Education In Dubai. Schools and universities.

Education In Dubai. Schools and universities.

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created a video for you about education in Dubai the cost of education among
private schools in Dubai is getting higher and that’s why many expat
parents are choosing to homeschool their kids or send them back to their home
country to study as of 2018 there are around 195 private schools and school
fees in Dubai range from two thousand four hundred eighty up to 130 thousand
dirhams per year and it doesn’t include additional cost for books school bus
uniform etc if you’re looking for a good school for your kid you should do
some research on Edarabia to make sure that the school is reputable
many expatriate schools are english-speaking private schools that
have British or American curricula while others operate to the standards of the
nationality groups like Indian Chinese Japanese German Russian etc school year
is divided into three terms autumn spring and summer school day starts at
8:00 a.m. and children finish their classes around 2:00 or 3:00 p.m. during
Ramadan the hours are shorter demand for places is strong that’s why it’s
recommended to do early inspection and enrollment and a good place to start
your research is this website which provides good information on schools and
universities when you are choosing a school pay attention not only to the
curriculum but also to the culture and background of the school teachers
students because there are significant cultural and religious differences
between schools in Dubai so if you get it wrong your kids can stuck in the
environment where they feel uncomfortable nursery schools accept
babies from one year and kids start schooling at age of five some schools
private schools have entrance tests so if you just moved to Dubai be ready that
most probably your kid will have to take that test most schools offer both
primary and secondary education so students don’t need to transfer to the
separate school upon primary graduation and now let’s move to the high education
the UAE has high academic standards and Dubai is a great city to study abroad
colleges and universities in Dubai offer a wide selection of undergraduate and
postgraduate programs by May or June you need to apply to the chosen University
before the start of the program I will leave the link to the list of the best
universities and fees in the description below and now let me tell you the list
of documents you have to prepare so first document is your passport then
application form certificates transcript of your most recent academic
qualification academic references and proof of proficiency in English the two
main languages used in the universities are Arabic and English if you are
non-native English speaker you have to provide the results of your IELTS or
TOEFL tests to study in the UAE you need to have a student visa in order to get a
student visa you need to have a sponsor if you don’t have any relatives who live
in the UAE your university can sponsor you a student resident visa will be
issued for one year only and then it can be extended you have to pay up to three
thousand dirhams for your application form and also AED 1000
as a deposit and here are the documents you have to prepare for the application so guys this was a quick overview of the
education in Dubai if you have any questions please leave them in the
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  1. Hi, thank you for covering a vlog on Education. It was helpful and gives people who live outside the UAE a starting point to find the best schools for they children 👍

  2. I wonder if there are any scholarships based on a test or academic performance to reduce the fees for postgraduate courses.

  3. Dear OKSY if possible, please make a video regarding how and where we can get skills teaching and coaching academy in Dubai.

  4. Are universities and schools for every education available? As far as I know it ain’t available in Saudi Arabia.. they gotta shift to other countries..

  5. I am an indian student nd i would love to do my masters in geograohy in dubai… is there any scholarships to do this??????? thank you

  6. I'm from Bangladesh..i want to study in Dubai…suggest me some university of Dubai..tnxx.

    And it will be helpful if you make a vedio of expenses for university in Dubai

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