BOX FORT High School – ESCAPE Detention & CONFRONTING The PRINCIPAL (Challenge)

BOX FORT High School – ESCAPE Detention & CONFRONTING The PRINCIPAL (Challenge)

Wow this place is cool Wow no Justin stated by our brand-new
principal principal Pete and it looks like he’s coming right about now looks
like you’re going to detention bro maximum-security detention all right now
I need to do is make a makeshift harness and I should be able to drop down there
once down there spray the security camera with our silly string we’ll grab
the key and get out of here we’ll be back home playing for tonight in no time
huh miss McGillicuddy won’t even know I’m gone
I was able to make a makeshift sureness I wrapped it around the bars to Willie’s
cell and I attached it to me down here now I should be able to lower myself
down into here slow enough that I don’t hurt myself on impact got my silly
string it’s time to go down that’s so bad all right guys I’m gonna start
lowering myself down into this room here there’s a lot of vines and looks like it
could be spiders hi I’ve got my harness though shouldn’t be too bad it’s gonna
slowly easily lower my son Oh Oh Willie Willie what are you doing Willie Willie what was that for all
right oops like I’ve fallen into some sort of guys that’s spices blowing smoke
wait look on the wall this place is overgrown
this place must not have been used for years for sixty years and even make sure
I don’t trip any of these lasers kind of hard to see but you definitely follow
their trail okay all right there’s one literally right
here okay just gonna get down on the ground and call oh that’s uh that’s
pretty close to me but looks like I made it under that one without any issues all
right guys now that I made it through the laser field
I should be able to get through this next door here note with Willie’s right
he said there’s some sort of confiscated toy box I might be able to use some of
the supplies in there to get myself out of detention because I don’t know about
you guys but I don’t want to be here for the next 60 years and I need to get back
to Logan fast all right guys here goes nothing see what’s behind this door alright looks like it’s another room
no guys keep it on the wall there’s a security camera principal P might be
monitoring these no no this is good this is a good principal Piedmont seen us
principal peace all the way out of our cell and he’ll come and he’ll lock us up
again and will become Willie will be in a Cell for sixty years
no no but you guys thought I don’t want to become Willie I need to take out the
security camera if I’m gonna get into the next room and find this confiscated
toys bin luckily for me I’ve got Willie’s silly string I might be able to
use this to block out the camera it’s not much but it should be able to buy
some time I’m just gonna aim this and get a shot on the camera here we go perfect
cameras completely sealed off there’s no way he’s seeing us okay speaker away in
this room shutting the door behind me it’s probably gonna wonder why his
cameras blocked off but but in the meantime we might be able to use this to
escape and look guys hey skeet Whitman pickles who brings pickles to school
literally a jar of pickles in here Pringles okay and a 3d portable printer
all right this actually might come in handy I thought there might be some
better supplies in here to use but pickles I mean if I get hungry we got a
snack and 3d portable printer well I can definitely use this to escape I mean all
this escaping has worked up an appetite why would they confiscate Pringles and
you know pop okay they’re prank Pringles oh I know why they were confiscated
looks like there’s another door Stig won’t budge look guys if Willie’s
correct there should be an old storage locker
through this hallway and in that storage locker we might be able to find the key
to get us out of herself once I’m out of my cell I can sneak back into class and
then we’ll be back home in no time okay this is starting to creep me out a
little bit okay meat move that’s your name how do I get through this door what yummy for some hungry it looks like
someone squished the face and put it on a wall Boop I need to get through this
door okay I’m trying to escape detention do you have a way for me to get it up
here can you unlock the door me Moo this isn’t funny
I need to get out of detention okay I need to get home to play fort night you
don’t understand if I don’t complete my weekly challenges this could be very bad
okay it looks like me Boop’s knocking open the door for us he’s asking for
some yum yum yum Eason hello be you guys but I have no idea what that could be
look if Willy’s already known this much about this place maybe he knows
something about me Mook maybe he knows how we can get meat moved to open the
door for us I’m gonna head back to Willy and ask him if he knows anything Willy
Willy Willy can you hear me look I made it through the confiscated
toward the end like you said it was there but I ran into something on a wall
it’s not letting me go through the door he’s called them a meat Moop do you know
anything about this you know how to get him to let me through the door oh you’re
about didn’t think I’d be seeing you again okay okay Willie that that’s great
but look I need to figure out how to get past meat Moop he’s asking to be fed do
you know anything about this gotta give them a meat going if you want to get
through okay Willie look I don’t have time for this just how do I get meat
move I can’t believe I’m saying this how do I get the talking wall thing to let
me through the door oh you gonna have to go to meet look corn and only I got one
can I have it oh good these yeah these are these are
pickles I found them in the confiscated toy band they look like hundreds of
years old I would love me some pickles okay I
didn’t really I didn’t know you were so into pickles
Willie would do anything for some pickles what Willie would you give up a
meat move coin for this juicy jar of pickles okay you what I’ll give you a
meat mood coin and I’ll promise to be your best friend Willie will be your
best friend for the end just the meat lube coin will be finally that that’s
that’s all I really need here you go and I’ll take the meat move coin here
you go Willie okay perfect all right guys we got ourselves a meet moot point
all right we’ll figure that all out later all I know right now is we got to
get through that door because behind that is where we can find the key to get
out of here Jay yes principal P how’s it going uh it’s going great just learning
my lessons you know I’m really learning from detention I just wanted to check in
make sure you’re doing all right uh yep nope just uh just doing you know
some stuff in here why why are you standing like that
I know just doing just doing special yoga to learn about why I should not go
to the ten just don’t let its don’t look behind me look yoga don’t look behind me guys that was close
if you saw this hole we’d be in a lot more trouble than this let’s get back
down there okay look I brought you your coin here if I feed you this please let
me in to the store I really need to get out of here oh and just eat faster perfect I think it worked all right here
goes nothing guys this is her robot drone just trying to shoot us no no no
this isn’t good guys if we’re gonna get the key to get out of here we gotta go
through some sort of robot drone that’s shooting us okay hi definitely no sneaking around it
there’s gotta be some other way to get through there maybe there’s something in
the confiscated toy box I can use what’s that sound I know that sound
I wouldn’t expect to see you here what are you doing in my school’s detention
districts Trader Joe’s always here to sell you the best wears and tears of
business and all I do is exchange relax okay well I I do have a little bit of an
issue there is a robot trying to destroy me in the other room and if I’m gonna
get out of here I need something to take down that robot do you have anything I
can use that would be perfect I could use that to seek out the robot hi I need
how many likes you want nobody likes you likes ya ya know we have like we don’t
have them any like so what if we get 30,000 likes on this video what will you
give it to me okay perfect no no I trust the viewers I’m sure they can get it
guys look the only way we’re gonna be able to stop this thing and get out of
here we need likes on this video if trader
Joe doesn’t get his likes well I don’t know what he’ll do but knowing trader
Joe it can’t be good okay look I’m getting you the likes can
I have it now you owe yourself a brandy thanks for
shopping at Trader Joe’s perfect now little weird but I think I can use this
become Iron Man all right I don’t actually know how to activate this thing
whoa perfect oh ho now this thing sounds
powerful minou you’re gonna want to watch this
hey mr. robot try this on for size I think we got it cut and I guess you
would circuit in it now it’s got to figure out where we are this is this
school honestly goes on for miles underground there’s a lot of weird
places in the squad no idea existed this door up ahead oh no no no no no it’s
blocked off looks like it’s sealed off with some metal taping if we can’t get
through there guys we can’t get the key to get up detention it’s gonna be
another way guys check this out it’s the ventilation shaft by the looks of it
this ventilation shaft should lead into the storage locker
wait the 3d printer I can 3d print a knife when you use a 3d printed knife to
cut through the ventilation shaft and get the key inside the storage locker
and get out of here once and for all all right here we go guys I’ve got the 3d
printer and it looks like that’s a little bit of battery left in it should
be able to use this to put myself a 3d knife alright guys there we go we’ve got
ourselves a 3d printed knife and we should be able to use this to cut
through this venting right now let’s do is cut through here still hardening a
little bit as we just printed it but it’s actually extremely tough up here
and is pretty sharp so I’m gonna use this to start cutting perfect now just
push through here there we go looks like we’re able to cut ourselves a pretty
nice square venting is off and I think we found the storage locker this should
come in handy looks a little empty but if you see
something on the wall there looks like a note it doesn’t look like I’ll be able
to make it all the way through but I can make it close enough to read this note
it says hit the selkie boss looks like this was a note from maybe one of the
janitors the principal Pete he hid the cell key in here and it looks like well
it’s not very hidden it’s right there got ourselves our cell key now it’s time
to get out of here question now is did we take Willy with
us and risk getting caught or do we sneak out by ourselves guys leave a
comment down below if you think we should take Willy with us so far he was
able to help us and I mean he did help us break out of this place
I’ve got the key time to get out of here Willy Willy are you there hey you don’t
suit yourself we’re getting out my lesson yeah I have
learned my lesson and what’s the lesson not to cook eggs in class all right come
with me you’re just letting me out like this I thought I was gonna be in here
for 60 years what you have fully locked up for 60 years
who’s Whaley Willie’s the guy in the detention cell next to me Willie Willie
principal Pete’s letting me go what’s going on yeah my name is not Willie it’s
will grow the pickle pea wait what your name’s not even Willie
we’ll draw the people what I don’t know what you’re talking about but it’s time
to go back to class what principal Pete sighs it’s time to go back to class
come on and the pickle people strike again in another puppet video okay I
guess Willie was a pickle thief who got pickles all right I guess it’s time to
go back to class

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