can get scholarships easily which makes the fees less than
what you expect so that’s a benefit I can all I will also tell you about some
more benefits and flexibility which is only there in bits pilani
and nowhere else so let’s move on if you think that such great amount of
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press the bell icon let’s talk about the ranks so bitch blonde always remains in
top 10 rank so although n IRF had ranked it 16 in 2070 rest of all the
institutions always ranked amongst the top IITs so let’s go on to the salary
packages let’s look at the salary packages package of Milani campus which
is a 2017 data that we have highest domestic package was rupees 25 lakhs
average was eleven point four seven however two years back there were people
in 1.4 crore packages when going to go on campus highest domestic package was
twenty nine point five I was ten point nine five lakhs
Hyderabad campus 35 lakhs average verse thirteen point five on blacks now it is
important to note that the average is very close by so that means you should
not be skeptical if you get a low score and if you are you know getting lower
campus or hetero Baath campus then you should not be skeptical at all it is
okay to go to these campuses they are equally good to Palani the only thing
with planning is that it’s an old campus and it has its own legacy a great
culture which might not be there and go and Hyderabad campus so in terms of
personality development by learning campuses is the best but in case your
score is less you can still go to Goa or hetero both camps they are equally good
in terms of placements so when it comes to placement percentage 86 percent was
the placement percentage until July 18 2007 and 17th 2070 let’s look at the
highest international package it was given by Tokyo based work application
which was 60 lakhs now I can offer fifty nine point five lakhs as I stated two
years back it was also in one crores but this time it was 60 lakhs and fifty nine
point five lakhs domestic packages offered by
Schlumberger was 32 lakhs a cesium was twenty nine point five D
show off for twenty eight point five Amazon twenty seven director twenty six
point eight club partner has been visiting the campus from a long long
time and it offers huge packages huge domestic packages and one key important
thing about this is that they only take chemical engineers and they do not take
computer science or any other so-called high demand disciplines they only take
chemical engineers anyways let’s look at the total
recruiters there are 646 recruiters and there were some companies which gave
more than thirty offers and in a funny way in bits these companies are called
bus companies and they are not like because they usually offer very low but
then they have bus he’s and they you know take a lot of
students they just carry them in their person go over that’s how it’s you know
that’s that’s a lingo that bits go with but anyways with all due respect to
these companies you know they give a lot of lots of offers so they were thirty
there was there was Capgemini Qualcomm or Apple Amazon and even Microsoft I had
never heard Microsoft become a bus company before but this time it was true
in core jobs there were three forty nine quarters of which is a huge number that
means there are a lot of students who are still you know pursuing their
passion towards insulin and not just going to IT jobs there were thirty eight
point eight three IT jobs as then which is with which is very low usually eight
a seventy eighty percent in other qualities here it is thirty eight point
eight three percent which is good to see let’s look at the seeds so there are
total of two thousand seats and and this number is not confirmed this time
because the seeds are expected to go up and by 2020 it has expected that it
might go up to three thousand campus wise breakup was also not available
however I have the old data of the campus voice breakup so if you want that
I can write in the comments just write that as a question in the comments and I
will reply back the landing campus is expected to have thousand eighty seats
for undergraduate in 2018 and PP people appearing for bits at there are around
two lakh students who appear and fight for those two thousand seats there’s
there are no quotas in BITS Pilani the only quota that we sort of see which is
not actually a quota but a merit-based thing that if you are a bow topper you
get direct entry into BITS Pilani okay so let’s go ahead let’s look at the
cut-offs Orbitz build a deeper learning campus you can see that the if the
although the cutoff is 240 which is for B Pharma
actual engine cutoff was around 311 and if you look at MSC cutoff it was 304 now
something unusual that you will see here is that MSE honors MSE maths physics
cut-offs were even more than B chemical civil cut-offs so why is that the reason
is that in bits you have the flexibility of taking MSC’s in the very first year
and actually the course in the very first year for all engineering zor-el
MSC is seen and when you you know score around seven point five or eight cgpa
you get to choose one engine and then you can take a dual degree which is a
five year course and in a dual degree if you score around seven point five eight
CCPA you get two you can also take computer science and once you have that
dual degree you can actually sit sit in placement with computer science students
so see how cool is that even if your score is low you can
actually sit with computer science students you although you have to you
know spend one more year studying both the degrees one interesting fact that i
want to tell you is i think in 2012 the person who got one point 4 crore package
from google was actually a dual light when i said you all right i mean the
person who had dual degree in computer science and I don’t know maybe in
mathematics or physics I’m not sure about that
another interesting fact that you will see here is that MSC on earth economics
is 335 which is very high whereas other owners is slightly low so why is a messy
honours high higher than other MSC’s that because there is a huge demand of
Finance students at least from the NBA point of view so if you know economics
it helps all right so let’s go to Goa campus Goa campus also has a similar
trend however the cut-offs are slightly lower so in chemistry test 300 MSC and
for injuring it has 301 earlier when we used to appear we had to score around
300 to be safe in Palani campus but now if you want to have a seat and Palani
campus 320 is a safe score barring that you would want to do be Pharma otherwise
320 is safe and for for computer science it has become really high so you have to
you know score around 380 to be safe in fact 390 to be safe for computer science
in Goa however if you score 360 you can be safe in computer science and if you
are above 300 then you can confirm a seat in Goa campus in Hyderabad campus
cut-offs would be slightly lower or be form 224 but for ensuring you can see it
as around 298 and MSE is it as round 296 so again good options you get even in a
robot campus we saw that the placement average is almost the same there’s just
small difference so you can also take Hyderabad campus you should not worry
about it let’s look at the fees so application
fee is given here admission fee is given here semester fee is given here this is
I think the 2017 fee and this keeps changing every semester every
so that starts my chains and you’ll have to look at the website to know that
close to 1.5 lakhs per annum would be Refer link for fees structure as this data is not accurate. scholarships available and it and these
scholarships are easy to get to foster’s merit scholarship that is given to
topper of the batch obviously topping the batch is not easy but there’s
another merit come need scholarship where and if your family salary is less
than n lux and if you get higher C GP other than 8.5 you get 80% scholarship
if your family salary is less than 10 lakhs and your CCP is higher than 6.5
you get 20% scholarship so now these stats also keep on changing and in fact
I also used to avail benefit of this because at that point of time in the
family salary was less than 5 lakhs and there was a different cgpa criteria and
different scholarship percentage so this keeps changing but you but this is
manageable 6.5 is manageable and sometimes you can 8.5 you over card you
can manage so getting 80% scholarship is huge
however this scholarship is only for the semester and fee I mean the tuition fee
and not for the hosting fee so if you think sorry if you’re thinking this
information was useful please like video we are uploading more such videos and we
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description thanks a lot for watching this video all the best for your
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