Campus Tour of Bryn Mawr College

Campus Tour of Bryn Mawr College

Hi, welcome to Bryn Mawr. I Nsidie and I’m Daniela and we’re gonna be your tour guides today so now we’re gonna head into Taylor which is the
oldest academic building here at Bryn Mawr it’s home to President Cassidy’s office,
the Taylor Bell, as well as a couple of our classrooms. So this is what a typical
classroom looks like here at Bryn Mawr our student faculty ratio is 8 to 1. We
are currently in what is considered to be a discussion-based format style or
Socratic seminar-style classroom that is intended to help foster cross
conversation and student engagement. Let’s go upstairs we’re outside of President Cassidy’s
office. President Cassidy has office hours and students are more than welcome to stop by and talk to her about anything. outside of every professor’s office you’ll
find a box where students put their exams as well as papers due to our
academic honor code students and professors have a working relationship
which allows us to have self scheduled and take-home exams. welcome to the
campus center downstairs you’ll find the bookstore over here you’ll see Uncommon
Grounds which is one of our cafes here on campus on this side you’ll see our
mailboxes as well as the mail room and upstairs we have the CPD which is the
career and professional development office a part of LILAc
so what’s most important is this shared space where we have our Sunday SGA
meetings as you guys may know Bryn Mawr has the country’s oldest SGA. So we
really want to urge students to be in attendance at these meetings because when we have plenary, which happens once every semester it requires one-third of
the student body to be present in order for us to cast a vote about something so we
want students to be making informed decisions. Let’s head back outside. This is Senior Row, but we can’t be here for too long because we’re not seniors yet! This is the gym. Let’s take a look around. This is Rhoads one of our 13 dorms here
on campus in every dorm you’ll find a mix of all different class years as well as
a DLT which is the dorm leadership team every DLT is composed of a dorm
president, your hall advisors, customs people your peer mentor as well as your
CDA which is the community diversity advisor. In front of New Dorm, home of the Enid Cook Center, and over here is one of our two
dining halls on campus. Nsidie, what’s your favorite dish? definitely fried yuca. I love
the squash macaroni really good this is Carpenter, one of our three libraries
here on campus a neat way they utilized the consortium with the library is through
tripod an online database that we share with Bryn Mawr, Haverford and Swarthmore, so
if students ever need a book and it’s not in on our campus they can find it or
request it from any of the other institutions Now we’re at the cloisters. Here at Bryn Mawr, we take traditions
very seriously we have lots of minor traditions and four major traditions one
of which happens right here That tradition is lantern night. Lantern night is an event where all the first years receive their lanterns with their class colors
there are four class colors that rotate each year to symbolize the passing down of knowledge from generation to generation the colors are green red light blue and
dark blue and purple for McBrides. We look forward to talking more about traditions when you come visit us here on campus. but for now what’s your class color we hope you
enjoyed your tour see you soon

6 thoughts on “Campus Tour of Bryn Mawr College

  1. This was incredibly helpful for me. I'm not able to visit campus right now 🙁 but would love to attend Bryn Mawr next year!! and this tour just re-affirmed my want to attend here. Thank you so much for posting a tour of campus.

  2. Much too fast. Well, one of the two did say that they have a "liberry." Neither encouraging nor enlightening to hear.

  3. Both presenters need to speak more clearly and slowly. In a video you're speaking to people you never met before. But these two act like you were just talking to each other. I get the impression that little or no scripting (and damn-all rehearsal) was done for this video . . . It sure shows. 2/10 is generous and owes more to their legs than their minds.

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