Canvas Tutorials for Students: How to Login to Canvas

In this video we’ll show you how to log
in to Canvas as a student at San Diego Mesa College. From the Mesa College
website you’ll find a link to Canvas along the top menu of the page.You can
click on that link to get to the Canvas login screen, or you can open up your
browser and type in
Either way you’ll be taken to the SDCCD Canvas login screen. Be sure that the
sdccd emblem gets displayed as it is here, and then you’ll know that you’re
logging in to the correct site. To login use your 10 digit student ID number. So
you may need to type zeroes at the front of your number if your number is 6 or 7
digits long. For example if I know my number
is 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 then I’ll append 3 zeros to the front so that I’m typing in
10 digits total in this space. For students your default password is your 8
digit birthdate in the format of month, month, day, day, year, year, year, year. So you should be typing 8 numbers in the password field. Let’s say my birthday is
January 15th 1990, I’ll type 01151990 If you cannot sign in then be sure
to use the forgot password link it will send an email to the email address
associated with your Canvas account, allowing you to reset your password.
Also remember that the 24/7 Canvas help desk is available out of 1-844-612-7421. Once you’ve entered your user ID and
password click on login. If it’s your first time logging into Canvas you’ll be
asked to accept the Canvas acceptable use policy. Once you’ve done so click the
submit button. Congratulations you are now logged in to Canvas.
Remember that you won’t have access to your courses in Canvas until the
first day of that course. In this case the new semester hasn’t yet started, and
so I don’t have access to any of my courses in Canvas yet. I’ll come back to
login on the first day of class. That was how to log into Canvas as a student at
Mesa College. Thanks for watching!

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