Brahmacharya || Celibacy benefits With English Subtitles || Part -1

Please subscribe this channel to support me I will be encouraged enough if you subscribe Also press this bell icon So you get first notification of every new video Dear friends..I want to tell you very useful facts I got it from a Book It changed my thinking Before starting of this video It is very necessary to understand There is huge difference between Motivation and Real Motivation You saw something, heard or read after this vibration started in your mind You did not delay even a second and strongly decided to apply those thinks in your life That is called Real Motivation Before getting lost in to this Real Motivation You should remember the Doha of Poet Rahim once again You may have read this Doha in your School This Doha has beautiful meaning Please save water Everything is useless without Water Here Chuna means Flour How you will make Roti without water Shinning of Jewel is it’s identity Here most interesting fact to pay attention is.. The meaning of water for human life has been projected in a lovely way by Great Realised souls Yes sir Here water is compared to Semen Semen is most important fluid in man It is called as Raj in woman body Semen is the gist fluid of Human body How it is formed ? It is your right to know the importance of semen It has relation with Physical, Mental and Intellectual health We get energy from Food Blood created from Food Semen created from Blood It is not created so easily Long process to follow to make Semen This facts has been revealed by Acharya Sushrut 600 A.D He wrote Let’s know it’s meaning Juice created after digestion of Food After digestion of Juice, blood created after 5 days Like this in an interval of 5 days In this process Raj created in woman’s body It takes 30 days 4 hours to form Semen Scientist says that This is very strange fact to note that This is the hard work of one month Semen is form automatically So We are not able to realise it’s value We need not to tell you how semen is valuable You can guess at your own Unlimited energy hidden in every atom of Semen Many Brave souls, Scientists, Warriors, Authors were hidden in one drop of semen Many such souls will be borne in future with one drop of Semen It’s impossible to imagine No one can negate this truth This truth is a line on stone, which never disappears May there come many cyclones Semen is the King of Bodily Empire No enemy can attack if King is powerful Enemy will be destroyed but King and his Empire will be always safe We should not weaken this King or Semen Otherwise Enemy or Disease will attack and capture you How to empower this King or Semen We will discuss in next Video very well In this video we want to tell you that.. Where to utilize Semen Indian Rishi-Munis had told that.. Utilization of Semen to beget children It’s the arrangement of Nature Rishis-Munis doesn’t speak to abandon Sex totally But they advised to well utilize it so that Couple could lead a happy married life Rishis-Munis have warned householders that .. Why they told like Because without the energy of semen you can’t enjoy sex Sex enjoyment is directly related to wastage of Semen If you question At first you should remember the story of Gardener Who created a beautiful Garden by Hard work Where many lovely Flowers blossom He makes fragrant perfume from those flowers This Perfume was about to enchant the environment Before that, Gardener throws that perfume in drainage without any reason How foolishness !! How madness !! That Gardener is residing inside us It’s not wise to waste the income of 30 days just for pleasure of a while Before enjoying Sex Human thinks himself Tiger After sex he becomes scared Cat Is not it our experience ? Nobody there in this world who does not regret after Sex It is the experience of everyone There is no other proof It’s natural to arise thought Is there any Solution ? When Human is sexually exited Mind is divided into two parts Conscious mind puts full effort to fulfill sex pleasure Often it has been seen that.. Conscious mind’s becomes successful and Human knowingly enjoys fleeting pleasure again & again and regrets all over life Gets buffet all the time Is there anyone who is not affected by this marsh Yes..There are present Who knows the science behind it, they never step into this marsh Before that they save themselves with utmost Mental Power and remain always happy Semen Energy is Natural You can not suppress this.. When it flows downwards You will not see happiness anywhere without Sex When Semen Energy Flows upwards It does Amazing thing.. You can not imagine this Whoever knows knowledge of Brahmacharya from the Rishis-Munis of India Whoever changes it’s daily life and learns the Art of Living This type of people with controlled senses Utilize Semen Energy at right place, at right time, with right person They always lead life happily He only can speak about the joyous feelings whoever has attained such bliss We will bring to you this interesting facts in Next Video.. Please subscribe this channel if you like this Video and share with your friends Victory unto You

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