How scholarship to culinary school changed life of this mom | Columbus Day Parade 2019

our mission is to give scholarships but we have almost 700 students in the scholarship program we’re talking about about 2.2 million dollars every year julienne parkas is not your average student a mother of two she recently graduated from The Culinary Institute of America thanks to a scholarship from the jum Belly Foundation an organization that partners with the CCF scholarship money makes such a difference what if fluence does being of Italian descent have in your career today well I feel that Italians have hospitality just so ingrained in us but it comes naturally to us both my grandmother’s were wonderful cooks and my brother he organizes the Westchester bocce Classic every year and it’s a really fun celebration of our you know heritage the scholarship will help Julie realize her dream of following in her great-grandfather’s footsteps he was trained in Italy and came here and opened up bakery on White Plains Road in the Bronx I have his sugar work prize hanging in my dining room can anybody learn to cook of course anyone can learn to cook which is why I would I’m working on inspiring people to cook more at home so what I brought you today is some local farm tomatoes we’re gonna make an anchovy paste dressing I’m gonna squeeze some lemon and we’re just gonna crush some garlic and squeeze in the anchovy paste and that’s gonna be the base of our dressing so we’re just gonna cut up these beautiful tomatoes and put them on the plate arrange them they’re multicolored which is makes your table just look like a million bucks my favorite thing and it is Italian is to just take really beautiful produce and you can use this dressing on a peach and tomato salad or I mean literally anything and just wake up the flavor yes thank you so much and if you’d like the recipe for this vinaigrette go to our website ABC 7ny calm mangia you

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