Graduate study at Cambridge: The college experience

Graduate study at Cambridge: The college experience

The college experience at Cambridge really marked it out from other Universities. I know a lot of my friends have gone to other Universities to do PHDs and they have a lot of friends in their
group and maybe in their wider department but the college system really allows you
to have a social circle beyond that, and it keeps up the feeling of being part of a larger
organization. All graduate students at Cambridge have to be a member of one of the Cambridge colleges and when they apply for their course and their subject they can select two preferred colleges on the application form. There are 31 colleges in Cambridge, so it’s difficult to make an absolute choice. My recommendation would be to read
through the individual web sites to have a look at the size of the college; you might want a larger a
college or smaller college; you might want a traditional college or
a modern college. It doesn’t matter if they don’t get their
preferred college because each and every one of the Cambridge
colleges will deliver a great Cambridge experience. Every college in Cambridge owns their own properties for students to live in. They may be on site, in the college grounds themselves, or they may be external somewhere else across the city. Even if a College is unable to accommodate their students there definitely will be other places
within the city for students to live. Cambridge is geared up for students. The main reason for graduate students to come to Cambridge is really to study for their degrees, to finish their degree
successfully and continue in going to do whatever
they were planning to do after they complete their degrees,
and so the colleges and the department are here to provide
this support to the students, which will allow them to
fulfil their potential and to succeed in their studies, and
that’s really what we’re here for. As a graduate tutor first and formost I provide pastoral support and welfare support. So a student who experiences difficulty
or needs advice, they come to me. But on the other hand we
do encourage our students to take part also in academic life
within the college, talk to specialists in the field is the sort of network of support which is
provided here at Cambridge which is quite unique. I’m responsible for the provision
of library services, so I’m really there with my team to
support the studies of the students. So to make sure they can access the
books that they need, and we have IT facilities, wifi
facilities in the library. The college provides your local college
library, your college nurse, your college porters,
who look after your well-being My name’s Jon Jones. I’m a porter at Churchill
College looking after the welfare of the students and the
staff. We have front of house, we deal with everything from the post, to anything that comes in. You just try and make it a safe place where the students can be and help them along with what they’re doing. Well for graduate students obviously we’ve got the family quarters and everything where they can bring their families to
the college, a safe environment for their children, and we have film nights obviously for students,
they’ve go the bar area they can go to, all the facilities for sports; it’s just a nice place
to be. I’m the College nurse at Clare College.
The College nurse is there to support students with a range of
welfare and medical issues. It’s a confidential space within
College that you can go and talk to somebody when you’re having problems. The College is your home. I think all the
colleges offer a great experience so there is no such
thing as a bad College, and students all end up loving their
College. The college is your extended family while your studies are here. Those who come to Cambridge
are expected to work hard, to make it your own, so that when you go away from Cambridge you have the very best memories of your
family in Cambridge. They just want you to use the
opportunity that they give you to the best of your advantage.

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  1. Fantastic video!! Studying at Cambridge is the most marvellous decision I have ever done in my whole life!!! Thank you very much for allowing me this superb opportunity!!!

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