17 thoughts on “Excel & Business Math 06: All About Excel Formulas (17 Examples) for Business Math Class

  1. I liked that you did Example 17 to point out information that the status bar provides. To me it seems like most people don't pay attention to it even though it gives you a ton of information and helpful hints in all of the Office products.

  2. Thanks for the comparative operators and words. I always receive requests using different words! very helpful!

  3. Can I ask you a question?
    If I have 10 combo box in a form and all of them have same row source , and I want a code to not let the same value repeat in the combo box , by making the value which choosed in one combo box disappear from others??

  4. I have not seen a single video on this or information on the internet but the way American excel formulas are set up is different from the way UK setting are, for example use of comma instead semicolons how do I convert my excel settings from American to UK so that I use semi-colons instead of commas.

    I hope someone can help!v

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