28 thoughts on “Classroom brawl between student, substitute teacher caught on camera

  1. That substitute teacher has every right to protect herself every right to protect yourself you don't know what these kids are capable of SMH 🙄💥🔫

  2. Thats black folkes aint got no home training an no shame damn an wont take responsibility for there actions. An if anybody got a problem with my comment i will give you my location anyday

  3. This don’t make any sense these children have become so disrespectful it’s disgusting so I’m guessing the teacher isn’t suppose to protect herself?!? I’m curious! This children are so out of line sometimes!

  4. students these days have no manners period they are out of control even a kid i once knew long ago grew up bad got no respect but its the way they are raised

  5. 🖐🏿 STOP because this looks like a person defending her self. I didn't see the SUB hit the student anytime. Just trying to restrain the STUDENT. That school district needs a discipline policy. 😱😱😱😱😱😱

  6. Looks like the fault goes 100% on the student. The teacher was just trying to subdue her and protect herself. Had it been a brawl the teacher would have frailed that kid

  7. Good God which is the Student and which is the Substitute Teacher wow this is a Darn shame that "Student" needs to be locked up.

  8. She's smarter for restraining her instead of actually fighting them. I'd never be a teacher this day in age. These kids be just as sick in the head as adults.

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