CAREERS IN MATHEMATICS – B.Ed,PG,B.Sc,Degree,M.Phil,P.Hd, Job Openings,Salary Package

CAREERS IN MATHEMATICS – B.Ed,PG,B.Sc,Degree,M.Phil,P.Hd, Job Openings,Salary Package

Hello All..This is Manju from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in Mathematics Mathematics is one of the most fundamental
forms of sciences that is concerned with study of properties, measurements, and relationships
of sets and quantities with use of symbols and numbers. It deals with numerous calculations
and is a vital tool in countless fields including social science, medicine, engineering, and
natural science. Individuals who gain expertise in this field are known as mathematicians.
They are professionals who deal in the mathematical theory, algorithms, computer techniques, scientific
skills, economic, physics, engineering and business problems. Mainly mathematics is classified under two categories of applied mathematics and theoretical
mathematics. Theoretical mathematics studies the concepts and structures of mathematics
and aims to search for deep knowledge of the subject. On the other hand, applied mathematics
is concerned with calculations and theories related with methods that are used in engineering,
science, industry and business. So, precisely, applied mathematics is a field of mathematical
science that hold specialize knowledge in this field. Since, mathematics is one such
subject that is used in almost every sphere of life. So, mathematicians have a wide career
option to choose from if they opt for this subject. Mathematicians can look for great career avenues in different fields such as actuarial science,
engineering, operations research, computer science, industrial management, business,
geology, life sciences, chemistry, finance, physic, and more. So students who wish to
become expert in mathematics need to have a 10 + 2 pass certificate, with maths as a
main subject. After this, they can opt to do graduation, post-graduation and even PhD
in the field in order to get posted with a reputed institution. On successfully completing
the qualifications the students become eligible to numerous job posts such as operation research
analyst, computer system analyst, mathematician, teaching, software engineers, chartered accountant,
and employees in finance department of numerous companies and banks. There are numerous universities and colleges that offer degree courses in this field. Some
of the top institutes that offer regular course for mathematics are Institute of mathematical
science, Chennai; University of Kolkata; University of Delhi; Bundelkhand University; North Maharashtra
University, Jalgaon; University of Pune; Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore; and Harish
Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad. To get admission to all these institutes, it
is mandatory for students to secure first division in their higher secondary. Also,
some institutes may even organize an entrance test as the basic criteria for their admission.
Subject to the terms and conditions, students are required to secure at least 50% passing
marks in the entrance exam. Mathematics is an extremely resourceful subject
that is welcomed not only in government sector, but even in private sector. So, here are some
good companies that hire individuals who have maths as their core subject of study.
• National Aeronautic Limited • Defence Research and Development Organization
• Society for Electronic Transaction and Security
• Indian Space Research Organization • Government and Private Banks
• Teaching Institutes • Research Centres
• Laboratories • IT Companies and technical organizations
The salary for initial candidates may vary from INR 15,000 to INR 25,000. In case individuals
require more information about this career option then they can land to the finest career
of thank you for watching we will be back with more such videos do not forget to hit the subscribe button

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  1. my father was a doctor, so it was very obvious for me to choose medicine as my career. but when i was in 8th grade i developed a genuine likeness turned love for mathematics. i nearly started to see numbers everywhere. like in real life as well. i was so deep with it. which might sound crazy to anyone. I've done my intermediate from biology and since this subject doesnt interests me, i do not want to pursue my career in it. But then there's the peer pressure of becoming a doctor. i am sooooo confused as i jave never been before.ever. if anyone could suggest anything, it'll be highly appreciated.

  2. Dear #ArshMalik you can go for degree courses with maths background (3 years) and you can go for masters for 2 years which gives you a support for your normal degree if you are interested in Ph.D still it requires both reference and merit (total 7-8 years ) where if you continue on your medicine side education where you end up with same 7 years (5 years medicine with specialization of 2 years) these 2 are quite different courses but result as doctor or teacher gives you respect in society .Doctor have chance of earning more than teacher.All the best

  3. I wish I could get jobs in those fields (not teaching) with my math degree but people want experience or a recommendation from a higher up within the company. Math as a background is fine but most just don't care. 🙁

  4. i am in bsc secondear please mujhe bate ye ki me pcm group se ho aur me thirdear me maths chodena chati hu isshe koi nuksaan to nahi hai aage bed ya teaching line please jaldi bate

  5. we can gain good knowlage about the benifits of doing methematics by watching this video. 📚📚📚📚

  6. I am going to finished my med in mathematics.After I wanna do further study there, can I get scholarship?

  7. you tube donkeys kiya bta ray ho btana h too btavo ki bsc b.ed k admition k liya konsi books steady krni chayay

  8. you tube donkeys kiya bta ray ho btana h too btavo ki bsc b.ed k admition k liya konsi books steady krni chayay

  9. you tube donkeys kiya bta ray ho btana h too btavo ki bsc b.ed k admition k liya konsi books steady krni chayay

  10. you tube donkeys kiya bta ray ho btana h too btavo ki bsc b.ed k admition k liya konsi books steady krni chayay

  11. I'm now in 12th class with mec + cpt. Yes my family force me to do lCAl and I know that I can easily crack the ca exam. But still I'm interested in mathematics and wants live with maths in the future pls if anybody reply me that which course is best in mathematics that can be take max of .5years to complete

  12. Hi mam i completed my ug mathematics nd i m nt interested in doing msc and b.Ed there any degree apart from tis

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  15. I just waisted 7 years of my life do to doubt
    and fear and I wanted to do science as a kid but got derailed now I’m….ugh I’m gonna be old af when I get out now

  16. Can I do b.ed in maths after completing my graduation in computer science????? Please anyone suggest me bcz I have none other option than this bcz I am in love with maths subject……

  17. sister i have took the stream MPC so, can i become phychologist if yes give u r advice if no reply me no, and to the viewers, reply me or advice me in reply

  18. Mene +2 commerce with math se ke hai or ab du se BCOM krra hi
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  20. I have completed my diploma in electronics engineering,how i can become a mathematician.
    what i would to do to become a mathematician? h

  21. Hello madam, I am studying b. SC math hons and I have a great interest in digital electronics. How can I get higher studies opportunities in digital electronics ,data structure etc? Please madam reply me as fast as possible, as I'm very tensed

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