Denis Alvarez: Scholarship recipient

Denis Alvarez: Scholarship recipient

My name is Denise Alvarez, I’m a
sophomore at Arizona State University and I am majoring in secondary education
at Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College I was born in Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico.
Around five years old my family emigrated here to the United States. I
wasn’t eligible for any federal aid or scholarships. I didn’t want to let it
put me down, so I just continued with my honors and AP classes. I know where I
want to go which it was Arizona State University, but I didn’t know how I would
get there. I mean I had already been accepted it was really just a matter of
being able to pay for it. I received the news during class that I had received a
scholarship and that this scholarship would be paying for most of my tuition.
And for me that was such a huge relief I’m just like oh my god, I can actually
do this. I’m going in the fall I know what I’m doing in the fall. And I
spoke with my scholarship advisor She let me know that there was a private
donor who had decided to fund the rest of my tuition. And I started to cry I
couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe that someone who didn’t know me who
didn’t know where I come from my background my goals had decided to help
me continue my education anyway I wouldn’t be here without the scholarship
they’re really helping me prepare to help others. Because when you educate me
you’re not just educating me you’re educating my whole community that I
belong to

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  1. Wonderful heartfelt story of how giving can impact one life who can then go ahead and impact others by teaching.

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