How the ear works

How the ear works

Many of us take for granted a very
extraordinary organ… our ears To understand the ear, we need
to understand what sound is. The speakers you are
listening to right now are vibrating- flexing in and out causing a
wave of pressure through the air. The frequency of these waves,
or the speed at which the sound-creating surface moves back and forth
affects the pitch of the sound. The level of air pressure in each wave is
directly related to how loud the sound is. The outer part of our ear catches these waves. It faces forward and has a specially designed
structure of curves helping us to determine the direction of the sound, and emphasize
frequencies used in human speech Now that the sound waves are caught, they travel
through the ear canal and strike against our “eardrum,” a thin membrane about 10 mm wide. Now that we received the sound,
the middle ear transfers this energy. The smallest bones in your body, the Malleus,
Incus, and Stapes start in motion. The Malleus is attached to the eardrum,
and as the sound travels along the force is amplified by leverage
until it arrives at the Stapes, which acts like a reverse piston
creating waves in the fluid of the inner ear. The most significant increase in pressure is
caused by pneumatic amplification. The face of the stapes has a
surface area of 3.2 square mm, while the “eardrum” has a
surface area of 55 square mm. Using this, along with leverage through
the Malleus and Incus, the final pressure is 22 times greater than when
the sound first arrived. Now we come to the most complicated
part of hearing… the Cochlea. In reality, it is coiled up, but it is easier to
understand straightened out. There are actually three chambers inside,
but lets take a look at the central part. The Stapes is causing pressure waves
to travel through the structure. Along the inside wall is about
20-30k reed like fibers. As the waves move along
they encounter fibers with the correct resonant frequency
and energy is released. These fibers aren’t actually what give us the
signal that we heard something. There is a special structure next to these
fibers containing hair cells. When the hair fibers resonate, they cause the
hair cells to move, which then sends an electrical impulse to the
Cochlear nerve, and on to the brain. Certain pitches of sound will
resonate in specific locations, and louder sounds will cause
more hair cells to move. Our brain interprets all this raw data, making it possible to enjoy things like music,
or an engaging conversation. Just to think that all of this is happening in
your head right now at full speed. This is just one of the amazing systems
found in the human body that go far beyond our
humble human understanding.

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  1. God made a precious thing on the human body because without human ear 👂 we can't hear anything those are most precious in our life an we got it

  2. Subhan Allah, The creator of entire universe who has given every such organs to sustain life, benefit and to enjoy..such an high infinite intelligence that we can't understand , The incomparable , The one

  3. قال الله تعالى:"وفي الارض آيات للموقنين ، وفي انفسكم افلا تبصرون " -الذاريات،الآية:21-20
    "And on the earth are signs for the certain [in faith] ،
    And in yourselves. Then will you not see? " -(51: 20،21)

  4. Goodness, half the comments I've seen are about how God or Allah created these/us. Like yo, this is a video teaching a simplified version of the hearing mechanism, not a preaching site. And what of Atheists or religions which do not have god(s)?

  5. Yes Animation make it possible to understand, but we humans don't care about beyond greatness senses of our own human body and want to study alien's. We really need a tuners for our brain 😂😂😂😂

  6. Yes Animation make it possible to understand, but we humans don't care about beyond greatness senses of our own human body and want to study alien's. We really need a tuners for our brain 😂😂😂😂

  7. These animations help to understand the process, but I think this one is not totally correct. The movement of the ossicles should be in the same direction so that if the tympanic membrane swings out, the stapes should push in. If it worked like depicted all sound would be phase inverted. Maleus and Incus should not be able to move towards each other, because the amplification would not happen this way.

  8. Why everyone attribute all this to God?
    Who is God? Who create God? What's his/her entity?
    Where's this God come from?
    None are able to describe, because God himself/herself wasn't able to describe him/herself.
    According Qur'an sura alnoor, God states he is a shiny light, whom consume pure Olive oil, not from east nor west.
    So is this God?
    Monotheism God is just an image ,who creates by human brain and adds lots of definition and made him a universal God.
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    Don't Claim that God responsible for all these creation, human are formed from bacteria , and mutate based on geographical location. It's earth, climate, weather brings change and mutation on human and form human, NOT GOD.

  9. It's incredible every video like this has a bunch of religious nutjobs in the comments. A book written 2000 years ago buy a bunch of men who didn't know where the sun went at night will not have all the answers.

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