College: Freshman Year Vs. Senior Year

College: Freshman Year Vs. Senior Year

Hi I’m Nick. Allison. I’m Nick nice to meet you. Blake nice to meet you I’m Nick. Just so you know Allison is down stair and Blake just came out of the stacks. Ok I’ma sneak out the roof. This will do. I didn’t know you ate like this in the morning… Take this. Breakfast of champions! We have to go to SIG EP at like nine o’clock for this toga party. See I told you they do not card. This is so cool. They really should start carding. Yeah. There are a lot of little kids here. I never want to leave. I never want to leave.

100 thoughts on “College: Freshman Year Vs. Senior Year

  1. i start college in a few weeks i'm so nervous yet excited!! i'll probably end up doing half the things in this vid haha

  2. sophomore college student. apparently looking and being cool does not equate to having a social life. if you're shallow, youre in luck i guess

  3. All my teachers and friends talk about stuff like "Go to university! Get a job that will impress people!" and I personally cannot wait to leave high school and procrastinate from life on the couch every day. I don't think I'll go to uni.

  4. I'm a sophomore in high school and I've already given up on trying to look good. I wake up like 10 minutes before the bell rings anyway so it's not like I'd even have time to cake my face lmao

  5. I don't know…from my college freshman year to my college senior year…I stayed pretty much the same…nothing changed for me… 🙁

  6. I like the fact that they r still together in the video which is unlikely to happen, even if they were just friends

  7. My freshman older sister is NOTHING like this. She wouldn't drink alchohal until 21 anyways. She's more like the mature chill nerd girl who nobody pays attention to. ( Like me, except for the fact that I HATE the taste of alchohal 😫

  8. 😂 I'm pretty much done my freshman year (1 class in the summer and that's it) and I already have more traits from the senior examples especially the getting ready before class I don't care enough especially before morning classes.

  9. A lot of these should be flipped. Not just for me personally, but for a lot of people. College freshman have the worst diet, that's why they call it the "freshman 15."

  10. Contrary to the user name I'm a girl) anyway, when my sister turned 21 she gave me her fake ID and just said, "you look enough like me, you're gonna need this someday" believe it or not she is very reasonable.

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  12. I have a major in zoology, and minors in art history and marine biology. I love it!…
    I do, but I'm broke…
    Jk I have a job.
    Don't give up your dreams you can do it!

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  14. Literally beginning of the first semester and the end of the first semester for most of these, at least in my friend group

  15. Senior year was all about I need to get into the real world. I now live in the real world for some years and can say this…the real world rocks

  16. I’m watching this now, a couple of months from college, and realizing that this will be my life very soon. I am scared

  17. I think y'all got the freshman eating in reverse and by senior year you're ready to get the he'll out of there

  18. I got 34 more days of college and im ready to leave lol, ill miss certain things about college but im so over the party, social life scene lol.

  19. One of several reasons I went to graduate school was I preferred to remain in the Ivory Tower rather that face the real world just yet…

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