– That’s delicious.
Better than IHOP, for sure. – I’m a little scared
of this one, but. – What are you?
Oh, that’s– oh my God,
it’s a potato. ♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) We’re gonna be
visiting Europe today and we’re gonna be trying
some Hungarian dishes. – Nice.
Very cool. I do like to travel. – My best friend’s mom
is actually Hungarian, so maybe I’ve already
eaten it. – I’ve never been to Europe. I don’t even know what
“Hungarian food” means. – Not a single thing
comes to my mind when you say the word
“Hungarian.” I have no idea what
they eat. – I’ve never even heard
about Hungarian cuisine, so that’s pretty interesting. I’m excited to see
what’s in store. – The Polish one
was pretty good, so I’m hoping we’re staying on
that streak of good European food. – (FBE) Here’s your first dish.
– Cool. What in the world is that? – It actually looks a lot like
regular American chili. – I think there’s meat in here.
It looks like there’s beans in here. Mmm, this smells really good! I’m actually really excited
to try it. – Yeah, it’s good.
I don’t taste any spices. I wanna say that’s chicken. – It literally just tastes
like chili. Ooh, a little spicy too.
Okay. It’s got a little kick.
I like it. – It’s actually really good! It’s meaty.
It’s a little bit saucy. – This is chicken, for sure,
and I like this sauce thing. – I’m not sure what the sauce
or whatever it is really is. It’s just really meaty.
It’s really hearty. – I just feel like this is
something I’d probably have eaten as a kid, as like a comfort food
sort of thing. – (FBE) This is chicken
paprikash. It is a light stew made
with sweet paprika, chicken, and dumplings
known as “nokedli” which are small pieces
of egg and flour hand-made and formed
into the stew while it’s cooking. – What?
Wow. This is really good.
I finished it all. I kinda want more. – I really like this. This is definitely something
that I would like to learn how to make,
’cause I feel like I would really enjoy it
at my own house. – (FBE) Here’s your second dish. – Hmm, this looks
a little different. – It looks like more
meat-based lasagna. – It looks like we got
a mixture of lasagna and an enchilada. – Wow.
This is really good, too! It kind of tastes
like a meatball. – I’m a little scared
of this one, but. Shouldn’t have been scared.
That’s really nice. It’s very tomato-y.
It almost tastes Italian. – Tastes like cabbage, meatloaf, a little bit of tomato,
a little onion. – It has a leafy vegetable
that’s wrapped around almost like–
would taste like a meatball, meatloaf
kind of thing. – I don’t know what they did
to this cabbage leaf, but it’s a really good concoction.
I like this. – (FBE) This is rakottkáposzta,
or “layered cabbage” stuffed with pork,
rice, and sour cream. – I like two thirds of those
things that you said. I don’t like sour cream. – I’m not a fan of sour cream,
so that’s pretty– it’s cool that it’s masked
in there somewhere. – It tastes delicious.
I’m obsessed with this. I’d probably go to Europe
just for Hungary. – (FBE) Here is your next one. – (gasps)
Oh, you shouldn’t have. – Looks like a crepe. I don’t know what’s
gonna be inside of it, so that’s what I’m curious about,
but it seems quite sticky. – Smells like honey. What is that?
Oh, a little– little walnuts or almonds. – Initially, I tasted nuts,
and then, there’s this sweet, almost kind of sour,
taste that came with it. – Whoa, whoa.
What is that taste? There’s like seeds
in this or something. – I’m curious.
I’m gonna open this. So there’s some kind of
syrupy jam in it. There’s crushed up nuts,
maybe walnuts. It’s good!
It’s really light. – Maybe a little bit of honey
or apricot sort of thing with a little bit of
nuttiness to it. The blueberries fit
really, really well as well. It’s really nice.
I like it. – It was really sweet. I could eat this for breakfast
and not feel fancy. – (FBE) So this one is called
palacsinta and it is basically
a Hungarian crepe. They are made with
a thin layer of batter, hand-spread with apricot preserves
and crushed walnuts, topped with powdered sugar. – Apricots, got it.
Awesome. Never had that before,
but delicious. – If we haven’t started
putting nuts in crepes, we need to start doing it. The Hungarians know
what they’re doing. – That’s delicious.
Better than IHOP, for sure. – (FBE) Here’s another
very popular dish. – Is this cake? That’s not cake.
What are you? Oh that’s–
oh my God, it’s a potato. – Eggs?
Cheese. Bacon, ham?
Breakfast! Breakfast burrito
minus the burrito. – This definitely smells
kind of like a breakfasty thing, ’cause I smell cheese. Smells kind of like–
I don’t want to say bacon. It looks like sausage–
looks like sausage in there. – Oh yes.
I love potatoes, and then, just the mixture
with egg in it, too. That was really good. – This is really good, too!
I love the sausage. It tastes kind of smoky. – That’s good.
Potatoes and sausage, man, you can’t get too–
you can’t get wrong with that. – It’s very heavy with
the potatoes and stuff. It looks like it has
some sort of cream sort of texture in it,
and it has potato, a sausage sort of thing.
But it’s nice! – (FBE) This is
rakottkrumpli, also known as
“layered potatoes.” This is a well known
casserole made with potatoes, Hungarian sausage,
hard-boiled eggs, cream, and cheese. – Delicious.
Good, good. Denny’s should serve this. – They’re all very simple
ingredients, but the taste is amazing. – I feel like I could eat this
every single day for breakfast and I’ll be really happy. – (FBE) Last one.
– Alright. This looks like a stew. – It smells really good.
It reminds me of a stew. – Mmm, that melts in your mouth.
I like the meat a lot. It’s a little more pungent
than the other meats, I would say. – Ooh, I really like that.
It tastes so flavorful and also, once again,
a really comfort food sort of thing. – It’s not bad. It tastes like a beef stew,
basically. – I hate to say this,
’cause everything else has tasted so good,
but it tastes like canned stew. – It’s different from the first
sort of stew dish that I tried. The other one had more–
kind of a kick to it. – (FBE) So this is called
gulyásleves. It is a gulyás soup. This is a staple
in Hungarian cuisine and is one of the country’s
national dishes. Gulyás can be made from beef,
veal, pork, or lamb, which is then cut into chunks,
cooked with onions, and stewed with paprika
and vegetables. – I feel bad now.
This didn’t end off with a bang. I was expecting to have
a little dance party in my mouth. – I gotta go to Hungary now, ’cause, shit, all this food
is amazing. – (FBE) So which of these
Hungarian dishes would you recommend
people try? – Um, I like the last one.
I think it’s called “goulash.” – The rakottkrumpli. – The gulyás stew. – The potato stack thing.
Rakottkrumpli. – Palacsinta.
That was amazing. – I liked the layered cabbage one.
Whenever you get an opportunity to try something different,
I think everyone should. One of the few things
that brings all people together, aside from laughter and music,
is food. – Thanks for watching us try
Hungarian food on the React channel. – What country should
we visit next? Let us know in the comments. – Bye everyone! – Szervusz everyone!
Alyssa here, a producer from
the React channel. Thanks so much for visiting
Hungary with us today. If you want to be notified
when our next episode releases, go ahead and hit Subscribe.

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