How to Deal with Student Burnout – College Info Geek

How to Deal with Student Burnout – College Info Geek

– If you’re the kind of
student who deals with a demanding, ambitious
schedule, then it’s possible you’ve experienced
feelings of burnout. Especially if you’re
watching a video called “How to deal with
student burnout.” But, what exactly, is burnout? Yes it’s a series of near
perfect arcade racing games that sucked up large amounts
of my time as a teenager, but it’s also a
debilitating state you don’t want to find yourself in. If you’re looking for a
definition, David Ballard of the American Psychological
Association defined job burnout as “An extended period of
time where someone experiences “exhaustion and a lack
of interest in things, “resulting in a decline
in their job performance.” Replace job with student, and that definition
doesn’t lose it’s accuracy. But, here’s a more
practical definition, everything makes you tired,
you don’t care about anything, and everything sucks. Burnout is characterized by
near constant exhaustion, a lack of motivation
in everything, frustration,
cynicism, and a lot of other different symptoms. It’s something that can happen
when you’re dealing with large amounts of stress
for a long period of time, which is something
that’s, sadly, all too common for students. Here’s the kicker though. Burnout is a state of being
that takes a while to get to. It doesn’t happen overnight. And the good thing about
this, is that you can recognize the signs that
are indicative of burnout, and take steps to
prevent actual burnout before it actually happens. The first step in being
able to prevent burnout is to figure out, what
exactly causes it. Now a 2006 study at the
University of Southern Maine surveyed 354 students
to figure out what the cause of
student burnout is. A small percentage reported
mental or physical issues to be a cause, and a
few others reported that problems with professors
were causing their burnout. About 13 percent
felt that it was caused by a lack of
personal motivation, either a lack of
interest in their major, or as they describe
in the paper, an
overactive social life. A full quarter of the
students surveyed reported outside issues to be the
main cause, either family or financial issues, or
time management problems mainly caused by things
like part-time jobs. However, by far the
largest cause reported was assignment overload. A full 49 percent of the
students who actually reported feelings of burnout,
cited an overbearing, overtaxing course load as the
main cause of the problem. So, now that we know
some of the common causes of student burnout, we can
actually tackle the issue of preventing it or fixing it
if you’re already feeling it. Now, the most important
thing to note here, is that it’s
essential to recognize the early signs of
burnout if you can, and prevent actual
burnout before it happens. You’re gonna be much
better equipped to tackle these problems if
you’re not hampered by constant exhaustion, the depressive state
that burnout brings. So if you feel like you’re
on the road to burnout, or you’re experiencing
some of the symptoms I mentioned before,
take that seriously and take steps to prevent
what they lead to. That being said,
even if you feel like you’re past that
point and you’re completely burnt out right now, hopefully
some of these tips that I’m going to round out the
video with, can help you out. My first and foremost tip is,
learn from that 49 percent. Don’t bite off more than you
can chew with your course load. A more general way you
could put this, is, think very carefully
before committing yourself to over stretching for
long periods of time. Be willing to challenge
yourself, but realize that you do have limitations,
just like the rest of us. And if you go beyond those
limitations for too long, there are consequences. Now if you’ve had a
look at my free book on earning better
grades, you’ll realize this is a rewording
of the very first tip in the first chapter
of the book, which is, don’t overload the system. And, speaking of the
system, my second tip is to make sure that your
system, your brain, and by extension your
body, are in working order. A lack of sleep, good
nutrition or exercise can put you in a
non-optimal state. And when you’re in
a state like that you’re less able to
deal with the challenges of your schedule, and also,
things that can cause burnout. A third tip is to make
sure that you’re organized. I’ve found in my life that
if I feel unorganized, if my task-management
systems are full of tasks that I don’t
need to do anymore, and everything just seems messy, it causes a lot of
undue stress which can lead to feelings of burnout. So if you’re feeling like
this, maybe take a day, or a weekend to clear out
your task-management systems, get all that entropy out
of there, clean your room, and make sure that, going
forward, you feel like your life is organized. Another tip, and I think this
is a really important one, is to make sure
you’re taking breaks. Get away from your school or
work life on a regular basis and give yourself
some time to relax. Now, as I’ve talked about
in a previous video, when you’re taking breaks,
you wanna make sure you’re having high-density fun. Don’t just go on
Reddit or Facebook and give yourself, like, ten
minutes away from your work, actually schedule some time to
completely separate yourself from your work life, and find
something else you enjoy. You also wanna make sure
that your work or school can’t seep into that break
time, that it’s sacred. As an entrepreneur, I’ve
found that, in particular, my email is something that
can seep into my break time. So I make sure that my phone
has no notifications on it, and I make sure I
only check email at certain times of the day. That way my breaks
are actually relaxing. Now, small breaks should be a regular occurrence
in your schedule. There should be
little ones each day, and then you should
give yourself some time each week to really unwind. However, sometimes,
that alone, isn’t enough and you might need
a longer break. Part of the reason I took my
three week vacation to Japan, is because I was
starting to feel some of the early
signs of burnout. Making a video and four
different podcast episodes each week was really
starting to be taxing, and I just needed some time to
unwind and not have to work. Now that I’ve had that
break, my mind is reset, I’m energized again, and
I’m ready to jump back into making videos and podcasts. Now, related to taking breaks, I find that it’s
useful to have a hobby or pursuit where you
can feel a sense of progress when you do it. For me, at least, I
find that taking breaks that only consist of
consumption of media, like movies or video
games, which is, honestly what a lot of
people do, is not enough. So, instead, I think
it’s good to take at least some of
those break times to do something that has
some progression to it. My next and final tip is
to simply ask for help. You don’t have to do this alone. And if you’re in college,
there’s probably somebody on your campus whose job it is to help you deal with
stress related issues. Even if there isn’t, or
maybe you don’t want to, talking to friends
or family about what’s causing your stress can
really help you relieve it. So, that’s it for this video. Hopefully these
tips will help you deal with some of the
feelings of burnout that you may be feeling,
and we will be dealing with more stress related topics in the future, on this channel. In the meantime, if
you’ve got other tips for dealing with burnout, that I didn’t mention
in this video, feel free to leave them
down in the comments. And I will see you next week. (upbeat electronic music) – [Thomas Frank Voiceover]
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100 thoughts on “How to Deal with Student Burnout – College Info Geek

  1. I’m soooo frustrated right now. I don’t understand this assignment and my teacher won’t respond to my emails. It’s worth 50% of my geography grade!!

  2. I feel lazy, tired, out of brain juice, out of motivation…and my assignment is due in 23 minutes. Where is the time machine when you need it?

  3. I only write maybe 2-5 comments a year on YouTube vids.

    This one reaaaalllyy moved me. Exactly what’s happened to me. Thank you so much for this video

  4. Good video. Studying now for 2.5 years by choice. Before the semester, I make clear to my self that I will cut back on socialising and give my time to studying, having the outcome in sight when finished with Uni. I tell everyone that will be less available, so the pressure is off. I cut back studying just part time *approx 20 hrs pw., with a part time job *approx 25 hrs pw. I go on quick walks like 15 minutes just to the shopping centre to get away from the computer and stretch me legs. I've got a mat behind me on the floor, and have an alarm on every hour to do some stretching. I eat healthy, avoid junk food, alcohol and drugs. It can still get too much, especially before exams and essays, but a little nap here and there helps a lot with my concentration and the headaches. I also find it helps to be organised, got a calendar and overview of assessments. I plan the week ahead to know what to do and when to not run out of time. Organisation is my key. Sometimes I have to take a day off work, cancel time with friends or other stuff to finish study commitments. When starting to procrastinate I remember why I'm doing it and keep on going. It's hard but alright. Ah well, student life 🙂 Gotta love it. Good luck!

  5. Thomas, i have a question, you said that we have to relax in times break, do what we like to do and what if my hobby is my job? So, could you please comment it)

  6. God… I did so many stupid things this semester. Started to sleep like 4 hours everyday and then basically stop eating lunch, and starting to eat cheetos instead, i was so concentrated in my classes that i swear i didn't feel hunger. I'm so tired of everything, i want to stop working but i need to support my family economically i even thought that i should stop for a cicle of the university just to save money and help them. I didn't wan't to let anyone down, but now i'm failing one of my classes and i don't even know what to do anymore, i've damage everything, but i know that i have to keep going.

  7. I realize that this video is 2 years old; however, I was surfing for some type of support. I like 9 weeks of college and am so burnt out! I'm just tired of school. 4 years and still overloaded with work, and just sick and tired of being sick and tired. I cannot focus on my work. This really scares me because right now I am a 3.95 GPA student and afraid I am going to lose it because I am losing my mind. Just needed to vent a little. Thank you for this video.

  8. Help! Three weeks before finals and all I want to do is lock myself up, eat ice cream and sleep. Still doing my assignments but my soul isn't in it anymore. And I feel like I'm doing the bare minimum to get by which isn't who I am. 😭😭😭

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  12. I'm mid career and this good info still applies. Good point about doing something that has progression on weekends. After two days of reddit and playing Overwatch I still feel absolutely knackered on Monday morning. Will try something that has some progression or feeling of accomplishment. Thanks!

  13. I was convinced to take 3 AP classes by my guidance counselor and I’m dreading it, the stress of overload is in the back of my head right now HELP

  14. I went from a 3.7 gpa in semester to 2.1gpa in semester 2…..experiencing burnout and barely surviving. Idk why college is like this? Fuck.

  15. Havent seen this video and its exactly how i feel… Yesterday my printer wasnt working and i end up crying cuz i realize first parcial are in two weeks and i havent start studying

  16. Last semester a got burnout mid April and I didn’t really get out of it and barely passed that school year. The new semester started on Tuesday, it’s Sunday now and I feel the same as I did in like may, I feel like I can’t do more like beyond words and I have headaches 24/7 and just argh can’t handle it

  17. This is what my friend was feeling all Summer. It's strange that she got that on holidays, where she wasn't pushed to study at all; she's not likely to belong these 49%. Maybe it's because of her family or disorganisation. At least, now I know what it's called.

  18. I think you were made to talk in front of videos. I don't know what it is, but I can actually see your videos without getting bored or feeling frustrated.

  19. I usually have burnout every hell week in our school. Its mixed with anxiety, depression, giving up. I tend to lay in bed and watch youtube all day. I hate it

  20. I want to sleep beacause of migraines… but I get sleepy and groggy afterwards, I forget to activate my alarms. When his happens I try to move and "exercice" a bit, moving my articulations, drinking water, taking a cold shower, eating (because, I obviously forget to… or don't feel like doing it).
    Anyways… this usually happens after I get too… emotional, because, and I quote: "It's like I'm bearing the weight of the world on my shoulders". That's what my family tells me. It's not even school, oh god no, if only. I don't have any actual/real friends in this side of France (I'm Hispano-brazilian btw, so, inmigrant), I worry about my close family in Spain, about my future, about the medical bills, about "making everyone proud" and going to university in England, to get a job if I ever get time, because otherwise I won't even be able to enter the UK, "are my grades enough? Shouldn't I study more? I wish I could do my old hobbies again, but I don't want to waste my time and my mother's money", etc.
    Apparently "I'm to stressed out"… Burn out, overthinking, PTSD and anxiety may be some of the reasons why…

    Does anyone feels like we need to be "entitled" to do or feel some of these? I know it sounds silly and it most likely is, but…Anyone else? Even though you might feel like it's normal to do so?

    Have a nice day, thanks for your time.

  21. I'm at the point where I don't feel anything the day before an exam, even though I haven't learned. No stress, no nerves, just emptiness..

  22. Caffeine is your friend, also if you're completely burned out, use positive thoughts, lie to yourself if you have to.

  23. so i am 100% feeling this, but my mom thinks i'm just lazy or i created this problem for myself when i really didn't. I try my best at everything and i work hard for my super high GPA, and my mom agrees that i work hard. I am in high school and only a junior so this happened super fast. At this point i want to drop out like im exhausted all around. I have found that even in my performance in sports and the arts has really been affected by this too, my body lacks motivation for anything. so should i take a break from all of it?

  24. I sense that the speed and pressure and the overload of information, coupled with the lack of silences between the items you discuss are all symptoms of and aggrevating factors of burn out..

  25. I’m 12 and I am in a point of my life that I don’t want to wake up and how to school. I have depression and anxiety and I can’t work at all . I burnt out but I can skip school. I think I putting to much pressure . I am literally in student council, production , newspaper and homework and everything. I’m didn’t inside . I’m a procrastinator ( that doesn’t help at all) my family is literally fighting all the time . I don’t know how to change

  26. Definitely been dealing with burnout due to coursework overload my classes either have me reading and quizzing on 30-40 pages before class everyday or papers due each week (I wish that was an exaggeration) wish I would have dropped some but I could handle in the beginning but all classes picked up speed at the same time

  27. This can really happen over night when you have severe anxiety, my freshmen college year started 2 weeks ago and i already have 4 tests, 2 projects and books to read, i’ve been trying to study as much as i can but it feels like i learn nothing, this is too much

  28. Personally I found burnout in myself and people around me is often caused by a combination of putting too much pressure on yourself and a lack of separation between work-time and relax-time. This makes the things from the study mentioned earlier in the video harder to deal with.
    It's often the problem that you may feel you have to fix/finish everything, which is not always achievable (especially not if you demand too much of yourself). Because of this, you feel guilty when you take a (longer) break, which makes you unable to relax and feel like you are wasting time, or you just don't want to take a break, because you feel you don't have time for that. If you do this for too long, you will likely build up symptoms of a burnout, especially if you also neglect you physical health by less sleep, food or exercise.
    The advice given in the video is good advice, but I found that it hard to do something with that advice as long as I kept thinking: "But I don't have time for that! I first have to finish these other things!"
    I recommend to re-evaluate if all the things you are trying to do are important enough to risk you health or mental well-being. Are the end-goals you are working towards really worth collapsing for? After you are able to also accept a bit less of yourself it becomes easier practice self-care.
    And remember, your self-worth does not have to be based on whether or not you have achieved this one goal… Be kind to yourself! You deserve it regardless of your achievements

  29. I’m been working and studying non stop for months and yesterday I came home at 1 and passed out till 12pm today. I missed revision sessions and so forth. I feel so dead inside.

  30. I spent 10 years in college studying registered nursing then did a bachelor's and master's in psychology. I started having visits to the ER near the end. I am in bed as I type this–a month after finishing school. Listen to him…good advice!

  31. The thumbnail exactly expresses my condition at the present moment. Unfortunately…

    And it's finals by the way; soooo it's kind of the wrong time to feel like this….

  32. The solution for all of these problems are three little things:

    Time management + task prioritization + smart hard work

    Smart hard work: hard work that's properly channelled.
    e.g. a very effective 1-3 hrs focused active study sessions instead of 4-6 hrs of lazy, unproductive, time wasting "study sessions".

  33. Don't overload ? Sometimes there 's no alternative, due to the fact, that you have not unlimited time to pass all your exams. So the first tip is pointless for most of the students. As if they weren't smart enough to figure that out.

  34. Literally it’s so weird because I’m experiencing burnout and I’m going Japan on Tuesday for an entire month just like you did and I really feel like the universe is giving me a sign right now. Like what a coincidence!

  35. I had a panic attack, personally, studying 6 hours a day. Trying to schedule every minute of the day. Lasted two weeks. No idea how people manage such intense schedules. My personality type is kinds free and hates to be held down by a schedule. So maybe that's why. In addition to copious amounts of caffeine.

  36. Still… a lot of these advices do not help! Because you have to study hard to get education so you can pay your bills!

  37. Hey, Thomas. I want to start reading books and I really love your content because they don’t only motivate me but actually make me do what I need to do (basically I like how you’re just very practical and give solutions to the many problems we people have to become better versions of ourselves instead of just motivating us). I want to study medicine and I’m actually a little bit pressured to really improve myself because I heard that medicine is a really tough course and of course I want to do my best there. That’s why I’m really interested on your book. I’m still young so I don’t know how these things work. I’m from the Philippines and I’m wondering if your book could get here? I’m sorry I’m just really clueless to these things. You’re super busy and you have tons of other better things you could do so I don’t know if you’d see this but if anyone knows the answer to this and replies, it’d be appreciated so much. Thank you :DD

  38. I'm surprised you didn't mention anything about switching schools. I switched to an online only school (APUS) and it was the best decision of my entire educational life. I really just did it because the local school I was transferring to only was going to accept 20 of my 90 credits so needless to say I was a day 1 dropout with them (I'm not repeating YEARS of school). APUS took 80 of my credits, and I school exclusively online which is the only way I could ever see myself attending school again. I take two classes at a time for 8 week periods and will have my bachelors in 6 months.

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    Get the point?

  41. Literally in the midst of a breakdown and watched this…hopefully in the future I can catch myself before I get to this place. I’m overwhelmed with work, school and family…it all seems impossible right now

  42. its like a type of tired that isnt fixed by sleep. for me, when you are spreading yourself thin, finishing assignments, and receiving disappointing marks, then new assignments overlapping into eachother, not having a moment to stop. feeling this discouragement like you arent getting the subject matter and your wasting your energy and hours on portions that your doing wrong. its like i completely misjudged my abilities, cannot see how to execute properly with this constant feeling of discouragement. feels like trying not to drown, keeping ur head above water. but i know im capable, thats whats so frustrating

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