Buffalo State Fashion and Textile Technology Scholarship Opportunities

[music and visuals] I would love to be a fashion designer I
think that all of the effort that we’re putting into designing for things
like RunWay and everything we do in the classroom is just preparing us to go
into the world and be real-life designers and letting our creativity
shine through the garments we create. My dreams after college is to hopefully get
hired doing some type of fashion in textile technology. So my junior year I
applied and received a scholarship called Connect Program where I was able
to go to England China and Australia where were I was able to meet many
different students at the universities as well as see the different cultures
and how those cultures and students were trying to solve sustainability within
the fashion industry. So I came to college and I wanted to seize every
opportunity that I could so I decided to study on national student exchange to
California and I also decided to study abroad in Thailand.
So I had to look for scholarships to fund those trips and then I found the
Elaine Polvinen Scholarship, and that helped me. They flew
us all all of the winners from nationwide winners into New York City
for a gala we went to a mixer industry event a gala we got to sit down with a
ton of people who are in industry I got to meet representatives from Adidas Nike
obviously Kohl’s and Vera Wang.
Receiving the scholarship I was able to study
abroad in Italy last semester with Professor Erin Habes and it was
definitely a life-changing experience. Going there and getting to sit down with
those individuals and understand what is necessary to get us to the next level
was was very big for me and it prepared me quite a bit to work as hard as I need
to to take advantage of what we have here at Buffalo State. It really made me
more applicable to a lot of the jobs I was applying for as well as it made me
stand out among the crowd. I think that it was it was a huge
blessing to win I’m extremely thankful. So yesterday I actually watched the
four-minute video of Elaine Polvinen and it literally almost brought
tears to my eyes. I never got the chance to meet her and I didn’t really know who
she was but watching her video and finally understanding the meaning of her
scholarship really touched me because coming to Buffalo State,
I didn’t really know what I wanted to do in the fashion industry and realizing
that there’s a whole technology base behind the fashion world and that Elaine
really strived on that, it really meant a lot to me actually now receiving the
scholarship and understanding the whole aspect of her scholarship and her brand
and her name her dream for Buffalo State fashion college students, so it really
means a lot to me now knowing that that’s what she stood for. The first
thing that struck me what was how my hard work was paid off, but also just how
how much I was appreciated at this school. Sometimes you feel like your
student in a sea and I felt like I was like this star swimmer like getting
through the ocean I felt really good. I think that being able to be here is the
biggest blessing of all and to be aspiring people to believe in themselves
and their dreams…. I think that is my life’s goal! [Music and visuals]

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