George Frasier Speech – 2017 Scholarship Banquet

good evening yeah that’s right good
evening come on I’m George Frasier I’m the executive director of the Green
River College Foundation I want to thank dr. Johnson for her remarks and she
focused on our recipients and I’m going to do the same so a scholarship
recipients there are certain expectations that we have for you
very simple expectations we expect you every day bit by bit to improve yourself
your family the college your workplace your community and while we’re at it the
world that’s all we want sit World Peace challenges on campus social justice
hunger cancer climate change the common cold all andddd solved cured or improved
through your efforts we would also like it if you would be fantastic parents
outstanding spouses and partners superb role models and above all else please
please please pay your Social Security taxes I’m getting up there and eat your
vegetables get that done so right now you’re thinking impossible or who me in
flaming nine-foot tall letters however it’s not impossible it can be you and I
have proof Lynn Boyd who was a previous springer family scholarship recipient
she was a student of faculty member Donny Hall Stone a 2015 Green River
College graduate 2017 graduate of the University of Washington Linda Cowan I’m
ready there you go she got a degree in biology and she is
my example for you her her speak about a week and a half ago and her drop the mic
moment was her day job as a researcher is working to cure childhood cancer at
Seattle Children’s Donnie and the Springer’s changed Lynn’s life and now
Lynn is changing the world what I ask if you is achievable Green River College
graduates like Lynn are out changing the world every day it can be you it will be
you and you are not alone in this work look around you
seriously at your tables look around you take that moment look around the folks
that are sitting with you this entire room is filled with do-gooders
chock-full of do-gooders everywhere you turn there is somebody who’s making a
difference their faculty members their staff their donors their volunteers with
the foundation public officials each and every one of them in this room are
dedicated to a very simple proposition that they can and will make a difference
student by sumit student act by act day by day so to ensure that the world is
improved veggies are eating I ask you our amazing recipients to stand and make
a few simple promises to yourself your classmates and your community recipients
please rise come on guys okay yeah here’s the deal I’m gonna ask you to
repeat after me we’ll do this in a way that makes it easy for you to do so and
since we are making a promise to the community in our world it needs to be
loud so the community in a world can hear you okay are you ready
that was it okay no you’re not are you ready now you’re definitely more ready
now okay here we go I will overcome the challenges that face me until I achieve my goals and reach my
dreams okay next time even louder here we go number two I promise to improve my
community and my profession last one here we go this one’s really loud I
commit to lifelong learning and being the best I can be ladies and gentlemen your recipients a
land of applause grab a seat guys you know what all of
our recipients we believe in you we believe in you we are here tonight
because we care about you and your success and I am completely and totally
confident that you will amaze us with what you will go out and do in our world
thank you for being as amazing as you are and thank you all for your attention
tonight you

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