Bob Marley – No Woman No Cry | ALIP BA TA – Fingerstyle Cover with TRANSLATION

Bob Marley – No Woman No Cry | ALIP BA TA – Fingerstyle Cover with TRANSLATION

[Music] [Music] here we go again later gentlemen eat you Paco moo Shetty Shay the one and only issue worship yes guys I’m back again with a lip butter it’s been a while I wrapped it to Alec buzzer guys I saw that he uploaded this song yesterday no woman no cry I wanted to do it but I was tired I was in the best so tell it after editing my last video for 8 hours meanwhile if you haven’t watch my video yet guys go watch my vlog where I want to try Indonesian food for first time beef rendang malin go rend and nasi goreng with my friends every guys nothing too much let’s chop it to desire away bow first of all guys suka done none go top weekly smash the like button subscribe let’s get this cracking guys let’s go let’s go hundred kids coming let’s go ok headphones [Music] [Music] you see his face his face is like that’s my style tell him Ali Potter that’s my style bro let’s go [Music] [Music] No see the duck see duck a dog Juanita see duck a puck guys I’m trying I’m trying I’m trying so that’s no woman no cry just think Jody means they cover good time help any issues in your life babes just out the number [Music] in [Music] Oh [Music] tea duck afar other juanita illipe butter luar biasa luar biasa sangha chant ik t duck a da Juanita tea duck a Papa look woman no need to cry I’m tellin ya like we love you so much we love you sometimes things might be hard but we work hard to make sure you’re happy we try to make you smile I know sometimes you say yours do this do that but you know as a man you just be like I’m the man I’m not gonna do that to show that I’m the man but we love you still all the men are boys old man is a boy yeah but that’s true actually that’s how men are usually but deep in the heart of a man leaves a little boy little boy that wants to be tickled you get me anyway guys welcome to Ali Pasha as usual this is amazing amazing like for me the way the song make me feel in my heart it just makes me feel like oh life is beautiful things can always be done better you know the artists of back in the day I mean these days the artists were like that boy accident back in the day they just focus on giving a very strong positive message to the world like let’s just love ourselves some more yes guys so love ourselves some more okie-dokie nothing to what you guys gonna pick a semester like button subscribe sue cotton Bellanca nan selamat stinko peace out I love you mother was gonna say you I need oh you are then like the shine of my ways you are [Music] she won you are there like the shine in my way you are

100 thoughts on “Bob Marley – No Woman No Cry | ALIP BA TA – Fingerstyle Cover with TRANSLATION

  1. ternyata lirik "no woman no cry" adalah 2 kalimat yang terpisah…..,
    – no woman, tidak ada wanita
    – no cry, tidak ada tangisan
    kalau di gabung menjadi "tidak ada wanita, tidak ada tangisan"
    namun secara keseluruhan kalau diartikan dalam bentuk prosa atau syair maka artinya menjadi "tidak ada wanita, tidak apa – apa"……,

  2. See You = Sampai Jumpa lagi
    'Selamat tinggal' in indonesia, has a deep meaning, wich mean, you will never see him/her again, or finaly met, but very very long time.

    loved your content to react maestro Alip.
    keep on charge bro ?

  3. Perasaan nih orang ngebet adsense yak? Gue pertama dulu nonton merasa bangga gitu negara indonesia ada yg ngereact eh lama" kok jadi begini wkwk

  4. Nice one bro! There's no doubt Alip ba ta is one of greatest fingerstyle guitarist from Indonesia. Keep doing what you do bro! And you gotta visit Indonesia, you'll love it except the traffic lol.

    a little bit correction here, even tho like and subscribe mean "suka" and "berlangganan" we don't actually say that, we just say like and subscribe. And also woulda been better if u say "sampai jumpa" instead of "selamat tinggal"

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