Dag 46 – Fem ord per dag – Fem verb – A2 – Learn Swedish

Day 46 – Five words a day – Level A2 There are subtitles in English, Swedish and French. These are the languages ​​I speak. Structure of the films: 1. The five new words. “But included with the new words and repetition of old words. 3. Repetition words grow, I grow I grew, I have grown grow up guess, I guess, I guessed I’ve guessed happen, what happens, what happened, what has happened hate, I hate, I hated, I’ve hated Children grow and grow bigger and longer. Flowers and trees grow. I grew up in Köping. He grew up in a small town. What is it like growing up in a Swedish family? What do you have behind your back? Guess! Guess how many points I got on the test! What’s going on tonight? It’s a party at school! What is happening in the world? What happened yesterday? Hate is a strong word. Hate is the opposite of love. It’s better to love than to hate! Now comes a repetition of words from A1-A2 that are included in this lesson. (I use pure color on the repetition words) behind flowers better it is on you have a family a party a school a city a child an opposite word in, at a test a right, a point a tree tonight how how many yesterday I stay and I got small to longer the back strong bigger What Swedish the world love than The A2 level in CEFR (the European Common Framework of Reference for Languages) is approximately 1500 words. With five words a day, you can learn the A2 level in 300 days. Subscribe so you know when the next movie is coming! See you in the next movie! Bye! Feel free to add subtitles in your language to the movies.

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