61 thoughts on “Harris’ Student Debt Tweet Misses

  1. It’s such a tiny itty bit of the population. Those that she’s willing to forgive are in an area where the student loans are much smaller than those in other areas of education with much higher loan balances. What about the Hispanic population or Middle Eastern communities that have enormous student loan debt.

  2. She’s full of shit! Not a student loan forgiveness plan! Not a Medicare for all plan. https://youtu.be/L4ln7vLbXiA

  3. She will be using Pell grants to pick and choose who she wants to help. It will cause confusion, division, and abuse just like our college admissions system.

  4. Brooke Thomas you like Kamala Harris? Did you like the way she sold out California homeowners to the banksters in 2008 to keep them out of prison while settling for pennies on the dollar for the securitization fraud that is incidentally still going on today?

  5. How about:
    You are allowed to change majors once; after that pay your way!
    Lije the IRS, reduce their payments to manageable, but get them paying. How dare they borrow like it's Christmas, and now don't want to pay.

  6. Is disadvantaged communities where at-risk children come from? What exactly is an at-risk child? What exactly is a disadvantaged community?

  7. This is a political ploy to cater to idiots who want to vote for her but want some token words said on certain issues, AND to cater to the FUCKING BANKS. She's telling them…don't worry, guys…they will have to take out another loan anyways and if the company gets going they will pay you back THAT loan (plus almost nobody can pull that bullshit off whisper whisper). She's the slimiest slickster in the Democratic running right now. Only an idiot would vote for her.

  8. Brooke will definitely vote for anybody but Bernie. Every segment that they do on Bernie she looks like she wants to vomit. She has made it clear with the many things she says.

  9. You can discharge business debt in chapter 13 bankruptcy. But thanks to Biden your student debt follows you to the grave.

  10. Ughhh No Kamala! Please go away! Brooke I love you but to even THINK about voting for Harris with her PAST?? I love you but you disappointed me.. 🤪

  11. https://www.gofundme.com/f/dyingwthcureavail?utm_medium=copy_link&utm_source=customer&utm_campaign=p_na+share-sheet&rcid=765edec56c4b41889c5b905bd7f34937

  12. This Brooke girl. She first defended Biden now kamala. Come on tyt don't do the same cnn does to be double advocate. Kamala is bad period, Biden is bad period. Only one option daddy Bernie.

  13. Try investigating the wealthy parents who have their college age children put under guardianship of low income folks so that the child can apply for and receive college aid. When college is done they revoke the guardianship. Pretty nifty loophole for the well to do, huh?

  14. Just give us our reparations Kamala. Then I'll vote for you and tell all my family and friends to vote for you. Until then, NO!

  15. Dont be fooled by someone that will tell you what you want just for a vote…….remember…” don’t believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see “…….

  16. Corporate Democrats are as bad as Republicans. Just terrible policy after terrible policy from the right wing.

  17. yeah way to isolate a small portion of the population with even more difficult circumstances as you cant get loans (or hard to get business loans) to even start a business because of the student loans. kamala is such a fraud

  18. Who this chick!???? She defends Biden and Kamala Harris. Yet hates Minister Farrakhan??? Huh. Black ppl!!! Brooke is NOT an Allie smh

  19. How about we forgive the loans from the housing meltdown! A lot of us are still dealing with that debt. Somebody help us! Business got help we who didn’t bankrupt and didn’t walk away from loan loans did the right thing but no one talks about the Americans that got caught up in the net of bad business dealing loans and driving the prices of homes up until working class people can’t afford housing and loans that were just shitty. Why did business with more money then they cam spend get bail out and people just become homeless or will never be able to retire. Why aren’t we talking about this!

  20. Those two women are full of shit! Politics is just a popularity contest and the female host is biased! That is one of the most idiotic and completely disingenuous policies yet. And let’s not forget that Trump is in this race to! So to out do him when it comes stupid policies is the only accomplishment she will achieve in this Presidential race! She is a false hope.

  21. Forget your debt? Look after u do those 3 things and manage to survive in the attempt she will only forgive 20k of your debt. Like man the loan u took to start your business and stay afloat for 3 years is gonna be more than the 20k she is gonna forgive u. This bitch is dumb or high.

  22. What is this woman doing on TyT? Bad tweet? More of a bad Campaign and BAD CANDIDATE

  23. She is captive to her donors and will NEVER do the right and good thing. She let people's house mortgages go up in smoke and children are homeless because she wants to be President and is owned by the wealthy. She also is an empty shirt light weight. If you vote for her, you get less than Obama.

  24. Why, don't you guys create a perfect plan and send it to her and other government officials 🇱🇷👍.

  25. This is why Warren is going to do better then ppl thinks….she understand the whol "make it easy for even the dumb ppl to understand" with her whol "I have a plan for that" thing…..she will relate to everyone.

  26. You know if your loan is forgiven you have to claim it as income on your taxes and pay tax on it right IRS sends you a tax bill……….you knew that.

  27. Again…. Harris is not black! she is mixed race! If she was black, she would have sweeping support +/-

  28. I lived in Oakland 2007-12. Hell naw I’m not voting for Kamala Harris. Sit down. Fake ass Whitney Houston.

  29. Identity politics. I find black people will just follow so called black people. Even if they know they are no good. Look at Obama. All talk nothing for blacks. Sad. Most blacks are lost. P.s I'm black.

  30. No no no Brooke.. you cant say some dumb shit like "there are many things I like about Harris" & not immediately elaborate. Like what, Brooke?? I'll wait holds breath & dies

  31. Seems like about 3 people a year would qualify to have their loans paid off under this plan with all those arbitrary conditions. The teach for 10 years plan to have all your student loans paid off plan probably works better now, even though 99.9% of these people get rejected for whatever reason the government decides to use on some random day.

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