(ENG SUB) 아예 존재 자체가 불편했단 말이야? [메리 스튜어트 이야기] 4편 : 잉글랜드의 왕위를 원한 두 명의 여인 The story of Mary Stuart (4)

(ENG SUB) 아예 존재 자체가 불편했단 말이야? [메리 스튜어트 이야기] 4편 : 잉글랜드의 왕위를 원한 두 명의 여인 The story of Mary Stuart (4)

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The story of Mary Stuart(4) :
Two women who wanted the throne of England Mary who was a queen of France lost her husband and returned to her motherland as their king, Scotland had a religious war, where England was involved, the victorious Protestant aristocrats were in power Mary who was Catholic and actually French, was politically isolated. Mary who came back home with a big dream, but was facing a new challenge. What kind of journey was waiting for her? Meanwhile, two years before Mary returned to Scotland, In England, after Mary I the late king, Her half-sister who was the last remaining descendant of Henry VIII, ascended to the throne of England(1558). She was the one who was born to Anne Boleyn, the illegitimate child of Henry Ⅷ, finally took the throne of England and left numerous achievements during 44 years of chaos, and helped make England, which was then a backward country in Europe, the world’s largest. She was the one, who was greatest queen in the history of the world beyond England, was Elizabeth Ⅱ. Elizabeth and Mary, due to the complicated circumstances surrounding them spend the rest of their lives in complex emotions and deep conflicts where inferiority and superiority intersect. First of all, the main cause of the conflict surrounding them was that Mary who was a granddaughter of Margaret Tudor who was a father of Henry Ⅷ, Elizabeth’s grandfather, was indeed the most powerful heir to the throne of England. For Elizabeth who had been deprived of her title and her right to the throne because of a illegitimate child, and had been dogged by endless orthodoxy controversies, Mary was the most threatened to Elizabeth. In particular, England, became Anglicanism by what Henry VIII, a father of Elizabeth initiated to marry his mother Anne Boleyn. That was the independent religious reformation, but later her half-sister Mary I had returned to the Catholic country when took over. So the remaining Catholic powers in England including those in France and Spain did not recognize Elizabeth on the grounds that she was an illegitimate child. Instead, they claimed that Mary Stuart was a true heir to the throne, and supported her. Actually Elizabeth’s father, Henry VIII, had already forfeited Mary’s right to assume the throne of England because of that she broke her engagement with Edward VI before, Even that, Elizabeth always was on guard Mary, because Mary’s presence endlessly threatened her reign. On the other hand, what attitude Mary showed to Elizabeth? Since Mary returned to Scotland, Mary exchanged positive messages with Elizabeth several times, and was relatively friendly to Elizabeth. But that was in effect to regain the right to the throne of England, which was stripped by Henry VIII, Elizabeth’ father. She was raised in a French court, so she had a strong anti-England and anti-protestantism tendency, besides, she also claimed herself to be the legitimate queen of England through an unofficial route. For her attitude to further ignite the controversy over the legitimacy of Elizabeth, the relations between the two countries were bound to get more ugly. Meanwhile, even though she returned as the legitimate king of Scotland, Mary was a widow who lost her husband. So she was under the pressure of marriage from aristocrats because of her posthumous affairs. Elizabeth, who heard this news in England, had a special political trick after a long time of thought, and recommended a man to Mary as her husband. Who the hell was this guy? Also, what was Elizabeth really up to her? And what she had shown us so far was still just a precursor of Mary Stuart’s turbulent life. How would it unfold? The amazing story like fireworks which was for a young lady too heavy and tragic but brilliant to get will be continued! Thank you for watching my video!
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