Chevening Scholarships at The University of Nottingham

Chevening Scholarships at The University of Nottingham

I’m a lawyer from the Philippines. I’m from Nigeria. I’m from Mexico. I’m from China. It’s everything I expected it to be and more. The University is beautiful. I feel like home in another country. To study overseas is always one of my, you
know, goals. The Chevening Scholarship, it’s an international
scholarship scheme, offered by the UK government, and funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth
Office that target current leaders and potential future leaders that want to study a one year Masters degree at any UK university, in any study field. If you’re able to experience education in
another country, which is quite different from yours, it can only be good for you. It
can only improve you. I need to broaden my horizon. I’ve been working
for five years. But there’s no systematic learning of what… what I’m doing. So I feel
that I do need to learn something, you know, learn something new. The University of Nottingham prides itself
on being a global university. And when you come here, you realise that is true. I’ve just met exceptional people from all
over the world in different universities, and it’s just an amazing experience. You realise
so much that all of these people have to offer, which is why they’re here. Studying in the UK has provided me additional
advantage, that if I had studied a Masters degree in my country, I wouldn’t have had. I mean, I honestly could not have afforded
to study here without the Chevening or without The University of Nottingham. They paid for
full tuition fees, accommodation allowances, everything you’d need to study. The location of Nottingham is a very good
advantage, because it’s right in the middle of Britain, right. Yes, so it takes just two
hours to go to London, and less than three hours to go to many other different places. Being part of the Chevening Scholarship definitely
helps your career and improves your opportunity. It has helped me… has given me more alternatives
in the future. I’m coming from a big job to a big University
with a really big scholarship. It just fits perfectly. Everything is just so prestigious.
Nottingham University is very prestigious. The Chevening Scholarship is very prestigious. I don’t picture myself as doing anything
else but this, in this place. I really think I made a good decision. You’ve got an international scholarship to
a global university. I think it’s a win-win all round for everyone, yeah. So far it’s the best experience I’ve had
and the best choice I’ve made in my life.

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  1. how can I get more information about the scholarship. I am planing to complete my studies abroad. please help me to get thi opportunity.

  2. hello, i apply for chevening scolarship, i am already shortlisted, i hope to get it.
    please, I need a guide to apply at notthingham univ, provided that I had already chosen during my application of scholarship.thank you.

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