Classroom Innovation – Graham Bowman

Classroom Innovation – Graham Bowman

Hiya, I’m Graham.
I’m an associate ICT teacher studying for a PGCE at Keele University. Before I started the course I worked
in a school as a media technician, working to promote the use of media
across all subjects in the school. I’m really into DJing and trying out new technology
and new ways to manipulate music. I like being creative by making
websites and doing some graphic design. Classroom Innovation, to me,
is about constantly exploring new tools, and new ways to use existing tools. It’s about experimenting with ideas
to find out what works in the
classroom, without fear of failure. If we’re worried about things going wrong
then we wouldn’t try anything new! It’s about finding ways to allow pupils
to release their creativity to support and promote their learning. About Finding ways to make learning more fun,
more interesting and more engaging.

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