Crime Patrol Satark Season 2 – Ep 81 – Full Episode – 4th November, 2019

Crime Patrol Satark Season 2 – Ep 81 – Full Episode – 4th November, 2019

‘Deeghapur city is facing
a barrage of questions’ ‘for the mysterious death
of a 10 year old girl.’ ‘The opposition party
has demanded’ ‘a CBI probe in this case.’ ‘The victim
was a Class VII student’ ‘at Lilavati Bhandari
High School in Deeghapur.’ ‘Two weeks before, she died
under mysterious circumstances.’ ’10 year old girl’s
mysterious death.’ ‘Our correspondent spoke
to the victim’s mother.’ We’ll not remain silent until my daughter’s
perpetrators are hanged. I’ve no faith
in the police investigation. My husband and I have decided
that until our case is taken up
by the higher officials we’ll go on a hunger strike
in front of the police station. I assure the people
of Deeghapur that the culprits
will be brought to book. The victim’s parents think that the police
aren’t supporting them and cannot give them justice. They say that the police
and some people are under pressure, so they’re
asking the CBI to intervene. Whoever is standing
by the victim and her family I assure them
that those responsible for the girl’s death
will be severely punished. We’ve decided to handover
this case to the most efficient
team of the Crime Branch who can dig out the truth
of this case. I assure all of you that we’ll put this case
in the Fast Track Court. ‘Breaking news.’ ‘Seeing the unsuccessful
stint of the police’ ‘concerning Deeghapur’s
rape case’ ‘the case file has been given
to the Crime Branch.’ ‘Will the reality
of the situation’ ‘be put under the scanner
and the truth’ ‘will be brought to light
or just like before’ ‘someone will try
to hush up the case.’ Sir. Sir, this is the case file
of Shruti Mahato. The investigation of the local
police is also recorded. Did you go through the file? Do you think that someone
has tried to hush it up? The first impression
rules that out, sir. But the furore over the case must have made some people
hush up the case. Okay. Let’s start
from the beginning. Tell me what exactly had happened
with the girl. – Yes, sir. Sir, the incident dates
back to 14th July. The victim’s name is Shruti,
aged 10 years. She was bleeding profusely, sir. The victim was a student of
Lilavati Bhandari High School. From there, she was directly
taken to the hospital. Her condition was getting worse. ‘Case – 10/2019.’ Two maids from the school
Sadia Baig and Aarti Paswan took Shruti
to DL Memorial Hospital. The blood is not stopping.
What shall we do? We can do nothing. Drive fast, Mister. The girl
is in serious condition. Hello, is this Kaveri Mahato?
– Yes. I’m Kaveri. I’m Mahesh Chaturvedi the coordinator of Lilavati
Bhandari School. Immediately reach
DL Memorial Hospital. – Why? Mr. Mahesh,
I hope Shruti is fine. Your girl is suffering
from a serious bleeding. Instead of asking questions,
go to the hospital. What happened to Shruti? They said,
she is bleeding. They didn’t specify. They told
me to reach the hospital. Sister! Sister! How is my daughter now?
Her name is Shruti. The school authorities had
brought her here. Where is she? The 10 year old girl?
– Yes. The one who was bleeding?
– Yes. Where is she? She died. She was declared
brought dead. You’re lying! She can’t just die! When she was brought
to the hospital she was already dead. She suffered
a huge blood loss. But why was she bleeding? What did our daughter
go through? Was the death
due to excessive bleeding? After all, what happened with
Shruti Mahato in the school? It raised many questions. The answer was going
to come forward in the form of the heinous crime committed on
the 10 year old girl. Manohar, the school
authorities had taken Shruti to the hospital.
What did they say? What happened with Shruti? They said nothing. The hospital authorities
didn’t let us see our daughter. What could’ve happened
in the school? Yesterday evening Shruti was playing
with Nisha and Monu. She was perfectly fine. She even went to school
in a jolly mood. My daughter would’ve told me
if she was facing any problem. I, myself, had dropped her
to school. She asked for money
to have ice pops at school. Mom, I want Rs. 5
for ice pop. My classmates have them. Let the salary come.
I’ll give you after two weeks. After two weeks? Mom, it’s like waiting
for ages. What if something happens
in these two weeks? Shruti, stop talking
like a pessimist. You’re growing up. It is impossible
to save money. I hope I’ll get the money
after two weeks. – Sure. They said, she died
because of excessive bleeding. Kaveri.. Manohar.. Definitely, something
took place in the school. Find out as the school
authorities is hiding something. A girl can’t simply bleed. From where was Shruti bleeding? The authorities should clarify. She was bleeding
from her private part. The bleeding was excessive. Can this be a sexual assault? It’s too early to come
to an conclusion. She experienced
a heavy loss of blood. We need to check
if she was having periods or was it something else. Maybe it was an accident.. Did she get hurt while playing? Inspector Tyagi,
I can’t give you a confirmed report
at this stage. It will take time.
I need to work with my team. Only then,
I can give you the details. What had happened exactly? Sir, the Hindi class
was going on. I saw that Shruti was sitting
in the last bench with her head bowed down. I called out to her
as she wasn’t paying attention. ‘Express your feelings
in writing or say it out..’ Write this line in your copies. Shruti? Check if she
is sleeping or not. Yes, Miss.
She isn’t well. She is also bleeding. Shruti. Shruti.
Shruti, what happened? Miss, she is bleeding profusely. [Girl1The blood has spread
to the floor. Shruti, is something
wrong with you? Shruti. What happened to you, girl? Immediately, I informed
Ms. Nidhi, our Principal because Shruti’s bleeding
wasn’t stopping. Even I saw that but I thought her periods
must have started. Immediately, I called the school
maids Sadia and Aarti and told them to help Shruti
in the toilet. Maybe her periods have started. Maybe she is experiencing it
for the first time. Take her to the toilet.
I’ll be right back. Easy. Come. The blood is all over. Give me the pad. One more, please. Three packets
got finished, ma’am. The girl’s clothes
are soaked in blood but the blood isn’t stopping. What has happened to her? Any idea? I’ve no clue
what’s wrong with the girl. The girl’s condition
is quite bad. No, ma’am,
the bleeding is not stopping. Mahesh, this is not
normal bleeding. Something is wrong.
– When is the doctor coming? She must be on her way.
She’ll be here soon. We can’t wait any longer.
Sadia, Aarti, I’ll go bring a rickshaw. We’re taking her
to the DL Memorial Hospital. Mister, start the auto rickshaw. ‘Lilavati Bhandari High School’ After that we heard
that Shruti is no more. We were shocked.
Because we didn’t even know what happened to her. Yes, we’ve never seen
such a young girl bleeding so much. She was taken
to the toilet, right? Where is it?
Show me. What is this?
– I don’t know. Maybe Sadia and Aarti know.
They brought Shruti here. Call both of them here
immediately. – Okay. We don’t know, sir.
– Can’t you see what it is? Where did it come from?
Did it fall here during the bleeding?
– Shruti was in such a bad condition
at the time that we couldn’t see anything. We were trying
to stop the bleeding somehow. We didn’t even notice
where it came from. It looks like a piece of flesh.
Mahesh, Ms. Nidhi we’re sealing this bathroom. Finding that thing
in the girls’ toilet was going to make a shocking
revelation in this case. It seemed like
the ten year old girl Shruti was victimised long before. What did they find
in the school toilet? This was going to cause
a huge uproar. Kalpesh. – This case
is not as it seems, sir. We found something in the toilet
which could a piece of flesh. A piece of flesh?
– Yes, sir. It’ll take some time
for the forensic team to arrive. So I’ve called
Dr. Ragini Pradhan. She’ll be here in five minutes. The police are here, sir.
We’re handling the situation but they’ve found something
in the girls’ toilet. Look, Mahesh, this is
your responsibility. It must not hurt
our school’s reputation. Cooperate completely
with the police. I don’t want to hear about
any obstruction from our end in the police investigation.
Understood? We’ll give no cause
for complaint. I didn’t let any staff member
go home either. They are free to question
anyone they want. Dad, how did this happen
all of a sudden? I was at the school
in the morning. Everything was fine.
– Mahesh was saying it happened at 11 o’clock.
– Can a 10 year old girl get such periods?
– Yes, it’s possible. Some get it sooner. But, Anamika, the police said
that in the toilet where Shruti was taken, they’ve found
something which could be a piece of flesh. Oh, God!
What happened to that girl? This way. What is it, Doctor? What have you found? Sanjay, I didn’t want to say
anything in front of the principal
and the school staff. But let me tell you
that something is very shocking. Ragini, did you find anything
about that piece of flesh? Because something seems
wrong to me about a piece of flesh falling during
a 10 year old girl’s bleeding. That’s what I said, Sanjay. I don’t want to make
a premature guess. Just give me a day’s time. Mr. Manohar. You’ll get your daughter’s
dead body tomorrow afternoon. At least let us see her. I want to see my child. We’ve performed
the postmortem, Ms. Kaveri but I’m sorry, I can’t let
you see her just yet. Doctor, what happened
to our child? Why aren’t you saying anything? Why was she bleeding so heavily?
– We’re also trying to find out what happened to Shruti. Eat, dear.
Come on. You haven’t eaten anything
since morning. Come on, eat.
Monu.. Eat, dear. If she sees you eating,
she’ll follow you. Eat. What happened to sister, Aunt? Where is sister?
– We don’t know anything yet. No one knows anything.
– I want to go to sister. Don’t worry, sir.
Nothing happened in our school. And who will tell that
to the media, Mr. Mahesh? Our school’s name is
on every news channel. Lilavati Bhandari High School. Whatever happened to that girl,
wherever it happened but the bleeding happened
in our school. We should give some
compensation to her family. We’ve already done so much,
Mr. Kishan. After we found out
about that girl’s bleeding we took her to the hospital
and did everything we could. What else can we do? Look, Mahesh,
you need to talk to the media to do damage control.
Everything that happened and how it happened..
From the bleeding to the work our school staff
did for her treatment.. Tell them everything.
Can you do it? Yes, sir. I’ll do it. I know a few
people from the media. I’ll call them right away.
– No, don’t tell it over phone. Make a formal press release
and then tell them. And what about
that piece of flesh, Mr. Mahesh? Where did that come from? We don’t know about that. It got so dissolved in the water
that it might even have gotten washed away.
Dr. Ragini Pradhan has taken samples.
Only she can tell what it was. And the forensic team
came after that. They checked the whole school.
– Look, Mahesh our school’s reputation
must remain intact. A lot of vultures have
their eyes on this school and trust. Don’t let this news give them
an opportunity. ‘The news of Shruti Mahato’s
bleeding that started in school’ ‘and her subsequent death
spread like a wildfire’ ‘in the city.’ ‘Every channel was
discussing this tragedy.’ ‘Everyone thought there
was more to this case’ ‘than what was apparent.
Because of that’ ‘everyone was making
their own guess’ ‘about what happened to Shruti.’ ‘Our sources tell us that it
was not a normal bleeding’ ‘that killed
the 10 year old victim.’ ‘We can’t say any more on this
but we’ve learned’ ‘that the police also found
something else’ ‘with the victim’s blood.’ Look, I request you
to not spread rumours by making guesses.
We’re investigating the case. We’re yet to receive
a report from the doctors. Sir, there are allegations.
That the school owner Madanlal Bhandari
is an influential person. And that’s why the police
are not arresting the school staff
to question them. We don’t care if he is
an influential person. The police are doing their job. As soon as we find out anything,
we’ll arrest the culprits immediately and inform you guys.
But please I request you not to spread
rumours by making guesses till then. ‘The police are asking
us not to make any guesses’ ‘but they don’t have an answer
to any of our questions.’ ‘The police can’t even tell
how a girl’ ‘who was fit and fine when her
mother dropped her to school’ ‘could fall so sick
all of a sudden.’ ‘The question
that rises is’ ‘was this an ordinary
sickness’ ‘or was the child beaten up’ ‘or was the child
sexually assaulted?’ Ms. Gayatri,
think about that child. The fire of her pyre
has not cooled down yet and you guys have started
misusing her name. Nobody is accusing
that child, Mr. Bhandari. The question is did anything happen to
that child inside your school? Ms. Gayatri,
how can you accuse somebody without any evidence? The police is doing their duty. We are cooperating
with them. Mr. Bhandari, Mr. Jagdish
has raised questions in our studio about
your school’s behaviour. He has said that everything
happened to the child inside the school. Would you like
to say something about these accusations? I would definitely like
to comment on this issue. I do not expect
any humanity from Jagdish. He is eager to defame us. He is defaming me and
you guys are encouraging him. ‘Tell me, how can anybody
believe the words’ ‘of the school management?’ ‘She was all right at home
in the morning.’ ‘What happened to her
in the classroom of the school?’ ‘It is obvious
that whatever happened to her’ ‘happened inside the school.’ ‘And it is clear
that Mr. Bhandari’ ‘and his daughter, Anamika,
who is the administrator’ ‘know something
that is not right’ ‘for them and their school.’ ‘That is why they are trying
to cover up the issue.’ ‘What are they trying
to cover up?’ ‘Had something happened
to the child?’ ‘Do you know anything?’ ‘Find out
from the school staff.’ ‘I have heard
that something else’ ‘was also found
with the girl’s blood.’ ‘You will have to find out’ ‘what the school’s staff
is hiding.’ What are we hiding? Whatever was there
was found by the police and it has been sent
for an investigation. Do one thing. Ask Mr. Jagdish
to come in front and tell us too if he knows anything. And Mr. Jagdish is ready
to announce his decision before the completion
of the investigation. So, ask him anything
that you want to know. Don’t ask us or the police. We don’t know anything. Shruti Mahato’s mom,
Kaveri Mahato works as a maid
in other houses. Kaveri spends her time
by working in different houses from morning to evening. Shruti’s dad, Manohar Mahato,
is an electrician by profession. He works in an electric store. After the school gets over Shruti would pick up her sister,
Nisha, from her school every evening
and return home. After that, both the girls
would wait in their neighbour’s house,
Kalu Yadav and Pramila till their mom, Kaveri,
would return from work. Kalu Yadav
is a plumber by profession who comes home for lunch
between his work. Shruti and Nisha would play with Kalu Yadav
and Pramila’s son, Monu till their mom
would return home. The chaos caused
by their daughter’s death would influence everyone now. How can I give an interview in between
the police investigation? Let the investigation
be complete and let the truth be out. I can say anything
only after that. You can talk to our coordinator,
Mr. Mahesh, till then. Yes.
What is this chaos? We have done
everything possible. But the truth will leave
everyone shocked. Did you get to know
something? I think Shruti was pregnant. What!
What are you saying? Dr. Ragini Pradhan
told the police. Kalpesh, Sanjay,
I didn’t want to say anything on the basis of a guess
at that moment. But when I saw
the piece of flesh with blood in the bathroom I had realised immediately
that it is a fetus. So, you think that 10 year old
girl was pregnant. Yes. I think she was
given some pills. That is why that flesh
came out of her body. The piece of flesh
that came out from the victim’s body
during the bleeding was a piece of the fetus
that was in her womb. She was given a pill. And the victim’s body
couldn’t take the impact of the pill created for adults. So, we can believe that the child was
sexually assaulted, right? That is the police’s duty
to find out. But I can tell you
that she was impregnated which is a crime. She was a 10 year old child.
She was assaulted. Kalpesh, this is not something
that can take place overnight. Arrest the school
coordinator, Mahesh Chaturvedi. Somebody from the school
has done this to the child. I too think this was going on
from a very long time. Talk to every staff
if necessary. All of them are hiding
something together. Manohar, reach the station
with your wife immediately. I want to talk to you.
– Okay. The police has called us
to the station. Let’s go quickly.
– Did you get any information? What did the police say,
Manohar? Did our child face any problem? It is difficult to even believe
that such a small girl had an affair with a boy. Mahesh Chaturvedi,
somebody has misused the child and she was given pills when he got to know
what has happened to her. I want the names
of all the male peons working in the school. But, Inspector, the male peons
don’t have permission to come in contact
with the girls. We have female peons
for the girls. Ms. Nidhi,
no permission is required for an assault. But if anything
that you are mentioning had happened Shruti would have told
something to her parents. I’m having a strange
feeling inside my stomach and it hurts a lot that time. Why, Shruti?
– I don’t know. But I’ve been vomiting
from three days. Manohar, Kaveri,
tell us whatever you know without any hesitation. What do I say, sir?
This is not true. Our daughter cannot have
an affair with anyone. She was just 10 years old. We can understand
your pain too. We are equally shocked about what has happened
to your daughter. Kids are not sensible
at the age of 10. She may not be aware about
what is happening to her. I still cannot understand
what you are asking us. Wouldn’t Shruti inform us
if there was anything as such? She was all right
when I dropped her to school. She didn’t have any pain. What are you saying
about our daughter now? We are telling you whatever we got to know
from the doctor. We are questioning
the school staff. But the person who did this might be somebody
from outside the school. Somebody from your colony. Do you have a doubt
on anybody? No, sir. How can we accuse anybody
when we don’t know anything? But everyone in the colony
knew our child. We have been staying here
from ages. Nobody here can do that. Listen, there are two pills
in this. Have it tonight
without fail. Everything will be all right.
Don’t forget. Is it for the pain? Yes, your pain
will also reduce. Take this. But why am I experiencing
this pain? It happens. But you cannot share it
with anybody. Have these two pills.
Everything will be all right. One more thing. Don’t mention this to anybody.
Not even to your mom. She was a child, sir. She was only 10 years old. Who did this to her? The entire city
wants to know what happened to
your daughter and how. We want to catch the culprit
and get justice for Shruti. But why didn’t she
tell you guys? Why did she hide it from you? This means, she was
threatened or convinced or she didn’t realise
what was happening to her. Didn’t you guys
ever suspect the pain that she was going through? Manohar!
– Yes! Did you ever find
something unusual? Who can do this to her?
– Who can it be, sir? Sir, if there’s any work
for the women we ask Sadia and Aarti to do it. Mr. Kalpesh, they have been
strictly told that even if it’s too late, they
should inform the female staff if anything happens
to the girls. Mahesh, will you allow me
to talk to them? Or should I take
you into custody and start questioning
you in my way? Look, sir.. We have nothing
to do with the girls. Our senior has told us that
if we go close to the girls they’ll take
strict action towards us. Okay, if it’s not you,
it’s someone else. There are boys in
this school too. Have you seen any
boy with Shruti? Was there anyone close to her? If you want the right
information about the girls only the female staff
can give it to you. How is it possible
that this has happened to a girl and nobody got to know about it? Ma’am, we try our best to teach
our children about good touch and bad touch. We even ask them if someone
has touched them wrongly. Even after that if Shruti
hasn’t told anyone anything what can we do? On the reading day, you asked
Shruti, right? What did she say?
– I asked her what happened. But she didn’t tell me anything. But what do I tell Mr. Bhandari? He’s asking me
that when this was happening what were we doing? He doesn’t want
to hear anything. When Shruti hasn’t told
her parents anything how will she tell us? Kalu, she was ten years old. What does she know
about such adult activities? It is shocking that she hasn’t
told Ms. Kaveri anything. I think the police is doing
something wrong. They are talking unnecessarily
about Shruti. Now even the people have started
talking about her. Whom was she with?
Who did this? Who was it? What do you think? Who must have done this to her? Why are you asking me, Pramila? How do I know who has done
this to her? ’10 year old female child
has been molested and hidden.’ ‘What happened
to the 10 year old girl?’ ‘Who is responsible?’ ‘The police has no answer.’ This is the limit, Sanjay. You’re not able to handle
a simple case. You’ve created a havoc. The ten year old
girl is on every newspaper and news channel. Sir, we’re talking to
a lot of people about this case. After talking to
us, I don’t know who leaks the news to the media. Whom shall we stop, sir? If you can’t stop the leak
then put in some effort. End this case.
Why are you pulling on? I can clearly see that someone closely related
to them is the culprit. The girl was molested and then
given pills. The child also didn’t inform
anybody. So she won’t listen
to a stranger. Can’t you think
of such a simple thing? Sir, we’re trying our best. We have been questioning
all the school staff and the people in
her neighbourhood. We even questioned
her parents, sir. Then why aren’t you finding
anybody? The entire city is on fire. I don’t want the smoke to spread
all over the nation. You have 24 hours. Do whatever you want? Break whomever you want. Be it a small man or a big man. Be it whoever it is,
don’t bother. Check the girl’s surroundings
and the girl’s parents. If they say
they don’t know anything they are lying. The ten year old
child was in pain. How didn’t they realise? Sadia, there’s no need
to be scared of anybody. Don’t fear the
owner of the school. Aarti, you too. Tell me whatever you know. Sir, when we don’t know
anything, what do we tell you? Sir, we knew Shruti. But before 14th July, she didn’t
tell us anything. If she would tell us, we would
inform Mr. Mahesh or Ms. Nidhi. I understand that
it’s not that easy to speak against
your school staff. But the police is with you.
We’ll be with you always. Was it a boy in the school
or was it a peon? It was none of them. Was it Mahesh or was it
the owner of the school Madanlal Bhandari? Or did his son Kishan Bhandari
do this? Why are you quiet?
Has someone threatened you? Don’t be scared.
We’re with you. No,
nobody asked us to stay quiet. Sir, but we wanted
to tell you something. Tell me everything clearly. Sir, we think the father
of that child is not right. You look at her mother,
she is very upset. But Manohar.. He doesn’t cry, doesn’t scream.. He just stands quietly. All this has happened to her
and her father doesn’t have any tears in his eyes. You think I’ll give my daughter
such pills. I’ll do it.. What are you saying? Are you out of your mind? Your daughter is dead. She was molested. – How many
times will you remind me that my daughter
has been molested? I know it,
the entire area knows it and the entire
Deeghapur knows it. But I didn’t know
that she’s suffering so much. You’re asking me if I’ve given
her that tablet and killed her. I want to catch hold
of the person who has done this. I won’t go to the court. If he comes in front of me,
I’ll strangle him to death. When the police was trying
to find the culprit they were going to get to know
about an important incident that took place of 14th July. When Shruti was in school.. Was this incident related
to what happened to Shruti? Shruti went somewhere
during the class. Dear, when did this happen? Was it before my Hindi class? Yes, ma’am! Then when did she come back? I think during Ms.
Daksha’s class. But I don’t remember clearly. She came back
and put her head down and slept. Why didn’t you
tell us this before, Priya? That Shruti went out..
– I’m sorry, ma’am. I didn’t know this would happen
to Shruti. Dear, did she tell you where
she’s going and whom she’s going to meet?
– No! There were so many people
in the class. She must have told
someone something. Dear, we taught you about
good touch and bad touch, right? Yes, ma’am! Did Shruti tell you that someone
is touching her wrongly? No, ma’am! Shruti never told me this. Did she tell you about a boy?
Was someone troubling her? No! Excuse me! Tell me, Kalpesh! Did you find something?
– There’s a strong lead, sir. Tell me the name. Who is it? – Sir, the incident
took place on 14th July. We got this lead from
the news network on 19th July.
After four days of the incident. Was the news true? It looked true, sir. Because Shruti was very
close to that family. She used to eat and live there. That’s why the child was
not able to speak anything. Because she was closely
associated to the accused. Let’s go.. Kalu Yadav, come
along with us. Why, sir?
– Where are you taking him, sir? Come along
with us, we’ll show you. We just going to interrogate
what you did and how you did it. Just tell us the truth. Why do you want
to interrogate me, sir? It is because
you know the truth. First you reveal the truth,
then we’ll interrogate him. You speak for yourself
and he’ll speak for himself. Let’s go..
– Come. Take him and go..
– But where, sir? Sir..
– But, sir. Sir..
– Where are you taking him? Don’t you worry,
we’ll not shoot him. We’ll just interrogate. If he reveals
everything well and good or else next person
in the line is Manohar. But why are you
taking him and going, sir? Pramila.. Sir, say something. Mr. Manohar, why did
they take him and go? They’ll conspire
something against him. Do something. Mr. Manohar,
please do something. They will
put him in trouble. Why and where did
they take him and go? Did you guys check?
She is reliable, right? We can trust her, sir. Victims parents didn’t
even mention that person’s name. We have arrested Kalu only
after we got the information. Sanjay make him
reveal the truth. The news about this case
has reached till the assembly. We have to close
the case. Why didn’t Shruti
mention his name? No, Manohar. I don’t think Mr. Kalu
would do such a thing with her. I can’t understand why
the police has arrested him. Even I can’t understand
anything Kaveri.. You are Manohar and Kaveri’s
neighbour, right? Yes, sir. The information
is true, sir. Everybody other than
us know that Shruti used to stay at his place
till evening after school. Don’t know whether
Kaveri and Manohar didn’t tell us on purpose
or it slipped out of their mind? Shruti, come in. You’ve come alone?
Where is Nisha? She has her sports
activities going on school. She’ll get done in an hour I’ll go and pick her
up that time. Mr. Kalu, your wife
has gone out somewhere? Yes, dear. She has gone to Monu’s
school to pay the fees. Shruti, you look
very beautiful. Sir, Mr. Kalu has confessed
in a detailed manner. From where he
bought the pill and how he
gave it to Shruti. He mentioned the date too.
It was 13th of July. That is one day
before Shruti’s death. There are two tablets
in this, have them from tonight. Everything will be fine. Do you have a painkiller? The tablet will
help reduce pain too. But why does it pain? It tends to pain
but you’re not supposed to tell anyone
about it. Have the tablet,
everything will be fine. When Kalu reveal
the truth about the pill and how
he made her eat it. Then, what was their issue? Who requested for
a new investigation? Sir, it was Ms. Kaveri. She didn’t trust the police
and their investigation. She said that
something is wrong. The police made Mr.
Kalu the criminal in order to save
the real criminal. Mr. Kalu Yadav
has confessed everything. Is there any proof about these allegations
or is it a rumor? The police has conspired
against Mr. Kalu. How can they even
think that he could do such a thing with Shruti. Please, do something or
they’ll sentence him to death. Pramila,
they must’ve found something against him
that’s why arrested him. He confessed
as to how he did such a thing. We trusted you guys Pramila. I used to trust you and
leave my daughter at your house. How could Kalu
do such a thing? Have you lost your mind? My husband
hasn’t done anything. Mr. Manohar,
please do something. Or else they
will ruin his life. Please do something.. He can never do
such a thing. Please, do something. Please, do something. Shruti’s neighbour was
responsible for all this. But we have
also been negligent. Dad,
I’m heard that she was been sexually harassed
since many months. She was in this condition
since two months. She used to be with you
all the entire day. How is that none of you
got to know anything? Ms. Anamika, her parents
also didn’t know about it. Then, how would
we get to know? Dad,
that girl Priya, who said that Shruti went out
of the class room. Now, the
press is using her as the medium
and questioning the police. They are like how
can the police neglect such an important aspect? She only mentioned
that she went out but she didn’t mention
where she went right. She must’ve gone
to the washroom. Dad, I think Mr. Jagdish
is behind all this. You all have heard it right. The accused
is in our custody. He will undergo a medical
test for confirmation. Sir, the accused
has accepted his crime? Yes.
The accused confessed his crime. He himself confessed
to us as to where and when he sexually
assaulted Shruti. When he got to know that
the matter is going out of hand. He even her a pill. Mr. Kalu Yadav
taught that since Shruti hasn’t said anything
the last time. She would do
the same this time too. That’s why
he gave her pills. Shruti’s body
couldn’t handle the pills. It lead to excessive
bleeding and her death. But we got to know that Mr. Kalu Yadav
is not the culprit. You are conspiring
against Kalu Yadav in order to save one
of the school members. We have conducted our school
investigation properly. That’s why we have revealed
his statement to you all. But you guys have
always assumed things and made our job
more difficult. I don’t think there
is anything greater than the culprits statement. If you feel that someone else
is responsible for all this. Then, give us
that person’s name. We will investigate. People are blaming
the school members. for the incident
that happened with Shruti. But you didn’t investigate
with the school members. Is Mr. Bahubali
Madanlal Bhandari? Who is the owner
of the school or there pressure on the police
to save Mr. Bhandari? The school’s reputation
has gone down already And I don’t think
the school authorities are responsible for it. Their names have not come
forth during the investigation. And talk about pressure,
when such an incident happens. We don’t have any
other person’s pressure other than the pressure
of people’s hopes on us. Is it because of
this pressure you have conspired
against Mr. Kalu Yadav in order calm the public? We are performing
our duties with honesty. Yes, you all are trying
to get into trouble, for sure. Bring the culprit in front
of us, we want to question him. This case
is very sensitive, ma’am. We cannot bring him out.
Information could be leaked. Is it true that
the victim’s father knew it all
from the start? We are exploring
this angle as well. We will let you know
once we have the details. Is it true? Were you aware of it? What are you saying? Would I let my child die
had I known of it? Everyone says that
he is your friend and that you are saving him! I do not care what they say. But I do care
what you say. Kalu is my friend but his wife Pramila
is a friend of yours. Did you ever think before that Kalu could do
such a thing? Tell me! Why will I save him? Kaveri, I still do not think
Kalu would do such a thing! Shruti was like
a daughter to him. The police have accused
Kalu Yadav. The neighbour of the victim. He is a close friend
of the victim’s father. Police have arrested Kalu and they claim that he is
the criminal. But our sources say
that the police is pressurized by the school authorities and to save them,
Kalu Yadav is arrested, Are the true rapists
being shielded in the Deeghapur rape case? Can it be someone
from the school who did such a crime! Our sources have told us that the victim’s mother
accuses the school. It is possible that the
story from the police is far from the truth. And it would be no surprise if there is some other
conspiracy that resulted
into this vile act! You all will be startled
to hear the new name that will pop up
in this case. A well-known person who abused that girl. Stay tuned
for more details. We will bring you
every update. Stay tuned. A new turn
was about to unfold. It was expected that
a famous person was involved. Was this new turn
as a flow of events? Or was it introduced
to complicate the case? Sub-Inspector
Kalpesh Sharma. Do you know
what you are doing? Threatening
a journalist? I understand it well. I see how you are trying
to impede our investigation using journalism
as cover. Your ill act is exposed and you say that
I am causing trouble? You are spreading
fake news. And it must have a motive
behind it all. Who is making you
do it? How much are you
getting paid for it? Do not try to get me rattled. I can accuse of this. And I will do it in public. You are running a fake
investigation and your entire department
is in it. Or else Kishan Bhandari.. How is that name
not included in investigation? You may have let him go
but we will not. My team is headed
to Bhandari’s house to question him. And then you will be questioned along with your seniors. First it will be us and then the media
of the nation. Tell you senior
to be prepared. Here is the application
from victim’s mother. She wishes to have
the case re-investigated and to question
the Bhandari family. She has important
information against Kishan Bhandari,
son of Madanlal Bhandari. Madanlal owns the school. If she had this information
why was it not given early? How did she get it
all of a sudden? Someone told us. An anonymous call
from the school tipped us. ‘The police has
the wrong guy.’ ‘Kalu Yadav is not
the culprit.’ Then who is it? ‘Someone from the school.’ Who is it? ‘Kishan Bhandari.
Son of Madanlal Bhandari.’ ‘Madanlal owns
that school.’ Who was the caller? He never gave me
the name. So he says he called
from the school but he does not say
his name. Kaveri got the call but I am sure you know
that name, Ms. Devika. NGOs have nothing else to do apart from riling people up
and meddling with investigation. Hold your tongue. So should you. Kaveri, do not be
distracted by her. We have caught
the criminal. Kalu has told us
of his crime. And she brings a new story
to further her agenda. Pay no heed to her.
She is playing you. You have distracted us
and put us against Kalu. We have known him
for years. He is like a family. He thinks of my daughter
as his own. How did we even
believe that he would ever do this to Shruti! It is clear. They are plotting
against us. Against that kid. By pulling us in this case they want
to complicate it. To let the criminal
get away. Jagdish is playing
a vile game of politics over a dead body
of a ten year old girl. He may attack me. Why did he accuse
my son Kishan? He has nothing to do
with the school. Why would he go there
and do such a thing? We are ready to face
the police and co-operate. Do not accuse of such
a vile thing that happened
to that little girl. The police can question me
all they want but trying to use me to take
the school away from dad. I am innocent. And all this is being done
to take that school away and defame my father.
Nothing else. We are certain that
the victim’s family has either been threatened
or paid off but we must ask them. Who wants to frame
my brother? We will not be scared
of this false accusation. There were protests
in the city. People were marching. ‘Justice for Shruti!’ There were demands
to re-investigate the case by the higher authorities. And after the pressure
from the people police questioned
Kishan Bhandari. But they found nothing
against Kishan. And Kalu Yadav, the neighbour
of the victim had all evidence
against him. But the protests
demanded another investigation. What should we re-investigate? There are no gaps
in the first investigation. Sir, if something
is done to hide a fact then it will be
difficult to uncover it. Sir, we see no flaw
in the first investigation. And if the rich folk
are involved then it is all
about money. Mathur, it is
all about money. Their daughter died. We caught the neighbour
and he confessed. But the family
does not agree. What do you think, Tyagi? Who could be behind all this? One who gains from seeing
the Bhandari family fall. Jagdish Pandey
is also involved. He hates Madanlal. And Jagdish is helped
by Devika Chaudhary from NGO. If she offers money
as help why would the victim’s family
refuse it? How well did you question
Kishan Bhandari? We questioned him
for 6 hours and on three days. We tried all means
but nothing comes to light. It is clear that
Madan is being targeted by using Kishan. What about the call
that Kaveri got? There was a call
made from public phone. No clue on the caller. But we are certain that
accused Kalu’s wife Pramila and the victim’s family
are colluding. Victim’s family? Are you shocked? Money has an effect. It can bring down anyone. Same happened here. When they knew that their
daughter will not come back they chose the money! They got it. The only way
to get Kalu freed is to question
the investigation. Could it be that
you missed something? Any small details? You have the detailed
confession of Kalu Yadav. Read the accounts
of every minute. I am here to answer
all your questions. This is all an act. An act over
a child’s dead body. Hello. “Who is it?” PSI Lalit speaking.
Crime Branch. “Are you working
this case?” Who is it? “I wish to stay alive
so I carry no name.” Anonymous tips
carry no weight. “I do not want
to be known.” “The principal Nidhi Dahiya
knows the rest.” “A lot of secrets
behind this chair.” “Such an incident happens
to a girl in school!” “And two maids take her
to hospital.” “Why is that?” “She was in such a state
that she died on the way.” “And why did the others
not go?” Why not? “I think I have said enough.
Figure it out.” “Why was a dying girl sent
with two maids?” “Why did they all
stop there?” Hello. The number is being traced. I think it is the one
who called Kaveri. The one who instigated
people against Kishan. As Mr. Tyagi said that
they are all after one thing. Money!
– What did the caller say? Only the maids
were sent? The rest stayed back. Yes and he did not say why. Could they have stayed back
to wipe out evidence? But Dr. Ragini
and FSA was there at the crime scene. Archana, crime scene can be
created. The crime scene could be
changed to make investigation
follow a different course. And if that is the case,
why is everything same? Why did no one notice
anything? We found the blood
and the flesh. This shows what happened
with the girl. I think this is all played
by victim’s family. For money
and for saving Kalu. And naming Bhandari
gets them sympathy. People think that a poor man
has been framed. Then let us find out
if there is any such thing. I think there is more here
than what meets the eye. Something is hidden. What was the truth?
What lies? Who was lying? Who was keeping secrets? ‘Mahesh Chaturvedi
come to crime branch.’ ‘We have to speak
to you.’ What happened
to Shruti? Who did that? This is no longer
the local police. Crime branch is involved. I will do all I can. But make no mistake.
Got that? A shocking truth
would come out. It would make
everyone tremble. But it was something
different from the report? Was there a mistake
in the investigation? Was Kalu Yadav innocent? Or was it something else? And this case was driven
by money? Who had to gain? How would the new team
get to the truth? Shruti must get justice. We shall see it tomorrow
in the second and final part of this case, tomorrow
at 11:00 p.m. ‘Jai Hind.’

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