Houston Woman Falls Victim To An Aggravated Robbery

Houston Woman Falls Victim To An Aggravated Robbery

as the old adage goes an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure welcome to today’s act of self-protection lesson I’m your host John Correa today’s video comes to us from Houston Texas in the United States the new mantis x10 firearms performance system has all the goodness of the original Plus holster draw analysis and recoil analysis it’s a fantastic upgrade and I recommend it highly so we see this parking lot here you see the car coming in if you go read the news story here you go check the neighborhood this is a sketchy neighborhood in Houston can be ok during the day but at night you can see here 7:30 it’s not such a great neighborhood all kinds of bad juju goes on you see the woman come out to her car when she does dude jumps out of the car and accost sir a couple other people are gonna jump out of the car now what we got is another angle here in just a second so they’re gonna grab her purse and jump in the car and run off now we actually have another angle of her in the car you know where we can see her a lot better so we’re gonna see them come back around and she sees them and when she does comes around to the back of the car guy grabs ahold of her actually has a handgun in his hand there you can see that hits her with it once there it’s gonna hit her with it a couple of more times and hold her down now his buddy’s gonna show up and grab her purse gonna read the the information linked in the description and that’s what they got away with was her purse get a hit her a couple of times with the gun there she’s gonna grab I’m not sure exactly what that was she grabbed wasn’t her purse and then they are gonna run off and that is where this one ends her attitude was great got to talk about the rest of this if you want more in self-defense one of the best ways you can do that’s joining us on active self-protection extra channel 5 days a week we teach self-defense and firearms and legal aspects please join us there just go search here in your app for active self-protection extra our second channel and follow us there out of today’s video I want to think about paying attention I want to think about using that paying attention to give you yourself time and therefore options in a defensive encounter and we need to talk today about the importance of empty handed skills so I’m seeing an increasing trend in the United States of bad guys using cars to go and staged their attack when we talk about cars being transitional not only is your car a transitional space but when you’re around cars you have to recognize that they’re a transitional space because they allow bad guys to attack with an element of surprise in a quick getaway and so when someone is in an unknown car around you you have to recognize that that counts as a transitional space and so you have to pay better attention and see what’s going on in your vicinity so we see these guys come around they are going to park and right up against this lady’s car when there are plenty other spots available again if you’re paying attention things like this can go down notice our intended victim is going to come out to her car she sees this car here that has its lights on at least it’s running lights on can’t tell you enough paying attention is critical attention buys you time time buys you options especially in these transitional spaces now how much you pay it’s better attention having a powerful handheld flashlight on your person I carry a very powerful handheld flashlight on me all the time so that I can see not only my car but the other cars around and see what’s going on in them and if they’re occupied had she seen that she might not have gone out to her car giving herself some more opportunity now when she unlocks her car dude jumps out of his car so notice how far apart they are here okay so he’s gonna come after her II is armed with a gun but notice here that they are about two car lengths apart if you consider the space between the cars as well roughly two car lengths apart here so you’re talking somewhere on the magnitude of 30 feet or so had she been armed she might have had an opportunity here to use her car effectively get her own firearm out and in the fight and get after it but she wasn’t and so didn’t happen in this instance so I can’t tell enough attention is important notice how fast he closed that gap though now of course it was sped up here that was sped up at the original but he can close that gap with incredible quickness so if you are gonna carry a firearm these are the kinds of things that wait a minute I gotta get that gun out in hand and if I see him with a firearm especially because I’ve had you know a good handheld flashlight would have been able to identify what was going on having a fast and accurate draw and presentation of the firearm even if that lets you you know you know issue commands rather than actually shoot incredibly important that’s why having a high level of skill if you’re going to be armed is incredibly important now he closes that gap ridiculously fast and then he’s going to get on her pretty quick and start beating her up bunch of stuff with that he gets her on the ground empty-handed skills for self defenders incredibly important friends I can’t I don’t even care if you carry a firearm you have to have a significant empty handed skillset that empty handed skillset will come into play even more often than firearm skills this could have and certainly should have been a case where a firearm was a useful tool that said if you don’t have one on you live in a place that’s not allowed it’s difficult for you for whatever reason still you have to have an empty handed skillset even if she had a firearm perhaps she wouldn’t had time to get to it and having ground skills here and the ability to earn your way to your draw incredibly important now he’s gonna hit her with the handgun here and of course that’s you know assault with a deadly weapon all day long regardless but sometimes friends compliance is the right tool especially when multiple attackers come into play recognize that every time you add an attacker you add an order of magnitude to the difficulty of the self-defense you add a whole nother layer so against multiple attackers you better recognize that your skill set needs to be incredibly high and sometimes the right answer is to comply and give them what they want now that said he hit her with the handgun I’m starting to see a pattern here I’m not quite ready to declare it a hundred percent but I’m seeing again and again if somebody hits you with a handgun that I have not seen a whole lot or any instances that I can recall of them actually shooting you with the handgun so if he does hit you with a handgun he’s probably gonna use it as a bludgeoning tool which actually gives you some understanding of the what you’re gonna need to do to defeat him at that point now notice here that she does get away from the guy he does get away with her purse and now she’s kind of looking over her shoulder what’s going on can’t tell you enough if you get an opportunity to get out of the danger zone do not dilly-dally do not stay there and and see what’s going on and see if you need to run no this guy just hit you in the face with a gun you need to run and run hard so grab what you need to grab and get the heck out of the danger zone as fast as you possibly can so let’s pay attention here to the danger that a car that’s not yours can pose let’s pay attention in our world especially carrying a good powerful handheld light on your person so that you can identify what’s going on in your world have a significant empty handed skillset carry your tools and have a fantastic attitude to cover your ass [Music] [Music] [Music]

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  1. 3:00 , I always carry a powerful handheld flashlight, but when is it OK to use your flashlight in public, and when can it be considered as impersonating a police officer?

  2. Can you please make a video on body carry first aid kits for bullet, knife or other bleed out situations? You mentioned its necessity on numerous occasions for use by the victim as well as helping a victim of violence or other trauma related event.

  3. A lot of women think they are invincible bc wuhmin feminism. This is how many "single" ladies will learn about reality.

  4. I have to wonder, since I can't be certain with her face blurred out, if she was focused on her not-so-smart-phone as she was approaching her car.

  5. I've lived in Houston all of my life and I've moved a few times as my area gets infested with criminals. It got a lot worse during Katrina and beyond. Lots of lowlifes have made it worse. I carry every day, even when going outside my backyard to feed my cat. I love my cat. It's more loving than these thugs and wannabe gangstas.

  6. The upside to this is that we know those scum bags will at some point in the near future, either be shot by police or end up in jail. Let's hope it's the first.

  7. Probably another anti-gun person, situation would be much different if she pulled out 2 guns and john woo these mofo's

  8. Question: Say she had drawn, seen the guy coming at her had a gun and fired on him. Would she also be justified firing into the driver side windshield knowing there was someone there? Is it reasonable to assume that since the driver is involved in the crime that he is also armed and poses the same deadly threat?

  9. Isn't ALL Robbery "Aggravated"? I know that I would feel aggravated if I got robbed and I know that I wouldn't give up my stuff unless the person robbing me seemed REALLY aggravated. If some sweet old Grandma says, "Honey, You must give me your wallet and truck", then I would punch her in the face, knocking out her dentures, and take her shit, because THAT made me aggravated.

  10. Like John says… we have to keep our tools on us. I had a similar situation late night at a Walmart. Long story short, I got back home to family safe and nobody was hurt. Thanks John and fellow ASP subscribers for all the great feedback.

  11. Another great and enlightening video/commentary. I wish more people would learn of your channel for their safety. Very educational.

  12. Many attackers don't carry flashlights. Having a powerful hand held light can work as a deterrent since police and security officers always have them.

  13. At least these infernal low-life evil bastards had enough sense and discipline to commit an armed robbery rather than a murder to go along with it.

  14. I live in France, and here using a flashlight can be a very good or a bad idea, depending on the situation :

    – If you are on a seemingly desert parking lot at night, a very badly lit area, it is a pretty good idea to use the 1000 lumens you have to flash it within a large area around you to check for anything suspicious, and by that time send signals of awareness all around, for sure, and also, tactical flashlight can be used to blind a mugger ou as an impact tool.
    But : (!)

    – Under certain circumstances, using just the right amount of light (50-60 lumens) to control a few meters from you can also be a wise choice : first, you don't want to gather attention to you from suspicious people wandering around at night, being confused with a cop without having a gun on you (In France, no CCW for that moment) is REALLY not good idea, and as we have here very stupids or retarded, drugged and/or drunk groups of offenders (under 18 years old) loitering at night, they could notice you are flashing at them and shout something stupid to you, like : "Who is IT ? AY ?? Ya are WHO ? COME Ya are WHO ?" (you get the idea) and start beeing very agressive and irrational (they often carry knife ont them).
    So in that case you just trig what you wanted to avoid.
    Cover and conceal, just controlling and lighting a few meters around, beeing the Grey man is better in that second case.

    To all the listeners : believe me, Urban France is not a good place to come to; especially big cities such as Paris, Marseille, Lyon and everywhere in inner cities at night, i'm not kidding.

    Thank you very much for what you do John, I watch your videos and, they help me protecting people around me. Sometimes I give advices to people in my self defense course, very useful.

  15. Here is a new one


  16. What a flashlight gonna do…? You're gonna randomly point and use it at people's hands and into their cars…? That's how you put yourself in an unwanted position. Come to Detroit Metro and try that, see what happens…

  17. A lot of comments about her awareness. I think we have to keep in mind that its very easy to get comfortable in certain situations. She may have gotten off work and walked to her car in that same parking lot at the same time for years without problem. Anyone can get lulled into feeling safe. Being aware and vigilant constantly is something we have to strive for and work at. This channel has certainly helped me with that and I appreciate it.

  18. Let go of the purse that the. Give it to them I don't care if it has $40,000 in it….. your life is not worth the purse or your money. Especially against multiple attackers…..

  19. 3:50
    21 ft rule
    I have no idea why people STILL think thats not a thing or that its "overblown" here we see it coming up again.
    A determined attacker can cover 21 feet (6.4 m) 1.5 seconds
    Or when MythBusters covered the drill in the 2012 episode "Duel Dilemmas". At 20 ft (6.1 m), the gun-wielder was able to shoot the charging knife attacker just as he reached the shooter. At shorter distances the knife wielder was always able to stab prior to being shot.
    You have to have not just training but REALISTIC training ya'll.

  20. What real stand up men they are! Can’t stand it today; why is it that a woman need to be hit, with a gun no less! 🙄 well he was kinda weak, I guess he needed to! Jerk!

  21. If you do something ugly to the robbers, then their family would come to you and will say that you’re racist. We live in the 21 century for God sake.

  22. Firearm, flashlight, yes and yes. Going to her car at night alone, particularly while a strange vehicle is parked right up next to it? She made an extremely bad choice. She may be one of those who says, "I can't believe it happened to me". or… "It never happened before… so…" Now, "empty handed skill set". That all sounds good, but she would need years of self defense training to protect herself from this guy. Even then, his speed and intensity of attack would overwhelm her anyway. She needs to be armed and ready.

  23. It is funny how everyone is saying that Houston is dangerous, but afraid to say that it is dangerous because of blacks… Everyone is so brainwashed to know the truth and stand up to protect their own people..

  24. VIDEO makes me pissed. 1 for coward crooks. 2, ladies please carry something gun, spray or how about a better brain. Big parking lot and someone parks in front of you? Your fault for getting robbed.

  25. "A pint of sweat saves a gallon of blood."- General George S. Patton
    "The best way to solve a problem is not to have one."-Dr. Wright, SimCity

  26. I had this happen to me once, but my awareness saved me.

    I work in a medical clinic and we had to park in the back of the parking lot. As I am walking towards my car to leave for the night, another car loaded with 4 thug looking guys pulls up into an empty parking space directly in front of me and my car. I thought this was pretty strange because there was a ton of open parking spots closer to the building they could have taken if they needed to go inside and be treated. I walk a couple more steps towards my car and the back seat door of the car opens and one of the thugs remains seated, but twists his body facing me so that both of his feet are on the ground pointing towards me while he is sitting in the car. This really set my alarm bells off, because I could see this guy was preparing himself to be able to quickly stand up and run towards me. I paused in my tracks and watched for a second and no one else got out of the car, and the guy is just sitting there in the back seat of his car, feet on the pavement, watching me. I said, "screw this" and turned around and walked back towards the building. as soon as I turned around the guy put his feet back in, shut the door, and the car drove off. I really feel my awareness saved me from being robbed or possibly they just wanted to beat my ass or something.

  27. Wish she was packing, those bastards needed to be put down like the animals they were. I don’t get why anyone who lives in Texas not get a firearm legally? Very stupid! Take advantage of your rights people.

  28. Awareness. After I got out of the service I lulled myself back into condition white. Since I finally got my LTC I am more aware now and realize I was not being too smart. Sure it may never happen, but what if it does? Keep one eye open…

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