57 thoughts on “Five(ish) Minute Dance Lesson – African Dance: Lesson 3: Dancing on the Clock

  1. Parfaitement mis en œuvre par le professeur. Vous pouvez sentir la joie de danser et de faire de la musique avec toute l'équipe. Merci.

  2. Rujeko you are a marvelous teacher!! This is the first time I am seeing this video. WONDERFUL!!! Thank you so very much for sharing. Be Blessed.

  3. AAww I felt so bad for the sweetie in the right shirt lol hopefully he can learn to relax once he knows the choreography so that it doesnt look like he's excersizing 😁

  4. He gotta push his bottom out more lol but ya ima be using this for excersize too lol plus I LOVE this video! Ty so much for sharing.

  5. Very energetic tutor. Re. "African Dance" where exactly is this from? There are so many distinct dances with names, in Africa, that have no ressemblance to these moves.

  6. LOL it's rough. When "we're gonna get more complex" simply means stepping using both legs. I never figured life could be so hard for some.

  7. Humans are definitely HATERS. Really don't know why some haters choose to hate this video. Perhaps jealous 😏. BTW you shouldn't hit dislike on a culture video. I'm black but I wouldn't hit dislike button on any type of culture dance. That's their culture and I have no right to say oh I hate your type of dance. Please educate yourselves.

  8. I love this but to be honest… African dance is about feeling the beat & following the drums. this is too choreographed and westernised

  9. #1what did I just watch?
    #2 my four-year-old keeps saying look look look at the guy in the white shirt
    #3 8:31 Toddler dance

  10. True in they minded most on time during harvest and other domestic duties ahead for the whole day to complete before going to rest. This culminated for them to dance that way to show the shadow direction during the day to know exactly the time for him/her change different duty.

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