Fox Host Horribly Uneducated On Student Loans

Fox Host Horribly Uneducated On Student Loans

well Fox Business Fox Business Channel this is unquestionably the most on educated rant on student
loans I’ve ever heard its Fox Business anchor stuart varney who’s given us much
comedic material over the years let’s listen causes of it about yes what’s happened we have just a
rolled back the recent spike in student loan rates ok students go to
college this fall taking out a new loan over the next couple of weeks they are
paying for straight 3-point 85 a sec only slightly hotter what will
be it was being paid last year head caps have been imposed so that in
the future the rate will never go above 8.25
percent undergrads over nine percent for
graduate students and if it’s the parents to take out a loan just over ten ten and a half a cent okay
that’s all the good news with rolled back the recent spike but to
answer your question we have not sold the underlying problem
which is was subsidizing all of the slowest at
great cost to the taxpayer we have not solved the problem other
very high-cost I’m rising cost all college how we have
to solve the problem of highly indebted students leaving college with us a lotta debt
around their neck no good paying job to go to so it’s not
sold the although on the line problem we basically Holt would give students a
low loan right for the foreseeable future
would not solve the fault line up stuart varney just said the underlying problem in the
student loan debt crisis is quote we’re subsidizing all these loans at great cost to the
taxpayer that was the first thing that he
mentioned okay are you ready for the earth shattering fact the it’s a debate enter like after you say that it like you’re
done stuart varney is this best up not only is varney 110 percent incorrect that the taxpayer isn’t subsidizing but the students the
exact opposite is true so what I mean by that
is that the government just made 51 billion dollars of all these students that’s more profit than Exxon Mobil made
last year 51 billion dollars so barney’s argument is essentially of
see the problem in the student loan debt crisis is that these moochers it the students
are being subsidized by the taxpayers what if anything the real problem is
that the students are subsidizing the moon
sure government we have which of course is making them
pay an interest rate which they shouldn’t have to pay man that’s it like you lose all your
credibility you’re not allowed to talk about economic issues after that you got the issue exactly incorrect you
couldn’t be more wrong and by the way but to increase my
vulnerability on this issue let me just say for the
record I think the government should subsidize a college I think all it should be universal it
should be fun at the federal level just like up the public education system
for high school elementary school is funded at by the state level in the
local level all the money that we send for war
overseas and by the way store morning ever asked to show a profit on that
doesn’t right you never said almost jurors got
the military the big motor we spent trillions of dollars are not know you care about the military turning
a profit but all that money we set for more we should divert it
immediately to pay for everybody’s college so not only should be all hey let the
students borrow 80 percent interest now we should be hey like Elizabeth Warren proposed only look
around 0.7 part 5 percent interest rate not only should be like the deal be reached your looks like the reach of
the interest rate just over three point a five percent you know it should be go
right at the college and then when you get out your you’re
good you don’t were fair and square because we’re a civilized human beings
that understand certain functions are solely for government one of them being education but but look
man but bottom line stuart varney doesn’t
know anything he knows absolutely nothing about
business about government and if you take him
seriously I feel very bad for you

11 thoughts on “Fox Host Horribly Uneducated On Student Loans

  1. To be fair to Varney, he did go on to talk about the student debt load crisis, and the fact that we haven't even begun to address that. I think those are fair points.

  2. Hey bruh, for some reason, there is a lot of static when I listen to your show using my earphones . Can you look into it?

  3. Whenever I watch your videos with headphones only the left ear works. Other than that your videos are fantastic.

  4. My Canadian government subsidizes half of all university tuition because a more educated population makes for a better economy in the long run.

  5. Hey Stu. you and Richard Macari threatened my life. The FCC is investigating …Is,he legal? pull his,American citizenship. And let's see his,bank activity

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