His High School Crush Rejects Him Because She’s Committing to UCLA

So 6 months ago, this 12th grader made
a post on the applying to college subreddit titled: “My crush rejected me because
she’s committing to UCLA.” And the story starts off innocently enough,
basically he approached this girl he liked and asked her out on a date and
she responded by saying no because she was committing to UCLA, while he was
committing to USC. And since there was a rivalry between both schools, it just
wasn’t meant to be. Later on in the post he asked if the rivalry between both
schools was big enough to impact relationships, and basically everyone in
the subreddit told him that she was just making excuses and that she was trying
to let him down easy. So after that, he’s like, “You know what? Screw it, I’m gonna
ask another girl out.” And this is where things get interesting. So the same day
that the USC guy was gonna ask out another girl, the UCLA girl approaches
him and tells him that the reason why she didn’t want to date was because she
was afraid that she was gonna hurt him because she really hates USC. And so
after that the guy’s kind of freaking out a little bit inwardly but then he’s
like, “You know what? It’s okay, don’t worry about it. We don’t have to date.” During
his third period class, he starts to think that maybe he just misheard her or
that maybe she meant emotionally hurt rather than physically hurt, so he kind
of just puts that out of his mind and focuses on how he’s gonna ask the other
girl out. Flash-forward to 5th period AP Literature the USC guy sees the other girl he likes
and asked if she wants to go on a bowling date and she responds saying, “Yes.”
So the guy’s all smiles throughout the rest of the school day but by the time
the school ends and he’s walking up to his car, he notices the words, “UCLA
Forever” etched into the door and then a smiley face next to it. So the guy’s
absolutely live it at this point and as he’s driving home, he starts to think of
people who could have potentially did it and then he remembers what the UCLA girl
said to him earlier in the day. And at that point, he starts too freaked out and
think that maybe it was her. So this is where the story comes to an abrupt end
basically he went on the date with the other girl from this AP literature class,
and he got his car fixed because his dad knows a guy. But we don’t really know
who did it. He never made an updated post even though he said he was gonna. So yeah
I’m just gonna leave it there, but if you want to read the story for yourselves
I’ll put a link in the description to the reddit posts. Also I’m curious on
what you guys think. Do you think the story was actually real, and if so do you
think the UCLA girl was the one to key the car? Because personally I think the
AP literature girl was the one to key the car and she’s trying to frame the UCLA girl. Alright guys that’s it for this
video, and I will see you all on Friday.

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