15 thoughts on “Excel & Business Math 20: Percent Formulas for Part, Rate & Base (8 Example)

  1. I would like to ask you for your recommendation. Which of your videos (doesn't have to be 1) is/are the one(s) that you would recommend to watch to get a more superficial feel for Excel, but which covers all (or as much as possible) options within the program? I am not a beginner anymore, mostly thanks to you, but a I am watching your videos for accountants and for many uses of specific formulas I was just wondering if I may have missed videos which are covering bases more as a whole. Thank you in advance, the videos are great and very easy to understand.

  2. it's fun, useful, happiness and the best of all than you made it so easy to understand thank you so much Mr. Mike

  3. good morning dear sir,
    i need a lookup formula in which the answer should be the some of expenses between two date e.g i have the monthly expenditure for my shop or home and i need to check that how many money i spent from 2nd jan to 11 jan etc

  4. There is an error in the Homework assignment #6. Answer sheet you have 3360 as the number of shopper in one day. The number should be 3680. Was double checking you answer with mind and was wonder why it was off.

  5. Nice work Mike. I notice in your first example of using someone's statement to complete a calculationi.e. "this years sales were 110% of last years sales" you only had 1 part of the equation so you could not complete either of the other 2 components(Part or Base). Am I correct or have I missed something?

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