4 thoughts on “Charging Hourly vs Project

  1. For work like Quality Assurance/Q.A, which I've done a lot of, I charge per hour, but package it. I know that when I Q.A a module, I'll do at least 3 run throughs, for the basic checks. Then will do more for advanced checks. This means it could be 3 hours at £100 an hour, for my American clients. It also depends on the length of each module/file, but that's what I do now. Also, how did you find focusing more on the Saas niche as well, did you find it helped specialising?

  2. I charge based on the project. I have found that flat-rate pricing is a good way to go. This technique ensures that there are no surprises when it comes to the final bill. That isn't to say that the project price can't be renegotiated if the scope changes. But, this does assume that you are capable of scoping out a project so that you don't undercut yourself.

  3. whats nice when being paid hourly is you can take it easy, milk the time on the clock and still hit ur project goals
    whats nice about being paid by project if your efficient at your work you can make way more then you would if you were working hourly

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