Creating Vision – Vision Birth Scene – Avengers Age of Ultron (2015) Movie CLIP HD

Creating Vision – Vision Birth Scene – Avengers Age of Ultron (2015) Movie CLIP HD

His framework is not comparable genetic coding tells at 97% you’ve got to upload that schematic in next 3 minutes i’m gonna say this once how about nuts.
Shut it Down ! Nope ! not gonna Happen .
you don’t know what you are doing and you do ? She’s not in your head ? I know you are angry, oh, I’m way passed that I can choke the life out of you and you never change your shade Banner, after everything that happened … nothing compared to what’s coming you don’t know what’s in there.. This isn’t a game No No.. go on .. you are saying ? Get back ! What ?
you didn’t see that coming ? I’m rewriting the upload .. Go Ahead piss me off ..

100 thoughts on “Creating Vision – Vision Birth Scene – Avengers Age of Ultron (2015) Movie CLIP HD

  1. I know Banner is upset and annoyed of what Wanda did to him, but damn he didnt need to be like that. ?

  2. What I find disappointing is that Vision was only in three movies, and it mainly was just so they could beat Ultron, and Thanos can get the Mind stone.

  3. “I could choke the life out of you and never change a shade!” Yeeeeeeah that the me goosebumps first time I hear this ??

  4. Visão é um dos melhores personagens e fizeram dele um elemento tão pequeno e sem importância, infelizmente. Com certeza seria um dos melhores vingadores, sem dúvidas.

  5. when vision is looking out the window it makes me feel so calm and that’s one of my favorite scenes in the infinity saga

  6. Right when Ultron is made Tony is the sole creater. But when it comes to vision he's the co- creater. How does that work???

  7. Quick silver here:can see a bullet in slow mode coming from right under him
    Also quick silver: dies from bullets

  8. Nobody's going to point out that we're seeing the seeds that will later bloom out in Civil War being planted in this scene?

  9. Great scene and all but vision was sort off a wasted character, he had a lot of potential and was supposedly really powerful but we never got to see any of that. The MCU film's are great but they missed the mark a bit on some of their side characters.

  10. After watching endgame I do have this theory. In another reality 2014 thanos was defeated by our 2023 avengers and the events of age of ultron still happen. The difference would be I think is that instead of thanos Ronan goes to seek the stones since thanos is gone from that timeline . Idk it would make sense and Ronan never ends up betraying thanos and due to his ego he takes over and infinity wars events happen but just with the kree army not the black order. But Ronan loses since he’s not smart like thanos but rather more egoistic .

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    Captain America:

  12. Every time I see the part where Vision stares out at New York City, I can't help but think to myself, "Somewhere out there, at this exact moment, Daredevil is beating up a child molester."

  13. Quick silver was way faster in the X men what happen did he get slower some how case when he ran I x men he used the overdrive goggles cmon

  14. @ 1:48 is thor supposed to get thunder from the sky? if yes then why does the ceiling was not damaged at all? and if not, why does he needs to raise his hand? lol

  15. So Vision was called stronger than any of them, possibly all of them combined (Thor included), yet he loses to a guy who gets one-shot by Okoye??? Okoye is the strongest MCU entity confirmed! Wonderful consistency Marvel! Just 10/10!

  16. This is why I don't like Cap. He "knows" that he knows best, and won't hear any arguments to the contrary. He tones it down after Civil War and especially after Infinity War, but up until then he's the living embodiment of "might makes right". If you don't see things his way then you're just wrong.

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