College Athletics Are Stealing Your Future • The Student Debt Crisis • BRAVE NEW FILMS

College Athletics Are Stealing Your Future • The Student Debt Crisis • BRAVE NEW FILMS

Colleges spend more money on their athletes
than on academics -but what’s surprising is how much more. College costs have skyrocketed. The average college student graduating this
last year had $27,900 dollars in student loan debt. The largest fee the academic students are
paying goes to the athletics department. They have cancelled 17 of their academic programs. But, they have retained their sports program. Utah State University loses money on athletics. They spent $25 million dollars on athletics
last year, and earned about $11 million. The other $14 million came from students and
taxpayers. Money had to come from somewhere. I didn’t
know it all came from us. At Kent State, student fees accounted for
54% of the Athletics department’s $19 million budget. At three other MAC Universities, the percentage
is even higher. What I often hear is, “Okay, we might be losing
millions of dollars on College athletics, but look what it brings to the University.”
But yet, the research does not support that. We’ve sold out, we’re no longer about education
-everybody’s building Taj Mahals. They have turned this into really, a football palace
for us. A local university has announced major cuts
-that includes eliminating several hundred positions at the school. Why is there this expansive student debt at
the same time there are these cutbacks? Tuition is being raised! Students are being asked
to bear that. This is why I had to struggle. This is why
I didn’t have what I needed? Because it was going to an athletic department? That’s absurd! They deserve our support. They don’t deserve
to be buried in debt.

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  1. Our prayers go to the victims, our votes go to the elite, our money goes to the wealthy…
    "Mama Says, Stupid is as Stupid does…
    U*Get what U*Pay4


  2. Uncle-Sam (A*Conversation)

    Uncle*Sam, Why is my education on the chopping block, aren't My Dreams real, is what you say about America just spiel,

    Don't worry child, everything is decided, your future is being guided, like the missiles your Daddy builds,

    But uncle, Mommy says I am special, Coach tells me hard work and sacrifice made the country great, did I just come along to late,

    No worries child, you'll learn to work a touch screen, fly drones from a comfy chair, fast food will be everywhere, raise rug rats, each with their very own screen, teaching the ways and means,

    Uncle Sam, what about the planet and the poor, is your liberty only for the few, gathering wealth, building walls and security to fend off the masses, as their pain and suffering flows like molasses,

    Listen up kid, get yourself straight, human rights ain't the real fight, that's just cover, scabs on the wound, while others bleed for, MY-Fortune and Fame,

    Uncle that's not what The Constitution says, are We The People simply sheeple,

    Now, now little one, perhaps you just need a small demonstration, something to help matters sink into that under educated head, let's see how about a fracking war to boost the economy and slam that peace and love crap, back down your whining trap,

    There, there it's all good, now touch the screen, see your daddy's missile fixed everything, sweet dreams…

    Who has the courage to stand with peace??

    The cowards that create terror via suicide bombers, fanatical gun men and rhetoric from the comfort and safety of religiously owned political sanctuary. The cowards that create terror via military might, drone strikes and rhetoric from the comfort and safety of corporate owned political sanctuary… Or We The*People whom both sides use as fodder and supporters of their drug and war profiteering.

    60,000 Military Veterans and 630,000 American citizens will sleep on the streets tonight. Time to change that, in months NOT years.

    Project*C.H.A.O.S. The*Movement

    Phase*One: Shelter the Homeless
    Phase*Two: Empower The*People
    Phase*Three: Reclaim*Democracy

    Time*4*Action + Join the Revolution

    Unite the C.H.A.O.S.
    Display the Heart of Peace N.O.W.

    "Remember, every storm must begin with a single drop of rain. So it is with every worthwhile movement, it begins with an idea that is too simple to be taken seriously, then comes the storm" – Marco Caceres


  3. It is all about entertaining the masses why make people intelligent when you can have them watch the same game over and over again learning basically nothing .

  4. I remember reading somewhere that UT Austin is the only school to support the athletic department by revenue made from athletic income.

  5. I believe it was known as "bread & circus" in Roman times, distract the masses while they're being overworked & underpaid. In this case students and their parents are getting screwed with massive debts to pay for these stadiums and bloated salaries. Disgusting and shameful.

  6. As with everything else, only when those affected by this problem(and the parents who sign the checks demand gov't action)demand change, will it be solved.
    Perhaps, the first step is for all high schools to get a list of the colleges and universities who are involved in this activity, and for those schools' guidance counselors and parents to discourage their students from attending those schools.
    Nothing says change like "no more friggin' money"…

  7. Great segment! This also occurs at the high school level. Many people in my community complain the local high school doesn't have enough money. but they have enough money for a nice football stadium, soccer and baseball fields, basketball courts and even a Ice Arena.

  8. It's part of the scam that is the not for profit NFL, privately owned and run like a racket because it is. 32 team owners use your tuition money to use as their private training centers to play pro football for a very small number of people who once in the NFL become untouchables cloked in the mysogynistic evangelical crusade of the prosperity gospel. Just buy a ticket and it'll be rewarded 10 fold … You'll get to brag about 10 touchdowns a year someone else scored.

  9. Competitive sports keep people divided across nations participating in national games. Think Roman arenas where Christians were fed to lions …for sport. e.g. Gladiators fought and maimed each other to entertainment the masses. American's 'football' comes to mind as an excellent example of enthusiastic brutality on behalf of 'higher learning.' What an hypocrisy; mind-bending.

  10. I got into UCLA mathematics, and was beyond excited to attend. I accepted my offer of admission and joined the "UCLA admitted students" group on facebook. At the time I was completely okay with paying the extortionate $55000 per year as an international student to attend the university. In the facebook group, however, I saw countless athletes boasting that they had gotten a "free ride" to UCLA on their athletic merits. Good thing I never went there in the end, but I lament the opportunity that I had missed because the tuition fees are too high.

  11. The same cure every time you find money over lives mentality. Vote out the GOP. Dems are flawed but until they are gone nothing will get better as the G in GOP is greed

  12. WOW!! I say A) either charge teams when they want to hire these men or B) Let the teams pay for their schooling, let them reimburse!

  13. Look, at some point, it stops being all the unis fault. They're running a pigeon drop scheme, but as with that con, the grifters prey on the greed and stupidity of the marks. In the case of unis, the marks are the students who continuously fall for the bullshit promulgated by the administrators and college pimps. No, you won't earn a million dollars more if you go to college rather than not. No, you're not going to move into upper middle class status for doing very little or no rigorous academic work while gaining a worthless diploma. No, college debt isn't good debt. No, college wasn't created so you can experience something and socialize for four to six years. No, you don't need multimillion dollar recreation centers, dorms, wifi, nor any of that nonsense. Grow up, going into debt that has no consumer protection at a time of economic depression is a very stupid thing to do….

  14. This is what happens in a society that values glitter over substance. A society in which intellectuals are unknown. A culture in which everybody knows Adele and some rappers or basketball players, but a society in which Cornell West brings most black students say "Cornell who? What does he play?"  It was a piece of cake for Hillary to make the masses believe Sanders was a communist. Why do you think we are the only post-industrialized nation without a single payer fund?   I hate to say this, but we have the institutions we deserve. How come nobody like Trump ended up as Prime Minister of Sweden or Denmark? Look where the crooks are! Philippines, the US, Russia. Guess in which country reporters are slammed on the ground when they ask questions that embarrass? I mean, do you get the picture?

  15. The University of Chicago was a powerhouse in College Football during the early part of the 20th century. However, with brave ambitions, President Robert Maynard Hutchins dropped the program in 1939 fearing the dangerous influence of varsity athletics especially football. Imagine what would happen if the president of USC, Alabama or Ohio State proposes to drop football to value education more?

  16. Well I think it depends on university because colleges especially Alabama make hundreds of millions for the football so they in effect support the school in a way but it’s all a scam for everyone besides the school, ncaa and coach

  17. It’s a problem but at Illinois the student fee is only 34 dollars per semester for a total of 64. So why is college still so expensive then?

  18. And things shouldn’t be cut for sports stop trying to compete with Alabama y’all never will just keep doing upkeep and use the profit to cover tuition

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