Can I Move to Canada to Avoid Student Loans?

Can I Move to Canada to Avoid Student Loans?

I can’t stand my student loan payments anymore.
Can I move to Canada to avoid student loans? The. U.S. government has been going after
citizens who left years ago, even trying to collect from Canadian born children of Canadian
immigrants. They’ll come after you for student loans. Student loans aren’t tax debt. The federally backed student loans are pursued
as much as tax debt. They can even garnish your wages and tax income. If I live in Canada, I don’t have to pay
U.S. income tax. Actually, the U.S. is one of the only countries
on the planet to tax all citizens in their tax rate no matter where you live. Even if
you pay higher taxes in another country, they still demand that you file a tax return. They want to make sure I pay. So you know they’ll try to collect on the
student loans. And their first target will be any tax refund you get. Even if I’m in Canada. Remember, they demand you file U.S. tax returns
even if you live in Canada. What if I don’t? Then your American bank accounts could be
garnished, or you’ll even be denied return to the U.S. I could renounce my citizenship. The U.S. has started requiring people to pay
all of their past due and current taxes to be able to renounce their citizenship. And
you have to pay expatriation taxes. Another reason Canada is better. Millions of Canadians come to the U.S. when
their national health care system can’t take care of them in time. If you renounce
your citizenship, that option is lost. So failing to pay the debt could kill me literally
… And, to be frank, Canadian employers are likely
to garnish your wages as American ones for debt. I wish the two nations weren’t so cooperative. Your better choice would have been to go to
college in Canada in the first place. Much cheaper, and no oppressive debt. Too late for that. Or join the Peace Corp and work in Canada.
The U.S. will forgive your student loans after 10 years. Let me give peace a chance.

6 thoughts on “Can I Move to Canada to Avoid Student Loans?

  1. The IRA is a false program, paying taxes in america is not written in any laws and filing a tax form is not required by law for any reason.

  2. This video is manipulative. Pay your student loans just in case you need to go back to America for better Healthcare? That’s complete nonsense. Will employers outside of the United States garnish your wages for the US government? No, it’s not their responsibility and the US government has no authority to make them. Garnish your American bank account? If you left the country, you will have foreign bank accounts, however you will need to open it with a foreign passport due to FATCA laws. Basically, you will need to get a second passport to get away with this because the US is doing everything in their power to prevent you from giving up your US citizenship as this is becoming more and more prevelant… they don’t want their cashcows leaving the farm.

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