Football Basics : How to Apply for Football Scholarships

Football Basics : How to Apply for Football Scholarships

My name’s Otis St. Clair and I’m here today
to talk to you about how to apply for a football scholarship, which really you can’t apply
for a football scholarship, but you can earn one. So, how do you earn a football scholarship?
First and foremost, you’ve got to play football. Secondly, and the most important thing is
you need to have good grades in school. But, let’s talk about playing football first. Most
schools are looking at you, if you have at least one years varsity experience at the
high school level, and you need to win some awards with that too, you know such as all
conference, all state, those things help get schools to look at you, and not only being
one of the best players on your team. Secondly, some stats that you need to have to earn a
football scholarship, you know, a good forty if you’re a good receiver, you know, a four,
four, four, five at the high school level, quarterback four, six, lineman you know, four,
nine, five flat, you know stats such as receiving should be maybe five hundred yards receiving,
catching about thirty five to forty balls a year, running back anything over a thousand
yards is awesome. And, quarterback, you can pass for two thousand, two thousand yards
that’s great too. Most important thing is too, your grades in high school. You have
to have at least a 2.0, but if you can get something better than that, definitely you
need to go for it, 3.0, 4.0 would help out. When you take your college entry exam test,
like your ACT and your SAT, on the ACT you need to have at least a twenty one, and on
the SAT, you need to score at least over twelve hundred. So, those things help you earn a
football scholarship. There are also, there are some recruiting services that you can
go online and research that help promote you and market you as a student athlete. They
do charge a fee for them, and what they do is they gather your information such as your
statics in high school, your grades, they’ll take a picture, they might even do some film
work for you, or gather some film work from your coach in high school and put together
a profile, and put something on the internet web based service for you. And, which they
can send those out to those schools. There’s over seventeen hundred colleges across the
United States that offer football programs, so not only do you have to apply, but you
have to earn. Play football, get good grades, be a good athlete, more importantly, be a
good person. My name’s Otis St. Clair, and that’s how you earn a football scholarship.

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  1. man i hope i get a scholarship
    i been playing for my whole life
    and its my dream to play In the NFL
    i hope i make it there
    I really do

  2. @marcos117v U aint the only one just keep motivated and determined and hard work is going to pay off.

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